Client Testimonial: Mahalo nui loa

hawaii.jpgMokihana writes:

“I had my first personal chat and consultation with Elsa yesterday morning. There’s a Hawaiian proverb (olelo no`eau) that sums up what Elsa did for me: “do the thing and rid your self of the illusions” I’m a gal whose been around awhile. I celebrate my 61st birthday in Scorpio come Nov. 16th and the goin’s been like riding a tsunami. Elsa’s straight up, astrology-based big picture gave me fuel to build an ark for the ride, make the most of my hall of fear mirrors, and weave safety nets when Cappy fears the fall. Elsa answered my questions, made me laugh at myself, and I came away appreciating the Moon (the stars and the planets.) Mahalo nui loa Elsa, Mokihana”

Thanks, Mokihana!

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