Voice Of Mars… South Node In Aries, First House

patton george c scottYesterday morning after breakfast the soldier put “Patton” so he could better digest his food. “Let me just have a few minutes of war… some martial music so I can relax before we unload that truck. He proceeded to call me in every 4 seconds to see “the most important thing to know about Patton,” or ‘my other favorite scene in this movie…”

And you know the soldier believes in past lives (as a soldier) which is something he has in common with Patton. With his south node (past life) in Aries (war) in the first house (war), astrology supports his claim. We watched the scene in the movie that addresses Patton’s past lives.

“So what?” I asked. “Do you think you know him? Did you know him back whenever?”

“Don’t know,” he said. ‘Maybe. See it’s like this, P. Some of us our soldiers and we have been for a long time. We are born and bred to fight and we’ve been doing it… well we’re just soldiers and that’s all. This is what we do.”

“So do you recognize each other out there?”

“Not necessarily. I mean you’re not going to recognize each other in Wal-Mart or something but if you come across each other in battle, then you know.”

“I see. You can tell when someone has been at this awhile? At war.”

“Yeah, oh yeah, you can tell. You know for sure when you’re fighting one of these bastards you’ve been fighting for eons. There is no mistaking it, those bastards can fight. Bastards like me can fight, P. What I don’t understand is how I would up with you,” he said. “Why am I with you?”

“What do you mean?”

az wildcat“Well I’m such a geezer and look at you. You’re a young chickadee! Why put someone like me with someone like you? How did I get stuck with you.”

“Stuck! What do you mean, stuck? You don’t think we’ve known each other before?”

“No I don’t. I think this is the first time we’ve ever met. It would have to be because if we’d met before we’d have fallen in love just like we did because you are my woman.”

“I see. But what do you mean, stuck? Stuck? Why are you complaining?”

“I am not complaining, it just surprises me that you are my chickadee, such a young one. Why not put me with someone I already know, someone I have met before? Why someone new like you? Or why didn’t I meet you long ago? Why did I have to wait so long for love? I don’t know, P. It’s just weird.”

“No love for you before?”

“No, no love for me. I always wanted to have love but all I’ve ever had was night stands… going to bordellos and shit like that,” he said. “That’s all besides fight in wars.”

“Hmm. I still don’t know why you’re complaining. I think you’re lucky to have me. Why do you want someone old anyway?”

“Oh, I don’t know. They might not get so mad in their veins the way you do. We’d have some of that worked out if we had more time together.”

“I see. Oh. Well I don’t know if that’s right. Why someone mellow? I think you’re much better off with a wild cat like me. Someone to get your heart going and keep it that way.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’m just surprised is all. I’d have never guessed this. The geezer with the chickadee. They just don’t seem like they’d go together but they sure as hell do.”


Where is your south node? Do you feel an affinity with what it denotes?

19 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars… South Node In Aries, First House”

  1. I’m not sure two people get less chalk and cheese just cos they’ve had lifetimes together. It’s what keeps it interesting and maddening and worth doing.

  2. I totally feel my south node! It is in Scorpio. I figure I was a big rat-bastard womanizer in my last life and now the ladies I used to know are all mad at me as soon as their spirit remembers. That could explain why their reasons for being mad don’t make sense, unless that is just me needing a translater.

    Also, I don’t let things die quietly, when they begin to fall apart I just naturally start tearing down and setting a match to whatever’s left. I always regret it of course, and I am trying to get to my stability-loving Taurus north node as quickly as I can. I think I’m getting there, but gosh it’s been hellacious at times.

  3. SN in Sagittarius in the first – wanted to run away to the “cave” for the first part of my life but have settled on living in the country while keeping up an active correspondence via the internet instead.

    With his NN in Libra, you may want to explain why Saturn is exalted in Libra and relationships are so challenging and considered a powerful tool for growth . . . 😀

  4. I’ve always been oddly resistant to the idea of past lives… not so much for other people, but for myself. My south node is in Aries and the 9th house. That might account for the stubbornness. “No, I’m NOT anybody else, I’m JUST ME. Rarr.”

  5. South Node in Libra in the 11th house. Boy, is it easy for me to slide into relationships and be influenced by group opinion. It contributed to my miserable childhood. Even as an adult I’m still no good at being single.

  6. SN in Aries in the 11th–the opposite of what Stephanie said. It’s easy for me to go it alone, but it’s been a long haul learning about give-and-take.

  7. SN in Aquarius on the 11th. The strong urge to “belong” haunts me everyday. Something I truly wish I can break out of.

  8. conjunct my sun (aries) in the eighth house.
    and, yes. i’ve seen a lot of war, myself. from quite a different perspective, but nonetheless….

    i think it’s part of why my mars is in pisces. a need to fight for something more transcendent.

  9. Grace – we should talk, and trade notes. I am stuck in my Taurus south node, trying so desperately to get to the spirituality and lack of material concerns in my Scorpio north node.

    I am all about, screw my dreams! Security (through “stuff” first) – I have that part down. Until I realize how absolutely stagnant I feel. Moving toward scorpio from taurus feels frightening.

  10. girlacross: Thanks! That’s some funny shizz!
    SN in Aries 3rd. Definitely feel an affinity. However my NN is rubbing up against Pluto. It can’t be ignored very easily.

    Who the hell am I trying to kid? My chart is fucked. Just the way I like it 🙂

  11. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    SN conjunct Chiron in Taurus in the 3rd house, opposite Uranus. I find it difficult to interpret in terms of past lives (even if I believe in reincarnation). Growing up, my voice was quite literally not heard. I fought hard as a teenager – with myself as well as with my parents – to finally be heard, and today I’m one of those few in the family that people listen to. LOL (I’m 31/F)

  12. My south node is in the 10th, conjunct Uranus and Mars. In Scorpio. I have no idea what that means. What does that mean?

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