60 thoughts on “A Cautionary (and Mildly Raunchy) Tale For Control Freaks”

  1. omg that sounds like my husband without the overt crowing. I was just thinking about control this morning. I hate to blast all cardinals. They can maneuver the pieces in play to either benefit the whole or or their world. My husband is a Cancer sun, Mercury, Libra moon. He is successful at work but marriages….dude, you’re shooting yourself in the foot with all this suffocation.

  2. my 2nd ex was super controlling, Aries dominant and Capricorn moon conjunct cap mercury with Aquarius sun & Mars conjunct. with all that cardinal and fixed, woooo.. extremely abusive. but it was hard to liberate myself. It’s not my nature to do something like that blatant, to get away, but i spent alot of time with my best friend at the time, an October Scorpio, who was into jazz and music, and art, we just spent time as buddies and painting for a gallery, and that ex saw that and he finally let me go. Since i can’t do cheating, it’s not in my nature honestly, i can spend more time with someone else i enjoy, and love their company because the person at the time who was trying to control me by physical abuse and mental, would never let me go without more abuse and threaten to hurt my family. I think it was the fact that i was with the Scorpio too, the ex seemed to be afraid of him while the Scorpio buddy of mine was super sweet and kind. He didnt seem to hurt anyone or look the type, while my ex looked like a mean, cruel man, not sweet looking at all. Maybe it was his aura in combination. Cause seriously, the ex could have beat me up when the Scorpio left the house. but he didnt, so it was weird. Something really psychic went on that time and place, like he was my saviour without actually doing anything but hanging out with me. I never told him about the ex’s abuse, i was deeply ashamed that i was a doormat and was abused alot. like what kind of dumb, young woman is this who allows that? but i was so scared. I guess he kind of knew, psychically, somehow.

  3. LoL! WoW! That’s quite a story!
    I’ve got 0 Cap rising with my Saturn in a grand cross and a grand trine. I’ve got an issue with being controlled too. When people try I say, “Oh PLEASE don’t go there!” And I mean it. Because then I CAN’T do what they’re trying to force. And it might be exactly what I want to do too!

  4. Wow. Since I read this yesterday I have this image of the woman, the window and the boyfriend. Ah!

    Warning for all control freaks (me included.)

  5. Yeah, the funny thing about the whole control bit is that the thing that I may be trying to control is really controlling me. That’s my hardee har har. Obsession. Oh well, gotta do something with my life. Some people call it passion. And it is never fun to be obsessed about. Yikes. Run for cover.

  6. My son who is 4 has 4 planets mushes together in early Aries.
    Add Pluto in his first house, and a 29 degree Sag ASC.

    He cannot be controlled, and yet wants control. It’s teaching his mother a lesson that she hasn’t quite figured out yet, for she has a Cancer stellium, 8th house I believe.

    They fight often. He says his mom is his friend. However I’m daddy, not a friend because we don’t argue over flash cards and bubbles, and how/when one should eat.

    It’s interesting to say the least. Thanks again for the lesson.

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