Taurus – Abundant Love!

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I’m not boring. I’m comfortable.

Taurus. Stable, serene, abundant. The zodiac’s port in a storm. Bulls have a way of calming the wild beast and making us all feel that everything will be okay. But what about in love?

I can already hear the objections. Aren’t Taurus greedy and materialistic, interested only in their own comfort? And what about their stubbornness? Don’t they refuse to change their mind about anything ever? And isn’t “stable” just another word for “boring”?

Not at all. I mean, yes, Taurus loves food and sex, love and money. But honestly, who doesn’t? And while they’re hardly the most flexible of signs, is that really such a bad thing? And though Taurus isn’t always down to party, well, who among us is? The truth is, Taurus is generous, supportive, and reliable. From where I’m standing, that sounds like a pretty good deal!

Taurus is incredibly supportive. And what’s more, their support is practical.  Romance and compliments are great, but who is going to do the dishes, hmm?  Let me give you an example. Years ago, I had just left an abusive partner and was living on my own for the first time. I was a wreck, to put it lightly. My best friend, a Taurus, not only helped me move, but showed up with my favorite flowers and several days’ worth of homemade dinners. She helped me decorate and make the place feel like home. She even stayed with me the first few nights while I got used to being by myself. THAT is Taurus love.

Taurus is also sweetly, blessedly low maintenance. It takes so little to stay in their good graces. They don’t require constant energy exchange like Scorpio or grand displays like Leo. Once you’re one of their people, that’s enough. Just be good to them, feed them, and when the chips are down, show up. That’s it. Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

Additionally, Taurus is deeply accepting. I know they have a reputation for being judgmental, and while that is true to some degree, it is also used very selectively. Once you’re in their circle, judgement no longer applies. They accept you as-is. This is because due to their inherent self-esteem. The thing about Taurus is, they like themselves just fine. They wouldn’t tolerate anyone attempting to change a hair on their head. And when you’re close to them, the same applies to you. They don’t buy the narrative that we must all strive for improvement all the time. For Taurus, good is enough is, in fact, good enough.

Taurus is also far from boring. Their ideas are firm and strong, but they’re also deep. The friend I referenced before? She is, hands-down, the most captivating person I’ve ever met. We have been friends for nearly 15 years, and I have been fascinated for every second of it. She has really, truly, powerfully thought through her ideas, which has allowed her to explore corners most would overlook. And YES, Taurus can evolve and change their mind! They just do it on their own time, and not because someone pushed them there. They’ll only change because time, evidence, and experience have made it clear that it’s the right thing to do, not just to make someone happy. Some may call it frustrating, but I call it integrity.

Finally, Taurus has staying power. They don’t run just because times are hard. They don’t drop you just because something shinier showed up. And in the bedroom, Sting has nothing on Taurus. Taurus rules value, and they know that value accrues over time. Everything that Taurus creates is built to last.

So sure. Bulls aren’t perfect, and they aren’t for everyone. If you want a lover who will shout their love from the rooftops and show you off at every opportunity, Leo or Gemini might a better choice. But if you value stability, comfort, and practical, tangible support, Taurus has your back. You may not paint the town red every night, but you’ll have a deep, fascinating partner who will accept you as you are and stand by your side until the very end. You bring the pizza. Taurus will do the rest.

Have you loved a Taurus? Tell us about it!

27 thoughts on “Taurus – Abundant Love!”

  1. I gotta be real, I don’t cook or smell nice enough for a Taurus. You have to be put together for them too. And wax your legs. But, I was with one and he was very refreshing cause he is a very different person than me. I mostly bought him food. Might I say, I hate perfume. (Virgos who hate perfume often use sandalwood or just smell like sweat, it’s so funny.)

    My top Taurus is Father John Misty.

  2. Gemini Moons seem to be really accepting of mental problems and anxiety. The tragedy of Gemini is that they seem fake to themselves. Cause the interior monologue is so strong. I find water people deeply accepting too cause they see you and they’ve seen a lot of shit.

  3. My Taurus ascendent just says “thank you”.
    And that is true about accepting – if I like you I really don’t care anything else.

  4. my husband and I are both venus in Taurus. I also have Capricorn 7th house. Almost too much staying power. We have been married 37 years-together almost 40. Sometimes I want to run and do something different, but my feet feel stuck in mud and FEAR of the unknown scares me. In the end, I wont go anywhere and neither will he.

  5. I was engaged to a Taurus. It took 2 years to get the ring. We lived together the last year of our relationship. A total of 3 years.
    He definitely was a calm individual. Conversations were usually about what kind of home he wanted, ect ect. He liked food but liked alcohol more. Actually too much.
    The most positive thing I can say is they are very sensual. Passionate no, but sensual yes.

