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Saturn book plateSome people have a natural authority about them.   Capricorn, yes. I have it to a (very) limited extent, but there are people out there, if they say it, it goes!

It doesn’t matter if a person like this is lying or completely out of their skull, crazy, they will be taken seriously by almost everyone, every time. It won’t matter if ten people go up against a person like this – the person with the natural authority will be the one who is selected, for whatever the contest might be.

One example of this was my first husband, a Scorpio with a large stellium in the sign. But that is not what commanded respect. It was his height. He was 6’7″ and favored, everywhere he went. In fact, he was the one who first told me about this, back when I was in my 20’s. He felt bad about having this advantage, for no good reason.  He said, when interviewing for a job, he was invariably hired.    He felt this was subconscious. “Hire the tall dude!”

You don’t have to be tall, though. My current husband has the same authority for completely different reasons. These are people; if they testify against you, you’re toast! Lying or otherwise, people find them credible.  Their “weight” trumps your own and everyone else around them, in most cases.

Separate but related, I think this is a similar phenomenon to what I’ve wrote about psychopaths.  A person can try to develop certain traits, like credibility or a seriousness of character, but they will never compete against the organic “real thing”.

Born That Way: Talent & Psychopathy

In considering this, I became aware I gravitate to people like this. My friend, Ben, also has natural authority. 10th house sun in Scorpio. I’m not really sure why I do this, though I’m happy to admit I prefer to be in the good graces of a person like this.

What brought this to the front for me, is interesting. I was deleting old content on the site to reduce the size of the database. I came across something (positive) someone said about me, many years ago. I was feeling low, until I read it.  It brought me right out of my funk – why? Because if the grand poo-bah authority figure says so, it’s got to be true, and right and correct, solid and real.

Isn’t that weird? These people are a danger, if they aren’t a support. It’s freaky.  It’s another type of catbird seat, I guess.

Do you have natural authority? Do you know anyone who does?  Can you see this in the charts?

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  1. I may have some natural authority that can attributed to having midheaven/north node/Jupiter/Venus all in Aries at the top of my chart. I can’t *not* exude confidence… Though I think strong roots are what really make me solid – Pluto in my 4th.

  2. My childhood best friend was a Capricorn. At one point of our friendship, the rest of my friends posed the question “ why do we always do what she wants or do what we must to not rock her boat?” It was just the thing you did when you were her friend. When we got to high school- I didn’t have any classes with her. Kids would come up to me and ask how I could be her friend- they thought she was a bully! I thought, better I’m on her good side then. Ha!

    1. This helped me to see another reason I would like someone like this. They’re generally straightforward, not passive aggressive or wishy washy.

      Qualities like this are relieving for Venus Neptune. Plain solid person? All right!

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    James Slattery

    I have a Capricorn Saturn in the 10th opposite the Sun in Gemini/Mercury in Cancer midpoint. I had to learn to project a level of authority at first but it came naturally as I got older through work experiences, eventually owning my own businesses. A sun/Saturn opp can really damage the ego but it does get better! have faith and apply yourself. With a Cancer Mercury I can project trustworthiness and have formed some great long term relationships along the way.

  4. my uncle who was a capricorn sun capricorn mars, cancer moon, sag venus, really garnered alot of respect from his employers, and was called upon work that was very important. however when it came to his personal life with his family members, including his sister my mother (capricorn moon libra sun aries mars) and his wife, Scorpio sun, libra venus, leo stellium. (dont know her rising though) it was difficult. they had a very very terrible relationship when together. fights and control, who controlled who. (It might be his cancer moon, pointing to the female authority in his life, who had control and he never could have control. he was always trumped). My father seem to have alot of authority, when he speaks its so authoritative and scary, like thunder. but he has aqua mercury capricorn mars. im guessing the capricorn mars is really strong.
    my mother in law with cap sun, capricorn stellium really had authority and a strong figure in her community. in her personal life she didnt have it so good though. First husband virgo sun, scorpio mars, virgo venus libra moon took all the money and ran, complained she was so damned cheap all their married life and she was the moneymaker breadwinner. Of course, later forgiveness, and people change over the years and he married a Gemini with taurus and aries in her chart. In the end, after he passed, his pension also went to all his wives. (he only had two but mother in law was shocked she gets paid. it’s like karma, all the money is going back to her.

    I had a best friend in middle school, capricorn sun, aquarius vens/aquarius mars with sag mercury pisces moon. she was always laughing and making jokes and having fun. but when it came to responsibility, such as curfew and getting food on the table ready before her mom came home (Single mother with two girls) she was on it. but she did the goofiest things that baffled us. One time when in our teens, she saw that there was a bunch of guys that moved into the neighborhood, and she was i think really liking some of the boys and yelled out one time, “hey do you want a screw?” and threw some screws over at them. lol wtf. her and my other best friend, a scorpio sun, libra moon laughed but i was thinking crazy girl. Of course the boys across the street were decent boys so i’m happy for that. and probably thought ok what a wierdo!!!!
    i dont honestly think she was looking to be authoritative even in her teens. lol xDD

  5. Saturn in my Capricorn third house.
    Trine Moon Leo tenth house.
    Trine Pluto in Virgo tenth house.
    Trine Mars in Virgo eleventh house.
    Sextile Neptune Scorpio first house.
    Sextile Libra Ascendent.

    I feel in my career my speech carried authority and at times shifted long standing paradigms. Even though I didn’t have the degrees my Engineering colleagues had. When I spoke they listened. I always tried to keep them on track and they always seemed to value my insight and I found that my ideas and thoughts made concrete changes and breakthroughs.

    In private life what I said seemed to carry wait with friends and family. Although on a much lower key.

