The Astrology Of Bullying

I had two people ask about the astrology of bullying so I decided to take a stab at it. I have always considered bullying to be what I call, “small penis behavior” which has nothing to do with the size of the actual penis.

By that I mean I have seen men with small penises who act like men and men with large penises who do not. There are also women who bully and they don’t even have penises but they can still have small penis behavior.

Anyone who really feels their power and prowess (MARS) has no need to batter people. That right there is a statement of fact. So I would say when you meet a bully they have a Mars problem.

Next, if you have self esteem, you’ve not reason to harm another person’s self esteem so my guess is Mars in hard aspect to one the personal planets, most like the Sun. But this does not mean everyone with Mars square their Sun is a bully!

Saturn in aspect to Mars is frustrating for the individual and may also create a bully but you cannot take this for granted. As an example, the soldier has Saturn in aspect to his Mars and he hunts bullies and tyrants.

I would say a person who gets bullied has similar aspects as the person who bullies, the lesson being you must learn to stand up for yourself.

I am a person who get bullied (to an extent) and when I stand up for myself I get bullied some more. I also get support so here again it smacks of Saturn / Mars.

As for how someone bullies, an internet bully would have Mars associated with Mercury (communication) or perhaps Pluto because they are anonymous. Mars in hard aspect to the Moon might attack women exclusively… etc. You get the idea.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?

21 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Bullying”

  1. “Anyone who really feels their power and prowess (MARS) has no need to batter people.” Yeah.

    I have never seen a competent person bully others. They don’t need to. But the insecure and jealous? Many times. And if you want to know exactly what they are intimidated by…look at who they pick on. Chances are this person has a particular skill in spades. It’s exactly “small penis behavior”. Because those who can get what they want do so, and those who can’t…attempt to prevent others from doing so.

    The lesson is to stand up for oneself, definitely. The bullied have to go in and dig up their Mars. I’ve always been ashamed of mine, and was taught to play it down and hide it. But now I’d rather have my Mars where I can see it, out in FRONT. Why does Mars have such a bad rap – particularly for women? Women have prowess too!

  2. This makes me want to look up the astro-info on a cousin of mine, who’s been showing bullying tendencies since age 4 and we don’t have much hope that he won’t grow up to be an ass. (His dad is a real lulu.)

  3. Jennifer, it probably would run in the family. The parents would be mars-y and misdirected and the kids would learn it.

    Contrast to my family, every single one of us will tell ya!

  4. I have been bullied virtually my whole life. Saturn semisquare Mars, plus Mars conjunct Sun in Scorpio. It was really bad as a child.

    Over the past two years my uncle’s stepdaughter and her husband have been bullying and harassing me. This has gotten worse since my father’s death, as they want to get everything from his estate despite not having any contact with him from 1973 until 2006. They would show up at my apartment door demanding my father’s personal papers while he was still alive, managed to convince his nursing home to regard them as primary contacts, and even (illegally) got the nursing home to give them my address so they could show up any time they felt like it.

    Last spring they managed to get financial power of attorney for my father, because I was unable to do it being disabled and working full-time. At the same time they got him to sign over money he had in trust for me, making them the beneficiaries of his retirement account, in return for being his POA.

    I’m alone and vulnerable, and they know this. Because they have some of my father’s papers necessary to settle the estate, they have some power, and they are refusing to give me those papers. At the same time they are threatening to try and get me overturned as executrix of my father’s will.

    Really despicable people. I know the stepdaughter was born in late January 1957, and her husband a year earlier; they are both Aquarians but I don’t know her husband’s birthdata.

    So I have a fight on my hands to prevent them from taking what’s left, and a friend of mine set up an appt with her lawyer for later this week. I’m almost welcoming taking them to court and exposing them for what they are.

  5. The one bonafide bully I know has Mars conjunct Saturn. He was a sensitive little Pisces boy who was horribly bullied by his father. His dad doesn’t have Mars-Saturn, but an Aries stellium, and his Saturn is right on his son’s Sun. Isn’t it all so classic?

    My son, his son, has Mars in Taurus in aspect to Venus and Jupiter, and I hope that means he’s more comfy with his power.

