Venus Trine Pluto – Here Come The Corpses!

I mentioned “corpses” in 2008 – People Who Are Dead But Don’t Know It – What A Bother! In 2009, I mentioned them in one of the daily forecasts and I followed that up with a video: Step Away From The Corpse.

You tend to see corpses on parade when Venus aspects Pluto in the sky. I also mention those who have been discarded who climb from their trash cans during these periods and you yourself can be the corpse of course.

People can come back from the dead in many ways. They may contact you on facebook or if your 12th house in involved, you may dream of them.ย  You may also run into them on the street or in one case, a gal asked me if I would mind if she had her engagement party at me bar. I didn’t mind, though she was marrying my (Scorpio) ex-boyfriend.

I am posting this now because people are popping up all over, in my life.ย  I realized that Pluto is trining Venus (and the Sun), and all three bodies trine Jupiter (grand trine) and one manifestation of that would be an abundance of corpses surfacing.ย  Because we’ve got a trine, this is not likely to be that jarring, however people popping up from their grave is always disturbing to an extent because it stirs you on a deep level.

It also occurs to me some will have money (Venus) they thought long gone, come back into their life.ย  If you see something like this happen, let us know.

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  1. I like this very interesting post Elsa thanks. From childhood I have always seen those that have passed to the other side. As a young person I thought everyone saw spirits but have long since learned that is not true. I still see them however and find this a most interesting post.

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    Well I just found out my ex paid $100 off $13000 owed in child support but DCS is keeping it until like 3000 is paid because dshs gives me a whopping 600 per month for the last 3 months while I go to school full time. This system sucks deeply sucks for anyone trying to actually get somewhere and teacher their kids to work hard. If he paid his child support this would not be an issue. And I keep telling myself that when I finish school on oct it won’t matter but his example sucks.

    Venus is in my 5th Jupiter is currently in my 12th about to my 16taurus mars

  3. Bang ! Yes, this is affecting everything I have between 3-7 degrees Virgo (Ascendant), Libra (Sun) and Scorpio (NN/Venus/Uranus) on my chart. Loosing my other Wonder Sadge at work on Saturday. Happy that he will be doing something with his talent, because I know it will make him happy. Totally devastated thinking that from now on, when I’m having a horrible moment at work, he isn’t there sending a slight, amused smile and some viral video that makes it hard for me not to crack in the middle of a serious conversation.

  4. Jupiter transiting my 12th and I’d welcome some corpse action. This makes me wonder: how does a person with a lot of Pluto/Scorpio in their chart balance such sentiments with guidance like “Step Away From the Corpse”?

    Any other Venus-Pluto types feeling affection about the walking dead?

  5. So Venus-Pluto is the zombie aspect? This dude I haven’t spoken to in over ten years who barely spoke to me when we went to the same school wants to friend me on Facebook.
    I know the guy was all sorts of BITTER when I knew him. What could his motivation be?

  6. Last time this happened I had dreams of my ex-husband (we divorced 24 yrs. prior)…God, that was a shock!

    Also, at the same time an ex-boyfriend wanted to get something “started” again – um, I’m married wasn’t what he wanted to hear…

    I’m with Caroline – Here we go again!
    (Note: Venus is transiting my 12th house – coming up to natal Neptune :sigh:)

  7. well i finally received a call from my ex after almost two months. did i answer my cell phone? Nope and it felt good. Look forward to seeing what his next move is. Interesting!!!

  8. Haven’t got to talk to one of my bff’s (we don’t live close, different states) in over 3wks. We’d been keeping in touch several times a week over the summer and it was so nice. Well, she facebooked me today :). I’m so happy to hear from her. I’ll call her on Monday when her kids start school and we can catch up. I’d say that was some nice venus trine pluto action ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. It’s really weird , I met two people from my past last week…same day. I was beyond odd.
    I don’t know if it is just me …but the first link is a dead end..

  10. @ josi, ditto.

    this is new for me, i’ve never gotten to be the corpse before.

    i think i like not being the corpse better.

    either way, it’s disturbing.

  11. Wow. That explains why I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend last night. Left me a little unsettled but this makes me feel better.

  12. thanks Elsa ๐Ÿ™‚ Venus at 1 Scorpio 21′ and Sun at 3ยบScorpio 52
    interesting about the money long gone coming back, will keep an eye on this and let you know! about the corpses, yes, many showed up.

  13. Wow! Both the transiting Venus and Pluto (trine)is very close to conjuncting my natal Pluto trine Venus, any ideas?

  14. Money would be good, but I haven’t lost any. Unless some long-lost dead relative left me a sweet inheritance.

    Old boyfriends pop up all the time, and I never like it. They should have mustered up some love when I was still interested.

  15. My crazy ass SIL called. No one will talk to her, she is a total energy vampire and a long time user of prescription psychotropic drugs. I make the conscious decision to give her energy and try to be kind. After hours of her histrionics she tells me the unbelievable. She has taken her recently passed mother’s jewelry and pawned it for scrap gold.

