Do You Snoop?

Mercury is in Scorpio and let’s see. First we have someone tracking a reader via and then another reader writes in to cop to the fact she accesses a co-workers email to monitor her workplace affairs.

Personally, I don’t snoop. I am so hard core with this, you’d think I’d have burned doing it or something but that never happened. Witness this:

The AMF and I used to separate for short periods from time to time. He would draft letters to me which he would never send. And we’d get back together and there they’d be.

I used his computer all the time. I used it more than he did and there would be some new document on his desktop named, “Elsa”. Did I open it? Of course not.

“He probably wanted you to read whatever was in there,” a friend remarked.

“No he didn’t. He knows me. He knows me well enough to know I’m not going to click that thing. If he wants me to read it, he can open it himself and send it to me. Or he can tell me there is something on my desktop I want you to read. Otherwise, forget about it…”

I realize this is extreme restraint but fact is it takes (or took) no restraint at all. I respect a person’s privacy but way more than that, I respect myself. I like being trusted and I like be able to know that even if I’m not trusted, I can be.

I also cop to having some fear what I might find if I go poking around and last I trust the universe will let me know what I need to know… at the time I need to know it.


Where is your Mercury and how is it aspected?

32 thoughts on “Do You Snoop?”

  1. Great topic. I have snooped on boyfriends, but I’ve quit, I hope for good, and for reasons Elsa mentioned. I’m actually quite trusting by nature, but if something causes me to reach the point of doubting, I can hardly rest till I know “the truth.” (Mercury in Gemini; Venus/Mars in Leo.)

    The times I’ve snooped I’ve usually found out vital information for which I’m grateful, because it opened my eyes to stuff I never would have believed if I hadn’t seen it in black and white. But snooping made me feel small and sneaky and hardly better than the person I’ve caught red-handed. So, I consciously resist doing it now, because my self-respect matters more and because (as I believe) the universe will deliver the information to me in another way if I need to know it. In the meantime I’m working on being more discerning in the first place about whom I should trust and how far.

  2. Never under any circumstances on anyone. Am also shocked, surprised and appalled when betrayed. Major blind spot to underground workings.

    Mercury Taurus 9th house

  3. nope, don’t believe in that. i agree with all of Elsa’s reasons and especially the last one. who knows what you might find?! i like being trusted too, and if i break someone else’s trust i would never be able to stop thinking about how many people would break mine if they had the chance…just like i broke their’s. at least when i am trustworthy i can always hope that there are other people like me, as i am one example already. i think when you give people your best, there is always the hope that other people are capable of giving you that too. or maybe i’m just deluded. mercury in pisces in 1oth, unaspected as far as i know 😉

  4. I voted “rarely.”
    I have never maliciously snooped on anyone, although in the example above I would have opened the file with my name on it. If it became apparent in the first sentence or two that it wasn’t meant for me to see, though, I would stop reading and let the person know I peeked. Another’s diary is safe in my hands and I can keep a sealed box in perpetuity (not that I won’t want to know, but I can refrain from looking).
    I’m with Hiro, too; I never know when others are sneaking and am majorly hurt when I find out about it. Although, since I was cheated on in my past, I’m hyper-alert for that kind of infidelity now.

    I have Merc in Leo conjunct Leo Sun and Saturn in Virgo.

  5. raaaaaaaarely. an example: after my ex asked for a divorce I found out he had hacked my passwords and copied my emails. I went onto his computer and hacked back to erase them. I consider that counterintelligence. I don’t do offensive strikes.

    otherwise my snooping is all non-private stuff. but I can amass information that is freaky in its thoroughness without violating privacy.

    8th house pisces mercury

  6. i’d never go into what i consider someone else’s personal space, but if i think it’s worth knowing, and they leave the information out there, i will go look. thoroughly.

    mercury (taurus, 9) opposite uranus (scorpio) square saturn (leo.)
    mercury’s also trine my asc, for what it’s worth. not sure if that applies to this question, though.

