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Snooping And Porn

Back ’round 2006-7 when I used to write a lot of astrology-based advice, two topics that came up frequently were snooping and porn. We’ve not discussed either for years now and I wonder if anything has changed. Here is an old post on the topic: Do you snoop?

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Do Men Snoop As Much As Women?

hitchhiker72 writes: “I’ve asked this before, and I’m still wondering – anyone know men who snoop? Why do women need to do this?” Good question! Add the astrology if you have some. Submit a question to “Ask the collective”

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Why Do You Snoop?

I’ve also been thinking about the snooping post (Do You Snoop?) this statement in particular: “…and last I trust the universe will let me know what I need to know… at the time I need to know it.” I  believe this. I think when there are things I don’t know or I don’t find out,


Do You Snoop?

Mercury is in Scorpio and let’s see. First we have someone tracking a reader via and then another reader writes in to cop to the fact she accesses a co-workers email to monitor her workplace affairs. Personally, I don’t snoop. I am so hard core with this, you’d think I’d have burned doing it

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