My Fake Alcoholism Redux – Saturn Neptune, La, La, La

The Absinth Drinker 1901 picassoMy natal Mars Mercury in the blunt 9th house sprung to life to defend (Saturn) against my fake alcoholism (Neptune).

First a boast:

“Drinking problem, huh? Well how about you ask anyone in the world if I am drunk, other than the person who made this claim and see what you find out? That ought to be amusing,” I said.

And then another boast:

“Well I’ll tell you something. For someone who drinks all the time I sure do show up sober all the time, have you noticed? I have been to all these meetings with you people and I’ve yet to slur a word. Why do you think that is? What might explain my sobriety? Can we think of anything? Jeez, man. I think you’ve been bamboozled, what do you think?” I challenged.

Problem is there are a good number of people (more civilized than me) who would imagine  a person would only talk to authority figures who hold your fate in their hands in such a manner after they’d had a couple drinks.


I stopped short of asking them if they would like to smell my breath although it did cross my mind.

pictured – The Absinth Drinker, 1901, Pablo Picasso

6 thoughts on “My Fake Alcoholism Redux – Saturn Neptune, La, La, La”

  1. I was married to an alcoholic for 22 years. It’s amazing how “normal” they can be even when they’ve been drinking. It was years before it caught up with him and by then it was too late – he died a week before his 42nd birthday.

    I guess there’s really no way to prove you aren’t because, like you said, most alcoholics will swear they only drink “socially”. What they forget to say is that everything they do is “social”.

    I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon enough. Do you have any idea who started this gossip? Someone obviously doesn’t want you to be taken seriously and is attempting to divert attention with this lie. That would be my main concern, not my reputation.

    Good luck, Elsa. You always tell us you come out good in these situations. You will this time as well.

  2. I just noticed the Google ads in the corner right now reference alcohol addiction rehab and “Do you want to quit drinking?”. Interesting how they market.

  3. lots of people think lots of strange things about how people behave. Might as well call them on their foolishness. Though the insidious thing about these sort of accusations is that they persist even after they’ve been disproved.
    But, it being (apparently) a legal issue, they could always test your BAC. Those things are pretty simple. Or get your doctor to write something up. This sounds pretty ridiculous.

  4. I think this whole thing is not really about addiction, neither real nor fake, but about discrediting. And dis-crediting is always about signalizing that an individual is not a part of the group who is sending the signal. Every social ensemble has its own credentials. Now, a person who is bringing truth into this world as a service and not for his/her own personal benefit (Neptune=12th house), is definitely not a part of a certain mindset, so it is advisable to manage it from the 12th house, the only place where we are still all connected, no need of credentials there. You are the stronger because you know. Good luck!

  5. Elsa, you are right to take up for yourself. I had rather go down fighting even if I didn’t convince anyone. Just remember that there are more people for you, than against you. Blessings to you!

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