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Astrology, Un-Comfort and Alchemy – Redux

CK writes on the previous blog about abuse, torture and alchemy: “What happened to just being ok the way we are? What’s this ‘alchemy’? Good Luck getting me in the box, to get out if necessary I’ll chew one or all my limbs off (?!)” ~~ When I read this comment I was thrilled because it

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Pluto torment

Un-Comfort and Astrology, Abuse and Alchemy

So on this un-comfort topic, here’s some meat for your grinder. Awhile back I was talking to my ex, the career Special Forces soldier. And he has been through virtually every military training in existence on this planet. Internationally, I mean. And one of the things he’s been through is torture school. Now they don’t

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Un-Comfort, The Capricorn Plague and Writing This Blog With Neptune Conjunct the Midheaven

Regarding Capricorn and concern over public image, if not for this training with Ben… and others, but especially Ben who is so incredibly keen, I would never be able to write this blog. I put this stuff out here every day with no way to control how it may be interpreted… or misinterpreted. I mean,

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