  7. i think i naturally ‘just know’ about people, and might just use something like that as physical evidence – but i doubt i’d need it even then. people tell me what they’re feeling and thinking without me having to look for it.

    gemini mercury, 9th house, trine saturn.

  8. I don’t deliberately snoop and am a great respecter of others privacy & bounderies but still have a knack for finding out all kinds of information that others think is hidden. Don’t share it though – just know it! 🙂
    Mars/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio

  9. Mercury 19deg Scorpio 11th House

    I never want to be with anyone who makes me want to snoop! I have, only once, with my ex who was being unfaithful……crappy feeling.

    Although, I do believe that you have to hold onto your innocence and go into any new relationship with a clean slate. Naive maybe but I wouldn’t want to live any other way.

  10. I said rarely because I have snooped and can’t say I never would again. If I saw a folder with my name on it I would ask about it before reading it. Although if I knew it was something I didn’t want or need to see like in the case of the AMF’s letter I might leave well enough alone.

    I can’t really remember any times I’ve snooped without being invited to do so though now that I’m thinking about it. I haven’t ever been in a relationship with anyone who needed monitoring.

    7th house Gemini Mercury squaring Mars in Virgo and Pisces Saturn. And Scorpio moon and ascendant.

  11. gemini mercury, leo venus, scorpio moon. most of the time i’m too preoccupied (airy & thinking) to notice ‘secret things’. the leo venus leads me to believe that my significant other wouldn’t possibly be anything but devoted. but unfortunately, if my scorpio mooon is activated, say by some kind of suspicious behavior — all bets are off. doesn’t often happen, not proud when it does. but it does. darn that scorpio moon!!

  12. I have mercury in Capricorn conjunct my sun square Jupiter and Saturn (from the ninth house) and I’ve been a total snoop. I had three other siblings and it was all very cut throat. They were in your stuff snooping around and loaded for bear (nothing like them demanding your snack/juicebox/whatever at lunch or else revealing whatever you had been dumb enough to put in your diary) so there was counter snooping and then there is and always was just an insatiable curiousity. Teachers mark book on the desk? oooh yeah I’m looking . . Mostly at mine (first house sun), but I’m looking.

    A lot of it was fear based though and its been a while. But . . I still want to know everything. And maybe its the 11th house Uranus in Scorpio but I ESPECIALLY want to know that stuff you don’t want me to know. For one it makes me feel safe (because as Falloutboy sings Yeah you caught me but I caught you way worse) and for another It makes the social scene more interesting to know all the secret dynamics . . Plus other peoples secrets are just . . I don’t even want to share them I just want to know them. My roomate’s girlfriend once said myself and Andrew were like little old women gossiping away over our saturday morning coffee’s.

    The lack of integrity though makes me feel icky (ninth house Saturn), and its just unattractive (venus in Sag). So I’m quitting. I don’t go looking for stuff to snoop through anymore and I do fairly well when temptation falls into my lap. I’d be lying if I said I’d quit already, but I have been making a very earnest effort over the last two-three years.

  13. I voted Never, because I never have until now.

    BUT I probably would in certain circumstances (for instance if I thought somebody was committing a crime eg. downloading child porn or something).

    But outside of that I like my privacy, so I give others theirs.

    Mercury in the 11th, trine Uranus, square Pluto.

  14. In matters of the heart – YES.
    Other matters – no, I really don’t think I should and, to be honest, I don’t really care about other people’s business. Honestly.

    My Mercury is in Capricorn, 10th house. Loads of aspects everywhere, wouldn’t know where to start.

  15. Only if they’ve given me very good reason to and if I’m close to them. I’m a private person, but I don’t have anything to hide, either. I respect others’ space, and I’m not very interested in unearthing people’s skeletons.

    Mercury in Virgo, trine MC, 5th house.

