The Mars Pluto Opposition: What Happened To You Last Week?

atomic bombLast week, Mars opposed Pluto. These planets combine to really shake something loose. Something powerful comes up from the depths of hell for whatever result. Good or ill, I mean depending on your perspective.

I definitly had this experience and am very pleased with the result. As my sister used to say: “Puke it up”.

The aspect is separating now but I wonder who else experienced a fundamental change at a core level. And do you have planets at the late degrees of the Mutable signs or early degrees of Cardinal signs where the opposition sits?

33 thoughts on “The Mars Pluto Opposition: What Happened To You Last Week?”

  1. I don’t have planets in late degrees of mutable or cardinal signs, but Mars & Pluto are my ruling planets – having come here with a 1st House Scorpio stellium. I felt it definitely. In a very good way.

  2. The opposition doesn’t really fire up things in my natal chart, but last week I had a baby. Doesn’t get much more core-shaking than that. In a good way thank god.

  3. The transits lately have been fairly kind to me. Things are shaking around me but I feel pretty solid. Like the more chaos is around me the deeper my roots go or maybe the more well formed the eye of the storm becomes.

  4. Last week I snapped. No, I’m not commenting from the comforts of my personal padded cell, I promise. 😉 But seriously, last week was the breaking point for me in a few of my serious relationships. I said a lot of things I’d been bottling up and found myself in a weird, albeit peaceful, place, like sitting at the bottom of a crater after the explosion, after all that lava finally cooled.

    I see 2008 as the beginning of my voluntarily celibacy (I know, I know, but it’s the current plan) and indulgence in the the journey that is me, cos this whole coupledom thing? Yeah, not working for me. And I’m okay with that.

  5. Under this transit, which hit my natal Saturn in Libra by sesquiquadrate/semisquare from houses six and twelve, I experienced the end of a relationship into which I had been entirely invested. I have been devastated by the experience. It is interesting to note that the Mars-Pluto opposition hit the transiting lunar nodal axis by sextile and trine. It appears as though fate collided with circumstance to demonstrate my deepest anxieties and insecurities by removing the relationship which I had used to borrow an artifical meaning and purpose (since Saturn sits in my ninth. Aye! Pain.

  6. No explosions but heavy rejection from conservative types. Pluto is coming into conjunction with my natal Saturn and Mars is opposing from 1st house. What’s an Aquarius MC to do?

  7. Nia! Congratulations!

    Me too, Daeshii. The dam broke Friday night, and I removed my boyfriend from my life. And your cooling lava analogy is spot on.

    But the very next day, I got on various internet sites recruiting women for coffee and men for dates; I’ve volunteered for a couple of upcoming events; I’ve made it a point to get in touch with friends who had taken a back seat to this chump. Now my dance card is full and I feel really optimistic about 2008, with all this fresh people-energy coming in.

    Not on-board with the celibacy thing, though. I’ve always wanted to try a FWB arrangement, and this is as good a time as any.

    Good luck with your journey, Daeshii.

  8. Oh, David, I’m so sorry your relationship broke up. I’m trying to put a brave face on it, but I’m pretty devastated about my breakup, too. You seem introspective and aware, though, and that will help you heal. Hugs, fellow breaker-upper.
    (Venus square Moon/Saturn in the 7th; Mars-Pluto on my IC and MC).

  9. Yay, Nia! So this means your little babe has Mars opposed Pluto natally, like me (don’t worry, I’m not crazy, ha).

    Last week was good. I wrote to a friend about difficulties in our relationship and it went very well. Which may sound hum-drum, but it was actually very powerful.

    I found after Pluto left my 11th House (Scorpio) and swept through Sagittarius, I lost friends and loved ones left and right and my self-esteem took a battering. Where I was once able to talk (incessantly) how I felt, I just bottled.

    I haven’t told a friend how I’ve been feeling honestly, in the heat of the moment, in years. I think the last time was in 2002…every time I tried it would go SO badly, or the friendship would end. I thought I was going crazy.

    So, I DID IT! And my friend said what mattered most: “I heard you.”

    I think I’m back on track about opening up to people! Yay!

