Saturn in Pisces For Gemini & Other Thinkers

mosh pitI was talking to a Mercurial (double Gemini) client about a “vortex” of garbage he got sucked into at his job.  He came to work, looking good and feeling fine. He ran into or ran afoul of one of those people who take shots at you out of the blue sky. It turned his day, down. From there it went downhill.

A lot of us have to be around negative people, injured people, angry people or whatever. He’s no exception. In this case, he slipped on a banana peel into a dark hole.  Can you see the permeable boundary here?

If you’re on your feet and relatively centered, one remark is not going to send you spiraling down.  We dealt with what triggered him, then started looking for ways he might avoid (Pisces) this in the future (also Pisces, by way of Jupiter).

I realized, his referring to his work situation was disempowering.  You can’t help yourself when standing at the edge of a vortex. In you go!  But is that the right word?  What if he were to morph (Pisces) the frame (Saturn)?

I asked him if he were at a concert with a mosh pit, if he would jump in.  Of course not.

You see the difference.  Frame it one way, you’ve have no underpinning. Frame it the other way and there no way you’re going to play.

These mind tricks work.

11 thoughts on “Saturn in Pisces For Gemini & Other Thinkers”

    1. Gemini mars; the spiral is real, & scary. I say this as someone who not so long ago endured a pluto over moon transit..

  1. I have Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries. the Mars/Gemini transit has been a blast for me, truly I have felt very much alive in those areas. But it was new ground for me, to be honest, for whatever reason, I am am actually an introvert ( but always always trying to het out of the shell). Any way, last week things got sticky real quick. I have a new friend that Ive been communicating with A LOT since last year, way more than I normally do, of course. She spirals a lot. I always try to be helpful. my hubby calls me Pollyana. whatever. So, she experienced something that sent her into a spiral, and I tried to get her to see it a different way – turn it into something positive some how, some way. She snapped on me. Literally said, how dare you try to help me. next thing I know, I AM the one spiraling. Questioning myself. One thing that always bothered me: people will always say, “this is how I am, get over it” without ever thinking of the other person. I’m ready to get off of the Mars/Gemini train. My chart is Saturn – ruled. I desperately need some boundaries. It’s going to be tough to reel this shit in. But I will find a way. I always look at the other side.

    1. “One thing that always bothered me: people will always say, “this is how I am, get over it” without ever thinking of the other person”

      Agree! It just shows that they aren’t capable of taking responsibility and accountability for their actions, and how they affect others. Its almost like a Piscean kind of avoidance. Everyone else is supposed to knuckle under and suck it up, and ask no questions, so they don’t have to do the hard gritty work of facing their shadow sides. The world doesn’t work that way, what we do matters.

      To be fair, I haven’t seen that much of this theme lately in recent years. I think with the Saturn heavy environment, people may have clocked on a bit. Let’s hope anyway.

      Otherwise for those who still haven’t got the gist, Saturn in Pisces will really drive that point home – Pisces rules themes like empathy, compassion, and if people aren’t showing up there, they may get a reality check. Elsa mentioned in another Saturn article (forgot which one), being humbled can bring a person to their knees!

      1. You are so right, Mermaid.And I try to stay humble and take responsibility for my part in whatever situation I am in. Just wish others would do the same sometimes.

  2. Hmmm I go with the flow and focus. But that’s my dream. The transit Saturn on my Ascendant is different from Virgo North Node in 7th H. Real different focus! Though ascendant, it feels like meeting a new person, as a reflection of myself. I love this person. Like the Grandfather I want to be. (Besides: I am woman) My Natal Sun trines my Saturn.
    My father had Gemini Stellium trining Saturn in Libra. I think he saved my soul. I am in peace with everything. It is my second Saturn return. I feel at ease more than ever.

  3. I recently ran into an author who felt the English language was built in double speak. One word can have many meanings. It’s all in the spin. Sort of sad in a way

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