The Moon & Jupiter & Being Encouraged

dancing encouragementEncouragement is so important. With a Jupiter-flavored moon, I encourage a lot of people. I get a lot of encouragement in return. Lack of encouragement takes a heavy toll on a person.

It’s important to evaluate how and where you invest your energy. If you have someone encouraging you in a direction that empowers you (as opposed to sending you over a cliff),  be sure to feed that relationship. People like this are harder to find all the time.

Are you an encouraging person? Who encourages you?

16 thoughts on “The Moon & Jupiter & Being Encouraged”

  1. While I do have a knee-jerk tendency to want to cheer people up when they are down, I strive to be careful in the way I encourage people, I want to make sure that my encouragements resonate with their reality (this is a good way I could combine the Sagittarian and Virgoan aspects of my chart). I want to be genuine in my encouragements, not hollow.

    Thankfully, I have also had encouraging people who had more faith in me than I ever did in myself. When I had low self-esteem, I had a hard time believing them (and worse, I was even more inclined to believe my critics because I had a distorted view that criticism=reality), but now that I have built up a certain amount of self-esteem, I do believe their encouragements, especially if more than one person makes a particular remark.
    I’m finally learning to take encouragements and criticisms with a grain of salt.

  2. I try to encourage people who aren’t heading for a collision, yes. If you’re cruising (for a bruisin’?) and are hell-bent that’s where you want to go, though, I’ll just stand out of the way.

    It’s a funny dance between “encouragement” and “support.”
    I do both. But I can support you through things I, personally, disagree with when I can’t encourage those things. Does that make sense to anyone? Or am I drawing a line that’s not really there?

  3. I’m a cheerleader for all my friends and family. I’m not sure of the Astrology though. You mentioned your Jupiter/Moon, so maybe it’s my Jupiter conjunct IC?

  4. If anyone asks me for a favor I do the best I can. Elsa I have Jupiter conjunt the moon also; however mine is in Capricorn. I think I am sensitive to my environment since I have Neptune conjunct also.I empathize with others and do not like to see anyone sad. I will help cheer people and motivate but I think the tone of Capricorn makes me not B.S. people. If I see someone is in a rut and that person is in a crappy situation because of their own unorganized, irresponsible, uncaring decision. I will address the cause try to have him/her take ownership and then devise a solution to reinvent his/her outcome for the better =]

  5. I recently acquired a “cheerleader” in a friend that I’ve known for years. For the first time in a long time, I feel free to open up and just let myself be me. I have Sun square Saturn natally and Saturn is currently opposing my Sun, so I sorely need this now. I don’t know why it changed, but I am grateful for his support.

  6. I would consider myself someone who encourages others (I have Moon trine Jupiter)and if you are an “underdog” or if people expect you to do bad just because you will get twice the encouragement cause I love when a supposed “runt” achieves what others thinks is impossible. 🙂

  7. I’ve got a tight (2degree) Moon Jupiter conjunction, so yeah, I’m totally an encourager. But I don’t like to be a cheerleader (I think it’s because my moon/jupiter are in cappy. I will help you (moon/jup in my 6th) as best as I can and encourage you. But the only people I’ve really ever been much of a cheerleader for are my little ones,

  8. I do give it and get it quite a bit.

    This reminds me: my mother is a jupiter-moon CONJUNCTION person. She’s quite an optimistic person and never stays sad (or at least visibly so) for long.

    However, the woman is a scorpio and exhibits some negative tendencies. Thus, she gives encouragement and taketh it away with negativity just as quickly. 😛

  9. I have a Jup/Moon trine. It’s kind of a “blessing” aspect amongst the harder ones. Jup/Neptune conj., too, makes one more humanitarian and encouraging, maybe in a less direct way than Jup/Moon does.

  10. Yes. I have a very high Jupiter quotient as it aspects damn near everything in my chart. Helping others dream big dreams and giving them plenty of encouragement to others gives me great enjoyment. (So long as I don’t carried away with my nuggets of preachiness, LOL)

  11. Jupiter-ruled. Yes I am. Yes I do. I get encouragement all the time in return. Sadly I am better at giving than receiving. I worry people tire of me, lol.

  12. I’m definitely an encouraging person. I have been trying to encourage a co-worker who is going through a difficult time.

  13. I try to encourage people but sometimes I don’t think I get listened to because of my status, I am the bottom of the chain in society if not for my parents. But they end up knowing I was right which I think they forget or brush off. And that bothers me. Like I encouraged my mother to buy a SUV instead she bought a little convertible and she paid the price by not having any room and not fitting in it correctly. Now they bought a sedan lol! I have saturn in scorpio and I lack many resources now but in 2014 things will pick up as they are now. And I figured if no one is really encouraging you you better encourage yourself and stick to yourself lest someone trample on you and your energy. We are made of energy and it will sap from you from the wrong people or it will lift you up. You choose. And that’s why I am Christian. The downside is I am a bit of a pushover so its hard for me to let go or say no. So in essence I should take my own advice. But I am going to start having boundaries.

  14. Strawberry Fields

    Right now, I am being encouraged and supported like never before in my life… by a core group of friends, including a number of solid Saturnian crones. I’ve never seen (experienced) the likes of it before. Wow, just wow.

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