  10. My 95-year-old mother passed away. Natally,I have a Scorpio Moon square Pluto in Leo. The transiting Mars-Pluto opposition was semi-square / sesquiquadrate the natal square. Additionally, my solar arc Mars was conjunct natal Pluto and square natal Moon within 10′ arc. Mars rules my 8th house. All in all very profound, eh? In a week or two, I may write a piece or two about it on my own blog. She died peacefully and had had a full and productive life.

  11. I made an “F U” list. I am not taking crap from anybody anymore, and if there is even a HINT of disloyalty, disinterest or mistaking me for a doormat, I am out of there. And no more of these one-way relationships. Yeah, yeah, lots of Virgo & Pisces, so what. I’m a Scorp, after all. Deleted numbers from my cell phone, going to delete my Facebook, am not commenting on a certain blog where someone led me to say I was interested in him (privately); I’ve had enough of two creepy married co-workers hitting on me (HELLO? What’s in it for me????); am done listening to the never-ending complaints of people who never change. I am saying NO to things from which I derive no benefit, because I’ve been helpful and generous in many ways, emotionally, materially, etc. with lots of people and ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I do not want to indulge anyone at all. I want to cook healthy food in my nice, clean organized house, get a lot of sleep, take care of my son and go to work. That’s it for a while, I think. I adore Valentine’s Day, so chances are I’ll whoop it up with gifts, goodies and general benevolence–but that’s just for my benefit really.
    I’ll now retire to my cave….grrrr…

  12. i think i quit smoking for good. finally. i’ve quit and restarted so many times in the past few years. (some noticeable health effects, clearing up as we speak, were quite motivating.)
    let go of a relationship that was dragging me into quicksand. managed to explain why. some of it, at least.
    got out and spent some social time. a rarity for me.

    most of it’s confidence building.
    no late mutable/early cardinal besides sedna. i have been on a deep sea imagery jag the past little while. but i’m sort of neptune/pisces influenced anyway.

  13. David, when a relationship ends it’s a form that breaks up because it’s no longer the true expression of the needs, contents, meaning, dreams, or life experiences of one or both individuals who are involved. However, the good energy or love that you put in a relationship is always there (energy doesn’t get lost), and will come back into your life. Sometimes as a new relationship with a new person, sometimes as a new relationship with the same person. In either form that suits your and the other’s next evolutionary step. So don’t be too sad, the ability to transform ourselves is a true blessing and transforms the world around us too. Form follows content. Take care!

  14. I don’t know much about transits or squares but I do know that it’s been hellish since October with no end in sight. The past week has been the worse and I’ve been going off like a woman possessed. Relationship of 10 years of which I have been entirely consumed with is, over just like that. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered though which kills me even more. Virgo sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio rising.

  15. Elsa,
    you are so right (as always)….Transit Pluto hits my Mars in Virgo…Something has happened to me, I haven’t told a soul about it…so I’ll post it here.First of all I’m a happily married Lioness…Back in 2001 now…I met through a forum a guy (Scorpio Sun & Asc, Pisces Moon)…I haven’t felt anything like this before…I feel love about this person.I care so deeply about him..and it’s not sexual…it’s platonic love,something idealistic..For 6 months we were communicating every day…suddenly when he left the town I live he cut communication..he wasn’t answering my calls etc..i was devastated…I was getting drunk alone at nights, crying..i was thinking of him EVERYDAY for at least 3 years (at 2004 i gave birth to my daughter and my obsession was more loose), missing him so much and wondering why he had contact with other common friends and not me…The very few times we hung out together, we didn’t speak much, words couldn’t get out of our mouths..there was a strange feeling…Now, two hours after welcoming 2008, we played cards online and he confessed that all these years he was in love with me and he asked for a kiss..My mind is lost and everything is blur now…I’m thinking seriously to kiss him…just that…nothing else…I want it too…
    Thanks for reading my long post…Wishing to all of you a Happy Year!

  16. Oh, I felt it. Still not sure if it was good or ill for the long run, but short run? I felt it to my toes, and not necessarily in a bad way.

