Fate? Destiny? Something Else?

I was studying poems written in the 1800’s. The poems are a rich source for me. I was pondering one of them, written from the perspective of a coolie. A coolie is a manual laborer, akin to a slave.  It was this coolie’s job to pull the punkah. I didn’t know what a punkah was so I […]

How Do You Meet Your Destiny?

Have you seen the movie, “Rounders”? It’s about professional poker players.  I’m interested in card playing, at least I was at one time.  But what grabbed me watching the movie was the story that an old Jewish man in the movie told. The man said he was to be rabbi.  This is what was expected

1st grade

When Does Your Destiny Show Itself?

I was visiting four women; all of them professionals. I said something provocative about my son and they all reacted. “What?” I said. “So he’s acting in a certain way. I bet if you thought about it every single one of you could come up with evidence… things you were doing when you were a

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