  16. i voted “never” although, if you are talking about over my entire 40+ yr lifetime, i have snooped a couple of times i can think of. but it’s been extremely rare. without trust, there are no relationships and while i don’t have a ton of relationships, the ones i have, i value highly.

    mostly, besides the fact i dont’ feel good about it, i don’t feel the need. usually, if i get to the point with someone the thought even crosses my mind, i ALREADY know.

    i have merc. towards the end of the first house in virgo, strong conjuntion with uranus and conjunct pluto, among other things.

    now, if we’re talking looking at public info to put two and two together and NOT a privacy invasion thing, then i’ve done that. (i.e. checking out phone numbers on my OWN phone bill someone else has called, for example.) and that i don’t feel like is a violation of trust, but even then, it’s not my first choice.

    mostly, i don’t feel the need because if something is wrong, i know it’s wrong and, sooner or later, it comes out. my self-respect is worth more than “knowing” quicker…

    interesting question. 🙂

  17. …mercury in aquarius…

    I used to snoop, but I don’t anymore. For me, it’s kinda like, well, if you’re hunting for something damaging, you’re going to find it, whether it’s actually damaging or not. Also, I think it’s all about respect. If I can respect you enough not to snoop, then I expect you to respect me enough not to snoop through my stuff.

  18. MySpace makes it easy to look up people and I do like to read profiles, but I don’t consider that snooping since, well, anybody can look at this stuff.

    I used to snoop. I never found anything. But boyfriends used to read some of my journals and get upset, and I’d get upset because my privacy was violated.

    Remembering how betrayed I felt when that happened — I don’t wish it on anyone else. Therefore, I don’t snoop, even if sometimes people expect me to.

    Mercury in Virgo in the 7th, conjunct Venus, sextile Saturn, square Uranus.

  19. I’m an emotional empath and know what’s going on with others emotionally, from which you can usually deduce what ‘else’ is going on .. enough to protect yourself if need be. No need to snoop.

    Sometimes from curiosity I explore ‘spying’ because it involves new technology – like when I looked up a long-distance new flame and saw where he was living on Google map. That’s just fun and I forget about it quickly. I draw the line when it costs $.

    The root of the problem with snooping would be the emotions and insecurity behind it – the INTENT. Those broiling emotions will kill the relationship if they haven’t already. But then .. the emphasis isn’t on the relationship in the first place is it, when the one person is a ‘spy’.. it’s on the one person and their agenda. It’s like they’re trying to build a relationship with their own issues and the other person happens to be there.

  20. I say Yes but rarely only because I think as a parent and with kids online I have to check every now and again to see what is in their content…from gaming circles….protecting them from creeps. Other than that….NEVER.

  21. I was snooped on extensively by my mother and all 3 of my sisters (I guess I’m pretty interesting, huh?!). My mother used to tear pages out of my diary and keep them in her top drawer (!$@##)
    I used to go right in and take them back. So yes, I snooped but I considered it taking back what was rightfully mine..the last year I was at home I used to write in a diary, then rip it up and threw it in the garbage, and yes indeedy, Mom would go through the garbage and take out the pieces…put it back together…put it in the drawer…and yes, I would go in the drawer, take it out again.
    An old battle neither of us mention anymore, LOL!

    I have snooped occasionally, though very, very rarely as an adult. I always, ALWAYS came across information I was extremely hurt and upset by if I did that, so the lesson came HARD.

    I would never, ever snoop on anyone every again. No interest in living in a world of pain.

    Mercury in 4th House Taurus opposed Scorpio MC/Uranus square Saturn in the 7th/8th

  22. Foxxy!! I have the exact same Mercury specs as you (in Cap/12th conj sun square a Jupiter-Saturn conj – it sounds like we might have very close or same birthday, with everything one sign off) but I am the *complete opposite*! We should compare notes lol.

