Voice of Mars: Try To Kill Me, Just Go Right Ahead And Try!

“Whatcha doin’ P?” the soldier asked. We were on the phone.

“Oh, I’m suffering through another episode of The Unit. This one is about SERE school,” I said. SERE is where they teach you to withstand torture. “I like watching it though. You told me about this and now I’m watching it.”

“Yeah, they put you in a tube in that school and leave you there for days. Days! You have to stand in this narrow tube, it barely accommodates your body and then they take a hose and fill it with water up to your mouth.”

“Oh my God.”

“Yeah. And you have to stand on your tippy toes too. With the water up to your mouth, standing on your tip toes in a tube all day, otherwise if you stand flat on your feet the water covers part of your face.”



“So what were you thinking in there?” I asked.

“Oh well you know me, P. I’m thinking you can’t kill me. I’m not going to die over a little bit of water. There’s no way. And guess what they feed you while you’re in there? For weeks, this is. The give you the same thing over and over.’


“Little bit of rice and some fish heads. Just the heads only,” he said.


“Yep. And you have to eat them because they’re protein. And the eyes are looking right at you when you do.”

“Gah. Yuck.”

“Breakfast of champions,” he said with a chuckle. “I cleaned my plate. I ain’t dyin’ over a fish head either. They can kiss my…”

4 thoughts on “Voice of Mars: Try To Kill Me, Just Go Right Ahead And Try!”

  1. =snort= this man is such a total archetype! Brings to mind a bunch of unprintable sayings my Aries (another archetype) is always spouting . . . Men!

  2. lol, your stories on the solider always make me laugh.

    It made me think of Pluto transisting my Neptune/Mars Conjuction recently. All i keep thinking to myself is “Come on God Bring it on.”

  3. Fish are eaten every which way in Japan. For holiday one year I stayed with friends that went fishing in the local river. Most of what were caught were fingerlings. Fish no longer than your finger. The hostess would prepare them by dipping them in a seasoning salt and broiling them. You would eat them whole. (mind you fingerlings are too small to fillet) When I say whole, I mean the whole fish. They’re quite good and a favorite of mine now. However, I did discover that you don’t notice the taste of the guts or head. The wet eyeball popping inside of my mouth though changed my eating habits to holding the head with my chopsticks and biting off the rest of the fish to eat. For some reason the eyeballs were too much for me.

    LOL at the soldier’s story. I wonder how the heads were prepared and if he got wet popping in your mouth eyeballs too!!


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