Thanks and On The Venus Pluto Front… Filling The Void With A Scorpio Love (?) Story

Thanks everyone for your good wishes.  We appreciate it!  We’re both happy as hell and I’ll tell you more as soon as we’re settled down. I know most would be curious as to why I am writing on my blog the day after I got married and it’s simple. The soldier has to leave tomorrow

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I’m Bugged Out By My Fantasy: Virgo with Venus, Mars & Uranus in Scorpio

Dear Elsa, I have a bad habit of “crushing”. It’s excruciating because I’m at a place in my life where I really don’t even have the time to date. I just bought a house and am attempting to make ends meet (knot them together, really) with two jobs, weekends used for upkeep, etc. Anyhow, I’ll

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