Scorpio Boyfriend Of 2 Years Sent A Picture Of His Penis To Another Girl

Dear Elsa, I get back from my classes and organization meetings. I begin to watch my favorite show that always put me in a better mood. But then a cold, dark feeling washed over me. Something bad. I secretly know my boyfriend’s email log in information, along with his Facebook log in information. Immediately, I

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Do You Snoop?

Mercury is in Scorpio and let’s see. First we have someone tracking a reader via and then another reader writes in to cop to the fact she accesses a co-workers email to monitor her workplace affairs. Personally, I don’t snoop. I am so hard core with this, you’d think I’d have burned doing it

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Do You Trust People?

Recently I had someone tell me the only people he trusted in this world was me and Doris Day. “And I don’t even know if Doris Day is alive,” he added. Well she is. I checked “Dead or Alive?” and verified this. But anyway, I trust quite a few people. Actually I trust virtually everyone

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