Reviews of astrology consultations…

Client Testimonial: “Difficult To Ask For Help…”

Recommendations from clients. Christy writes: “For people such as myself who find it difficult to ask for help, Elsa’s compassion is the perfect companion to astrological advice. Her grasp of the language of astrology was easily accessible through her warmth and willingness to deconstruct my chart’s aspects. I found this invaluable. I have explored numerous

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Client Testimonial: “Spiraling Downhill Fast”

Dixie Vogel writes: “I’ve had a few consultations with Elsa and they’ve all been helpful, but one particularly stands out. An adult child was living with us and clearly in crisis, but not interested in making changes. The situation was spiraling downhill fast and had seriously disrupted the entire family. Elsa’s assessment was lightening quick

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