    I have never snooped, don’t have the instinct for it. If I want to know something, I’ll be blunt and Saggy and just ask. I figure – why bother getting close to someone who won’t give you an honest answer? I figure you can surround yourself w/trustworthy ppl and avoid the whole snooping thing. If I’m not close to a person, I usually don’t care enough to snoop. I don’t look at public internet stuff (blogs, facebook etc.) unless there’s *current* real life socializing going on. Otherwise I don’t see any point to reading about someone else online.

    I also strongly dislike gossip and hearing about someone’s private life through a third party. Even tabloid headlines irritate me; I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to go through a rough time in your life and have it so publicly displayed.

    I also have Uran in Scorpio and am incredibly curious, but not about people’s personal secrets. In fact, I loathe the secret speculations that arise in groups of ppl lol. I always wonder how the person would feel if they found out what other ppl were saying about them. Also, *I always assume that the way a person talks about other ppl is an indication of how they might talk about me someday.* If a lot of it makes me uncomfortable – I ask myself if I can really trust that person.

    In high school, I used to gossip a lot but then it occurred to me that if I disrespected other ppl that way, it gave ppl the right to disrespect me. So I stopped – by my last year in high school, I was “out of the loop” and so much happier lol. Gossip’s not the same as snooping but I think if you don’t like snooping it should be easy to stop as our charts are so similar.

  23. Mercury in Scorpio. As a child I snooped all the time. No one in my family could keep a secret from me. I even opened christmas gifts weeks/months before the big day, not just mine either.. everyones. I always knew what I was getting for my birthday too. I knew my folks were divorcing 6 months before they told us, via their door at night. They rarely argued so when they did, I was at their door listening.
    I dont snoop like that anymore.. I understand the need for privacy.
    Now snooping by questioning is a whole nother story.

  24. SaDiablo I hope it was clear from my post that I meant ‘the last year I lived at home,’ and NOT last year, at home. My Mom did all this crap when I was 14-16 years old, and I’m now 30, so…old battles. My Mom was insane, what can I say! LOL!

    As for why I kept writing, well, I dunno…I’m scratching my head…thanks for asking such a good question. I don’t get it either! My Mercury is part of a Yod, which I found out thanks to Melody at DepthAstrology, I don’t know much about that astrological aspect yet, but you’ve given me a spark to learn, so thank you (you too, as ever Elsa).

  25. I never snoop – I don´t need to, since by some magical influence things I´d have to know come to me anyway. Must be Neptune opposing Mars-Mercury in my chart, a strong psychic influence that just lets me know when there´s bad things going on behind my back. So I trust that I get the information I need in some strange way, and boy, some of those ways WERE strange. Makes people scared… Everything that doesn´t come by itself along those lines I consider to be none of my business at all.

  26. Kashmiri:
    *snert* Well, I understood it to mean “the last year I lived at home.” 🙂 Yeah, the whole time I was reading your comment, in my head I was all, “Man, I would’ve stopped keeping a diary just to mess with her!” *lol* I hope you get it figured out, that stuff drives me nuts when I don’t understand it.

  27. Avatar

    Mercury 12th taurus. I’ve snooped, but only when something else has rung warning bells. Mostly my snooping is restricted to reading people bookshelves and looking at their photo albums – only the ones they put on their shelves though. The worst is that I looked at my current BF’s profile on a dating site right after we started dating. I learned he was still on it through a mutual friend. I called him on it. He’s still on there now, but says that it’s just for friends and HAS changed his profile. On some level it bothers me but on another level – he only really has friends through work and the internet.

    I do, however, get everyone’s secrets. They tend to tell me. I don’t ask. I just listen. I DO keep their secrets and often wish them kindness in healing it.

  28. I got into so much trouble as a kid journaling I cant imagine doing this to someone else. Privacy is a big deal in my book.
    I snoop on rare occasions, like when I was suspecting a friend of doing junk. Which he was. While staying at my place over mid-Summer. That was 20 years ago. I’d say snooping is pretty useless or destructive over all.

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