  17. yep. i have neptune at 26 sagittarius, and mars/ascendant at 3-4 libra, plus a slew of softer aspects to other planets in my chart. this particular retrograde cycle started out as mars opposite neptune/pluto conjunct neptune, and will end with mars&pluto square my mars. there will be a few years of pluto square mars coming up, so i assume this first near-hit will be sort of a warning. that’s the way it was before i had mars&pluto together aspecting my other planets.

    i went through a list of the mars and pluto oppositions a while ago, and without fail i had some kind of major event happening at each time, characteristically volcano-esque. neptune rules my 6th, so its mars-pluto hits related directly to work. i had my last workday three days before the last aspect, and apparently my timing was really good because my last day was the last of a certain schedule in which, afterwards, i would have had to kill myself. i didn’t know until my last day about the change, but i could feel change on the horizon, creeping in, and just knew i needed to get the hell out. i started the job the exact day of one of the mars-pluto oppositions a few years ago.

    mars rules my 7th, so with this recent mars-pluto opposition, i saw a friend leave to enter the military. an associate (friend of a friend, i suppose) also came back from the military this last week. and then there are your posts about the soldier. mars and pluto are closest aspecting my moon (trine/sextile) so … lots of emotional discoveries have been happening, too. and with mars in my 9th, pluto in my 3rd, i finally started school.

  18. Very much I felt this transit, really felt it in the houses. Was quite literal. The trouble (with home and other people) seems to have blown over but I did think the end was near.

    Does Mars Pluto do what it does and then leave… something fresh in its place? Or does it just leave the dead bleeding on the ground?

  19. Well I’m not Elsa, but I will offer my own experience which is that whatever Pluto seems to take away is always ultimately transmuted into something else, fresh, new, and sparkling. Pluto rules both death and re-birth, i.e., not so much death as transformation and transmutation, like the phoenix that goes up in flames and then is hatched anew. However…it isn’t instantaneous, think of new growth after a forest fire or a volcano. The land is usually barren for many months, sometimes years, and then when you least expect it, there are beautiful green seedlings dotting the landscape. Plutonian loss is usually accompanied by profound grief. Think of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of dying. If one is willing to make the descent with Pluto, what one encounters upon the ascent is well worth it although it will not have been easy. I say this having a Scorpio Moon squared by Pluto, i.e., what author/astrologer Judy Hall calls a Hades Moon.

  20. Thanks Marianna for liking my question 🙂
    I am also curious….

    I can say that I do feel the wave of destruction has passed…. but i keep looking back, asking myself… was that me? who felt so much terror? How much of it was me? How much of it was outside events?

    And it coincided with my PMS of course.

    Perhaps PMS actually stands for Pluto Mars Syndrome?

  21. Kashmiri, I know damn well that | should be careful…The good thing is that I’m less impulsive…he taught me the virtue of patience without realising it….
    Would you mind telling me what is frightening you the most in this situation?
    Thank you so much for you concern…I appreciate it….

  22. I haven’t felt anything YET. Pluto is right at the end of my 8th house, Mars went back into the 2nd house, and this opposition squares Venus-Pluto in late Virgo.

    I’m sure it’s going to do with my secretive handling of money. I got a couple of speeding tickets, and I hid them from my husband. I managed to pay them off without him finding out, but if/when the insurance rates go up…there’s going to be a blowout.

    Not looking forward to it…

  23. Pluto was trining my Aries Sun last week. I think I came to a major breakthrough about my career and what I was put on this planet to do. We’ll see how this pans out.

  24. well, the news reached me today. and one of them happened on monday.

    none too close to me, just close enough and both similar and different enough to be incongruous.

    my mother sent me the email for an old crush (and his brother, both my friends) along with a link to an article about his father committing suicide.
    she also mentioned that the grandfather of one of the most malicious (to me) girls in my high school class was killed by his grandson.
    two horrible things happening to two people i knew back when i was in high school. neither of whom have i spoken with in over a decade. who i have highly polarized emotional attachments to. a strange combination of grief and numbness.

    i need to write to the two sons but i can’t string any words together yet. it’s too out of the blue at the moment. and the other thing has me feeling sick.

  25. can you say burning in the fires of hell, or mad as hell?

    (I also happen to have pluto transiting my natal mars during this fun opposition.)

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