Are You Sure You Want Love? Untangling The Relationship Knot…

libra earringsFrom a consultation…

“Some people say they want to be in a relationship but apparently not as they routinely become involved in situations that are impossible or untenable. People can get together over long distance but it is very hard and time consuming and both parties have to be utterly committed. If you do want to partner (verify this internally), you simply have to start being realistic and making choices that will take you where you want to go, rather than choices that have no hope in hell of resulting in serious relationship and then wondering why you’re alone.”

Saturn in Libra, obvioulsy.

Can you see yourself in this?

11 thoughts on “Are You Sure You Want Love? Untangling The Relationship Knot…”

  1. Hmmm? I say I want love and to be in a relationship, but keep attracking partners that also say they want the same (but have no action to back it up). Maybe I’m projecting the same thing? I don’t think so, but it’s worth looking into. Just wonder how different things would be had I noticed this about my husband before we married? Of course than I would not have my girls and that thought is just horrific to me. Off to ponder what I’m projecting now…

  2. Yes, but – it works both ways.

    Some months back I found myself in this situation and decided I needed to put some attention on finding a local man.

    Fast forward and I have done so, twice. And they both get along and have other partners. They are, in fact, nearly perfect for me.

    Managing and focusing your efforts is very Saturnian. I have 5H Uranus in Libra – i tend to get creative in my relationship styles.

  3. Yes and no!

    I have extremely high standards in every respect and it’s almost impossible to find anyone who is static / living nearby, not already partnered, and sane / without addictions!

    So much as I’d love to live in an ideal world, and find the ideal AND available partner, that has very rarely happened. Compromises have been made. It wasn’t such a feature earlier in my life as I wasn’t ready to partner domestically – although I’ve always needed to partner emotionally. They are not necessarily the same thing at all.

  4. Well, Saturn restricts opportunities so much that sometimes you just jump on the first one that stops and pulls it out.
    The love card I mean……LOL.

    Seriously, after a while hopelessness becomes a factor. Once hopelessness sets in it becomes pretty hopeless.

  5. Yes… Very much so. The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is really giving me a freedom urge, but I’m not so sure how realistic the extent of freedom I’m thinking of is.

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