    Except for those closest to me, my husband and my children are constantly dismissive of what I say or outright try their hardest to prove me wrong. I don’t know why. Tonight was an excellent example my eldest daughter, my husband and I were sitting around the kitchen island talking about those meal delivery plans and discussing prices. I had one of the plans up on my phone and told them what the price was. Instead of carrying on with the conversation, my husband started arguing with me that I was wrong. He never looked at my phone where it plainly showed the price…he just told me I had no idea of what I was talking about. ( As I stared straight at the website that stated that the particular plan I had picked, 3 meals a week for 2 people was 9.99 a serving which would work out to 60 dollars a week.) Hubby was sitting across the counter from me and had absolutely no reference. But apparently I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Yes I’ve been married to this man for 46 years and this has been an ongoing issue. Still gotta love him even if he drives me nuts.

  6. I am Capricorn Rising and with Pluto transiting 1st house at present. I realized that I have more authority than I realized. I have been running a book club and generally I to run a group. I also have moon in the 11th house ( Scorpio) so I can intuitively sense stuff in a group.

  7. Duh…too many errors. I noticed that I do have authority. It took a while to accept and deal with it.
    Anyway, I also feel responsible …the other side of the coin when you have so much Capricorn and Saturn in your chart 🙂

  8. Yup!!
    – Cap sun in 4th house along with Jupiter and Neptune
    – Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in 2nd house
    – mercury and Uranus in Sag 3rd house

    Plus I’m very tall and born under a full moon so the spotlight is on me. What I say GOES 🙂

  9. I think it’s about integrity.
    They mean what they say, they know their values, they will walk the talk. They are not afraid to do the nessecary things, even if it involves uncomfortable choices or consequences. Many people find that quality pretty frightening. You can feel the authority because these people are AWARE (probably) about this.

    From this person’s perspective, this also comes with a rather large responsibility. They are aware of that too. That’s why they got to show integrity in what they say or do. Walk the talk, stand up for their choices, face the consequences, and – they have probably already paid dearly for those choices at some point too.

    I am also aware, that if they decide to f*ck around with you, you really are toast. So, it really depends on how the person decides to act.

    I think Scorpios and Capricorn are some of the archetypes of this energy.
    But also Taurus. All that earth, eh? All that fixed quality, right? All that power (Capricorn/Scorpio).

    I have 4 personal planets in Scorpio, 9th/10th house.
    And most of my progressed planets are in Capricorn.

    I can’t say I enjoy this role, to be honest, but it has definitely made me extremely aware of how I handle my powers. Integrity, responsibility, honesty, fairness (my Saturn in Libra, mashed with Pluto, aspecting my Ascendant).

    When I was younger, I read a lot of Linda Goodman and her description of Scorpio as an eagle. I couldn’t relate to it at the time, I was too young to understand it all. But I did feel some notion of magnetism and power, at least in regards to the opposite gender 😉

    Now, I want to use this power wisely. I am very aware of how easily power can get you into the lights of those who wants to abuse you or becoming your frenemies. I guess that’s why Scorpios are so aware of the cutting off people. Not out of spite or malice, but out of self protection as well as “I’m done taking your crap now. If you don’t respect my decision, you leave me no other choice than to cut you out and leave you to the dogs.”

  10. Good thread, Elsa! When you did a reading for me a few months ago, you told me that I had “presence”. I had never given it much thought because to me I’m just “lil’ ol’ me”, and it’s surely not due to my height (I’m 5’2″). But looking back, I’ve never had many discipline problems in my classroom like other teachers do, the kids seem to know better and I usually just have to give what my husband calls “the look” if one of them gets on my nerves. I am Aries sun, Cancer ascendant…so maybe it’s my Scorpio 5th house?

  11. Interesting as I am a double Capricorn (Sun & Asc) and have 3 planets in Scorpio – i must give off assertive vibes but I can also be very quiet and reserved…shy almost until my early 20s. Ive changed quite a bit but still feel that imposter syndrome some days…yet people see me as very assertive and in control of the situation.
    I do tolerate though…could it be Cardinal signs because my Husband is Aries Asc and has Scorpio planets too…he comes across very stern and tough nut LOL

  12. What a great post! It reminds me of what a friend said to me many years ago. We were walking to lunch downtown. He’s a giant. A body builder with a shaved head wearing big black boots walking with tiny 4’11 me. People are intimidated by him. He has authority! People take one look and move out of his way. I commented that I would love to be a little more “intimidating” like him (Scorpio rising?). He replied and said that I am intimidating but in a different way. People don’t want to disappoint me or mess up with me. That they’re always trying to impress me. I had never gotten this kind of feedback. I thought this was a really strange because I never noticed it!

    Another friend (female, who is very tall) used to say after we would hug hello “omg I always forget how tiny you are because your energy is so big!” 😂

    The majority of my chart is fixed. A major stellium in Taurus, my Scorpio rising, Leo NN / MC … I think that gives me somewhat of an edge on being taken seriously? I always get the job. But I also have had to be so gentle with other people. Sometimes being so straightforward really can hurt their feelings.

  13. Natural authority flows from Saturn joining the interior world of the 4 th house with the 10th house and the exterior world. It is also linked to Saturn joining joining the Sun and Uranus – the 5 th and 11 th houses. It does not insist on obedience or fear to command.

  14. My partner is Taurus sun and rising conjunct s. node. Capricorn at his midheaven. Aquarian moon 10th house. He’s always been self employed and his specialty is “fixing other people’s f…ups”. There is something about his vision of done right that has no opposition possible. He’s collected dead guys equipment and tools that happen to bring intrigue to the problem. Any project , will inevitably utilize the precious collection to ensure success and by default take all the blame if anything goes wrong.

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