  6. My Mars is in a tough place. It’s in Libra, conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune and the moon. I had a miserable time throughout my adolescence and early adulthood standing up for myself. I was called a loser, even though I knew I was anything but! However, I just didn’t know how to fight back. Now, as a teacher, I watch like a hawk for anyone who thinks they can be a bully in my classroom. In this way, I kind of make up for not sticking up for myself. But I’m also torn as to how to teach the bullied to stand up for themselves, since it’s the one thing I can’t model. I can take out a bully for them, but can’t show them how to do it themselves.

  7. my saturn isn’t messing with mars, but the bullying i received as a kid was mostly from girls… in my social group… and mostly verbal…

    i have a neptune/mars thing going, too, though. i think that might be more of it… especially with a seventh house mars.

  8. The bullies I have known have not been of the physical type, but psychological bullies. And it’s not at all like having a “bad temper”, because I blow up easily, but it is different. The people I have known simply seem to enjoy being mean, to enjoy knowing they are making someone squirm. That is not the same as snapping back at someone who gets in your face, or who tries to throw their weight around, because those are the things that piss me off. When I am around someone who is timid, my instinct is to make them feel at ease. Their instinct is to play cat and mouse, and to me that is different from “anger” (?) When I was younger, I lost a couple of jobs because I flipped out over this type of behavior, even though it was not directed at me, because I couldn’t stand being around it. It sickens me – my feel is their must definitely be a whole lot of twisted saturn stuff going on, and I am not an astrologer, so I don’t know exactly what that stuff is. I just know when I am around it, my instinct is to jump in and save the day, which has not always gone well, unfortunately.

  9. Hi, I haven’t been around for awhile, but anyway, this topic suckers me. Only just reading Sharon’s story above caused my Mars to volcanically erupt. I have Mars at the first degree of Leo (a degree that’s called “a degree of homicide” in one of those scary old world Astrology thingies), eighth house. It’s a little bit squar-y some planets, like Venus, but not so much. Anyway, just to introduce another angle, in synastry, such as between my chart and my mother’s, her Neptune was conjunct my Mars. From day one around our house, my mom (or someone) was teaching me to control (throw water on) my temper (of the red hot, volcano-like variety).

  10. My mars in libra is opposing mysaturn in aries,yikes! As a child I used to get my butt kicked by older girls. I was suoer small and mouse like, but they stll picked on me. Now I don’t take shit! LOL or I try not to, if it is someone I know it makes it harder for me. My venus in cancer is also squared my mars.

  11. Ugh, I have Mars opposite a Scorpio Neptune-ASC conjunction natally. I can’t even begin to convey how much I was bullied by everyone as a child — boys, girls, teachers. And my parents were completely ineffectual at defending me. My Scorpio Moon/Mercury Mom used to just berate me for not having a thicker skin. Not helpful.

  12. Come to think of it, I believe Mom has Mars squaring her moon/mercury natally. Wow, you really can’t make this shit up.

  13. And I just checked Dad’s chart and he’s got a Mars-Neptune square. No wonder he’s always been so ineffectual. Guess we all need to grow a spine.

  14. I was a terrible bully as a child. I terrorized my younger siblings. This fact greatly amuses my children. I did learn the error of my ways. I can’t stand bullies. I have a tendency to defend others from bullies. In fact, I have made a career of such behavior. The thing about bullies are how cowardly they are.

    My Mars is not square to any of my personal planets. It is opposite my ascendant and it is square with my jupiter. It is trine my moon.

  15. i have mars in saturn and i was bullied and became a bully myself. it really does affect the self esteem. i dont know why i cant seem to stand for myself sometimes. its a prob.

  16. I have hard Saturn aspects and I was the one getting bullied most of the time. I did do the bullying ocassionally and it’s definitely a learned behaviour. My father has a very perverse Mars energy to him; he’s highly judgemental and would make me believe that he would treat me like garbage if I had anything in common with the perceived ‘losers’. In fact when I was bullied, he made it seem like something was wrong with me, that I deserved it somehow, so I grew up to bully others in HS, trying to distance myself from what he deems as unworthy of his love etc (TLDR: Guest has major daddy issues)

  17. In all my years as a student of astrology, I’ve noticed one recurring placement with bullies and that is a badly aspected Mars in Leo. Crops up time and time again especially if the moon is involved. Intensely competitive and far from insecure – there is usually a truck load of vanity – they seem to get really spiteful whenever someone else is the centre of attention. When in opposition with a luminary, they can convince themselves it is their victim’s fault. It has always amazed me this Mars in Leo thing. Not all Mars in Leo people are like this of course, but it recurrs to an uncanny degree.

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