    I am appalled. Why did she do this? Desperation for money she says. Why did she not asked us for help? Oh, she couldn’t do that. What does FIL think about this? He doesn’t know. Does she have any idea how devastating this will be to my husband, her brother, who is still having difficulty coming to terms with his mother’s death? What it will do to my girls, her nieces, who loved their grandmother so much? What about her other brother and his son? What gives her the right to steal? To pawn these irrecoverable, sentimental items?

    She demanded I tell no one.

    I struggled with this. I knew it would cause pain to those I cared about most. And I knew it would probably be the last straw at any semblance of family, the last shred of attachment.

    Then she tells me she finally got the power of attorney, it took her 18 hours of typing and a whole printer cartridge.

    I see that she intends to take everything from everyone. And I can stand back and watch her manipulate, lie and steal.

    I thought of my MIL. I see her right here in front of me. I remember her telling me how much alike we were. I know in my very being that she would not allow this and she managed to drop the problem right into my lap because she knew I would do whatever was necessary. And I know my MIL knew it would be hard.

    So I threw it all up/out and stopped trying to save somebody/something that just does not exist.

    It’s been an excruciating 36 hours.

  16. Oh Tess I hope everything turns out well!

    Yup,he contacted me through facebook,but about 3 weeks ago,and we went on a date 2 weeks ago,and then he hasn’t contacted me ever since.He’s a Cancer corpse teaching me how to be patient.

  17. oh, this completely explains the past two days. felt like i was going to be sick with the crap resurfacing. shoving all back into the can! hope someone gets the yummy venus gifts out there.

  18. That link was broken… the post was private so I could see if but you could not. I fixed it. Sorry, Mercury Retch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Another corpse shocker just called me this morning my ex-boyfriend, friends wife; the last time i spoke with her was in March.

    Elsa, u have some mighty astrology powers to have post this thread to inform the collective on the corpse people returning. Do u have a thread on if it’s a good idea to let these people explain themselves during this transit?

  20. I have Venus square Pluto natally in my chart, and it would so explain the dream I had last night of my ex-Scorpio. Thanks Elsa for the insight.

  21. I wrote this on another post, but a few “corpses” have come back into my life, and it feels…….okay. WEIRD. I’m just going with it. HEHEEHE.

  22. I love it when people pop back in and I just pick up the thread, what is time anyhow?… if it’s an ex, we just become the best friends we can be. Only a couple of people that became destructive and I had to back burner them.. but that’s rare.

  23. I have Venus sq Pluto natally. I had a dream last night, probably an old death, since it was so vivid. I had some kind of a situation with three criminals, who had taken me for a ride. When we got out of the car, I grabbed the nearest guy’s gun, a really crappy 9 mil piece of junk with a taped grip and turned it on the criminals. Something was wrong with the trigger, as it was really heavy and kind of ratchety, probably because of sand, rust or dirt. After about five shots both the trigger and the slide jammed. I remember missing my own hair-triggered piece. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t hit them at all at a distance like that. Obviously, this gun was put together from discarded or homemade parts, then left to rust and gather sand under a car seat. I tried to run, but they caught up with me and knocked me down. That’s when I got stabbed under the chin, about two inches below the ear. Somehow, the asshole missed my jugular, so he had to hit again. This time he just rammed the knife through my molars into my mouth. I could taste the steel. I remember thinking, “Cant you bastard do anything right? Just hit the damn jugular and get it over with!” Then I felt tired and needed to sleep. It wasn’t hurting anymore. I probably drowned in my own blood.

    I take the taste of steel to mean this was a past life experience, not an ordinary dream. Ordinary dreams have no taste. Since criminals wanted me dead, I assume I was a cop. I was wearing something dark, maybe navy blue, though it was hard to tell in the moonlight. I still don’t like criminals. This experience may explain why I never went to police academy, though I did consider it in my youth. My soul said no? I still like a clean, well oiled piece with a sweet trigger action, custom grips and a muzzle brake. I did my own gunsmithing on the Mark 2. Nobody taught me how to carve grips or adjust the trigger on a gun not built for adjustment.

    I was born in -64, this incident was in the late fifties or early sixties, most likely, which means this was my latest incarnation. How cool is that? In my opinion, very. Pluto in action.

  24. Haha, Venus aspect Pluto is the tightest aspect I have natally. Last night, I dreamt I was hanging out a group of 5+ corpses. It wasn’t a bad dream. (Thank the trine!)

  25. No, no re-contact from exes for me even with the current transiting Pluto that is right on my natal Venus. All the bodies around here are still warm. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But in a true Sun/Neptune fashion, I went back to listen to the soundtrack from Somewhere in Time, a movie from the early 80’s. For those who are not familiar with the flick, it’s about a time traveler who goes back in time to find his love. Christopher Reeves, who co-starred Jane Seymour, is long gone. But he’s always somewhere in time.

  26. Thanks, Elsa! Had been lurking looong enough.

    It’s a good day to celebrate Mercury Direct with a new group of friends.

    Go, Mercury, Go!

  27. oh thank you soo much Elsa, i genuinely appreciate some positive possibilities with this one as it venus is conj natal pluto in opp to my natal chiron. Have had to keep my head down so much this year, i will be grateful for what ever opportunity it brings to lay it all to rest once and for all.

    and with merc direct now moving past natal uranus i am just gonna watch for the fireworks and enjoy instead of getting burned this time.

    Sincerley, thanks

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