  6. Yup – that sums it up nicely. Great description – thank you!

    I’m a sun/moon/mercury/mars/north node stellium, all in Taurus and married to another Taurus. We are BOUND together 27 years now. What was originally all about food, wine, sex now includes gardening, making our home comfortable/beautiful and children.

    I’m thankful my Venus is in Aries in the 10th – or I’d be completely stuck in the mud!!!!

  7. Ha funny i am dating a taurus guy,i am a taurus woman.
    Actually he is a super bull…sun/mars/lilith and north node in taurus,mercury and venus (rx) in aries,moon in gemini. I have taurus sun/mercury,venus in aries mars in gemini and moon in leo also rising in leo. He was born 85(wood year) me 87 (fire year)
    He is so awesome,can truly tame me,i am also more conscious around him,we both love to play around,sing and wrestle or go for spontanous kicks and fun,sex is surprisingly the best i ever had( the first man ever i had to tell i need a break,my ex’s said i am insatiable,both ex’s were scorpio lol)
    Food is also a topic now,even i could never relate to the “taurus in love with food” topics,cause i am actually the opposite when it comes to food ( it is just there so i don’t die but if i could i would never eat again cause it’s playing with my weight),with him the food gets a whole new meaning. It is so holy lol.

    What i love in general about taurus is,their strength,their good observations,they see your skills,your lack,your value(for their own profit if they are selfish or for the universe) and know how to heal with love patience and determination,(!)if they really like you(!).

    I think they can also really hurt others when they couldn’t give a damn really about you and make you feel worse than you are cause they have this wall and when you really want to be in their circle and they don’t let you IN,you could truly start to feel like crap… taurus carries a vibe of control and trust like no other,i think a libra and pisces comes pretty close to it,it is a venus thing,so if you have for example poor confidence and a taurus is not interested with you or done with you it pains really bad,i think a scorpio is nothing against it.
    I can handle a scorpio easily cause to me they are just emotional,when they go or don’t let me in i can take it…but taurus is a rock!
    In the past in my early 20’s i was dating one taurus man, he was a well known dj from holland,we knew the same people cause i used to skateboard in my teen years and he too,turns out we were skating with the same people just not at the same time(he lives in holland me in west germany)
    God he was sweet,but shy,and also when i touched something at his place he was all there lol i was actually afraid to touch anything but i felt already home cause i liked him so much,we both didn’t know back then that we both are taurus,only after a year on our birthdays,everything made sense then,he still contacts me after 10 years,always with the same loving vibe.

    I also know a gemini woman,she has a taurus mars venus in cancer and she just loves and hates taurus,she can not deal with the direct answers she get’s cause for her it is always more than the simple clean structured taurus way…she get’s pretty emotional when a taurus states it’s opinion and gives her best to open up a taurus for just more… she doesn’t want to give up on anyone (pretty sweet of her).

    These are my taurus experiences,oh my ex boss,she was a taurus,thank god i don’t work for her anymore,i just had better ideas than her and she was scared i rise above her but i just meant to be nice and helpful and she became very mean(cause taurus doesn’t likes to be rushed and told what to do lol)…well…so it goes.

  8. My absolute favorite zodiac sign..love love love Taurus. Blissfully married to a Taurus man for years. Sweet and sensible, no drama people.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with your profile of Taureans. They are my favourite longtime friends even if it’s impossible for this Gemini to make them long term lovers. They value the important things in life and earn your respect.

  10. I am a Taurus, sun…moon…rising & Venus. I very much enjoyed your description of our sign. And yes I mostly agree. Burn us bad enough we will shut you out, permanently. We will stand by you through many trails of years before it comes to that, however. We are loyal, strong, stable driven. If you reciprocate those qualities we will be around always to love & protect you.

  11. Mars in Taurus in 8th trine Virgo ascendant,a lovely counterbalance to my otherwise *very* airy/fiery chart.

    This is a wonderful post, made me smile. I need to find one (or more) Taurus friends.

    1. I should add though that my Mars in Taurus is also square Pluto in Leo in 11th. I have the capacity to hold grudges and resentments for EVER. Trying not to do this so much, but still a work in progress ……

  12. I loved reading this article. Taurus is always painted in a bad light but you wrote about all the best qualities. I am a Taurus and I want to say thank you for educating people about who we really are.

  13. Im an Aquarius and my husband is a Taurus and we have been together for 20 years. He would get married for the first 5 years of being together, cause he said if you can make together for the first 5 years then you can make it together for the rest of your lives together. He said what will go wrong will in the first 5 years then you can make it through anything.

  14. I am Taurus . Felt very great and proud. I feel my character is same almost as you explained. Thank u for reminding and confirming my inner values .

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