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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


Jupiter – The Invisible Protector

In my last post, Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?, Alison commented, “Jupiter transits can act as protection. You avoid a car accident as you swerved the other way, like a near miss. Or disappointed you didn’t get that dream job to later find the boss had been swindling company money.” This is a fantastic […]

jupiter suck

Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?

Has this ever been you: You check your transits and see a big, great Jupiter transit coming. Maybe Jupiter is about to conjunct your Midheaven or trine your Venus. You gear yourself up, expecting great things, only for…well, nothing. Not much happens at all. Maybe things go just a little easier, or maybe you get

love letter scorpi

Love Letter to Scorpio

Scorpio, I love you. I love your deep passion. You are brimming with joyful zest for love and life. Your trademark Scorpio intensity is just another word for living life with every ounce of your soul. That’s because you know that life is too short for half-measures. If you can’t do something with your whole


Is Uranus a Benefic or Malefic?

If astrologers are divided about Neptune, then they’re REALLY divided about Uranus. Uranus is about sudden change. Uranus is unfettered progress. It seeks to overthrow the existing order at all costs. And that, as we know, can be a pretty iffy situation. So which is it? Is Uranus benefic or malefic? As always, myth is

Neptune rough sea

Is Neptune a Malefic?

There’s a lot of discussion among astrologers about how to classify Neptune. And in classic Neptune fashion, confusion abounds. Some say Neptune is a little slice of divinity, the higher octave of Venus and the symbol of unconditional love. Others say it is an obvious malefic, throwing human lives off course and causing us to

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