The Enigma That Is Pisces Rising

“How come no one knows anything about you?” I asked.

“Well I don’t know why you’re surprised. You know I don’t tell people things. I don’t tell anyone anything except in a blue moon. You’re the only person I talk to, P and not only that, for some reason I feel it necessary to talk to you twenty times a day.”

“Well you can. I’m just saying, you’re an enigma to people. No one seems to have any idea what’s going on. They don’t get you or your motivations at all. You’re a bonafide enigma, that’s all there is to it. How can you be so mysterious? It’s not like you seem to be trying or anything.”

“No no one knows anything, how would they know? I’m not telling anything. If I don’t say anything then they don’t know.”

“Yeah, well I guess that is how that works.”

Pisces (enigma) rising and Moon Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house. Who is going to be able to get at that? Not many, I’m learning. I think it’s a gift and a curse.

Do you feel you are see or more unseen and why?

28 thoughts on “The Enigma That Is Pisces Rising”

  1. LOL! Layers and layers of secrets!! heh, with Scorpio rising I get keeping lots of stuff to myself and firmly believing in honoring other people’s wishes when it comes to keeping their stuff private too.

    12th house Sun/Jupiter . . . yes, I have a whole big chunk of my life that flies under the radar. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, Neptune conjunct Scorpio rising. I totally keep things hidden. And b/c I’m an Aries Stellium most people suspect nothing.

  3. 3rd house Scorpio, with Neptune there. I keep things close to the vest, but what I do talk about I want to be deep, meaningful, the dark underbelly of things.

  4. Complete pisces rising. I have few people that I invite over and my SO didn’t come to my place for three months…I like privacy. I just didn’t invite him..he did better than my two previous exes. I just enjoy being at other people’s homes. I get along with everyone at work, have a good group of friends but tend to do more things alone than not. When someone learns about an interest of mine they are usually quite surprised about it…as they have likely known me for years and would never have guessed it. But I also don’t volunteer info. I have dated people that have said after a year or so that they still don’t know me. The only ones that know me well are my current SO and family. Oh and I decorate my home sparsely….it would just tell too much otherwise.

    Oh and I compartmentalize my life. I suppose that is the short answer.

    leo sun

  5. I’ve heard that compartmentalizing one’s life is a very Gemini thing. I have friends–good friends–who have never met each other, and who have never been in my home. I’m ashamed to say it took me 5 months before I invited my SO over. (I have a lovely home but it is truly a sanctuary from my hectic public life and I rarely invite people over. My home is too personal–filled with my favourite things–like books, sculptures, my Italian porn collection…

  6. I do have three planets in gemini two in sag, so maybe it’s a mutable thing?

    I like my home too…it’s in shades of creme and sage…I keep the porn collection at my SO’s. Not a trace 🙂

  7. Hey, I have a stellium in Scorpio and yeah, I understand the need to be alone…it’s exhausting and I get pissy if people come over. 2 people have been to my house in 2 years. And they weren’t my parents LOL

    My daughter has Pisces rising and she is just now understanding that she does require much time alone. She gives too much of herself away and tends to not see her own needs and boundaries. it’s frustrating as all hells.

  8. This is so funny, my friend Emily is Leo sun and moon but you would NEVER know it because her Pisces rising totally obscures her true nature. Before I got to know her, I had this totally other idea of who she was (quiet, placid, kinda dumb, good girl) but only recently came to find out she’s pretty much the exact opposite in every way. It amazes me how profound this rising is, people will tell her their deepest secrets because they see her has innocuous and non-threatening but wooo-boy those Leo claws can come out right quick. I think this rising has the most interesting people attached to it.

  9. I’ve had a close Pisces-rising friend I’ve known for years. The funny thing is our backgrounds are totally different, and she is actually very practical. But I was drawn to her dreaminess and magical side, and she to mine (we both think it’s a past life connection too) so we were emotional invested from the get-go, and had to accept our differences.

  10. Depends on what compartment of life I guess. I’m gemini/cancer cusp rising so my home is pretty open, friends popping in and out a lot. And I decorate my space with lots of posters, knick-knacks, books/magazines/newspapers, music, games and food. I don’t like to be bored at home…or others to be bored. But at work me and my space are very spartan. Only the minimum, and everything is in its place. I don’t like revealing anything personal or leaving anything around for anyone to find. I only do business there. Pisces MC, and 10th house Aries stellium opposed saturn, square Capricorn moon 🙂

  11. i dont understand the pisces rising stuff or rising much yet trying to figure it out. But.. everytime I read your stories where theres dialog …. It’s pretty much almost exactly point on point what I have been saying. Crazy.

  12. I have pisces rising (intercepting aries = hidden agressivenes), leo sun and aries moon and mars. Although very sensitive, my moon rejects my softness, its square to my neptune. So Ive always had that conflict. I often fight to get my privacy, and demand respect of my individuality. I hate criticism and lack of imagination. I used to invent games and love to be alone.

  13. Hi, I’m a virgo sun/pisces rising with moon in libra. I guess I’m more of a see but there’s a lot unseen…you get me? People seem to not get enough of it.

  14. Hey, Elsa

    I have Pisces Rising and I’m a Sagittarius. My Leo friend one day said, “Whoa, Toni, I just realized I’m you’re friend, but I know nothing about you!”

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    Ambient Dreams

    Agree with everything. Pisces Rising here (Scorpio Sun and Moon). I am DEFINITELY seen as an Enigma and “CAPTIVATING”. Charismatic as well and I do not know if it is the NEPTUNE that is rising or the infamous Scorpio /magnetism/. No-one knows me….:) as I do not easily render myself bare unless the MOST comfortable and have a significant, spiritual connection with someone. My parents know me because they have been living with me over two decades!!!!

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    Ambient Dreams

    It must have something to do with – vulnerability. I do not like to make myself vulnerable to simply ANY-one, Pisces rising are shy 🙂 and deeply spiritual (we know the truth!) … It also feels like showing-off and a little self-centered when you just put all of your talents, abilities, etc. out there and speak about yourself to anyone who will listen.

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    Ambient Dreams

    OH WAIT!!
    Okay, extremely charismatic, I am quite often reminded by others. Is that a Pisces Ascendant thing you all? I LOVE Gwyneth Paltrow (Libra Sun/Pisces Rising) and Demi Moore (Scorp Sun/Pisces Rising) too.

    Elsa, I am “seen” as in very much NOTICED and get attention everywhere I go however I am “unseen” as in the aura and presence is powerful and enigmatic, ….BUT (A BIG BUT) NO ONE UNDERSTANDS IT. I leave question marks in everyone’z head.

    Pisces risings are muses.

    People do not understand us and views us as ethereal beings.

  18. Omg! I’m a Pisces rising with a Scorpio moon in the 8th house! I get exactly where your coming from on this post! I thought I was the only one that felt like everyone tells me their life or secrets or situations. Good to know its these exact positions in my chart that compel them to divulge everything.

  19. This post struck me. I love this blog, and drop in for insight often. The friend I am closest to is a Pisces rising, and I can totally relate to her without words. An unspoken bond.

    Leo, with Pisces MC. If anyone has any insight to Pisces MC please enlighten me. It’s been torture deciding what do to with the second half of my life.

    Cancer rising as well. Being ruled by emotions does not make one clear headed!

    1. My ex has this..3H Leo Moon/Sun cazimi Mars with Pisces MC.His 12th house is very exposed for all to see unfortunately.Plays out in his 7th house of open enemies and marriages (Neptune in Scorpio here).

  20. One more thing. Pisces rising have amazing watery eyes, that speak volumes if you’re intuitive enough to venture beyond them…

  21. How strange I have those placements too, moon in Scorpio in the 8th and Pisces rising and my boyfriend calls me his “little rubik’s cube.”

    It’s not like I’m trying either! He says he tries to figure me out but just when he has me explained, there’s some new surprise.

    His moon is also in Scorpio but not in the 8th; he’s more social than I, he needs it.

    Interesting, Elsa!

    Best Regards,

  22. My son is a Pisces rising with Jupiter there too. He’s very polite and seems meek but will only open up if he thinks you’re on the same wavelength. Otherwise he just doesn’t bother.

    One problem I think: being falsely accused, big or small. I think that can happen with this placement. You have GOT to be aware of how you might be mistakenly perceived and be proactive at managing it.

  23. Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, and Pisces rising. Jupiter in the 8th house, Neptune in 11th, but ruled by Saturn which is in the 12th. About 60% of my chart is water. I’m highly withdrawn. I think most people just give up and get sick of me in the end, because I tend to not tell anyone how I truly feel, especially if I’m upset about something, until years later, when all is said and done and it’s too late. I consciously try to be more open now, but it still backfires somehow, like my emotional confessions are not accepted or understood. I also have Venus square Neptune, so relationship and love matters tend to be befuddled.

    1. I relate so much to that. I have Venus square Neptune, and moon in the 12th, but my only personal planet in water is mars.

  24. Pisces rising, 8th house Neptune in Scorpio trine a Cancer moon. If I’m secretive, it’s nothing nefarious. If I give too much away I feel extremely exposed. There has to be a little piece (ok, maybe a big piece) that I hold back, even from my nearest and dearest. Keeping it close is somehow stabilizing–those wiggly feelings are easier to control. People tend to fill in the gaps via their own imaginations. Over the years, it’s sometimes been hilarious when I’m told about friends or colleagues first impressions. A gift and a curse is right.

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