Finding Love With Astrology – Master Class (FREE)

I made this video class some years ago. I’m just sitting on it, so I’ve decided to post the videos, offering 100% free access. This is the intro. I will post the entire class, beginning tomorrow morning.  Tips appreciated!

Skip to Lecture #1: Do You Have The Wrong Idea Of What’s Right For You?

7 thoughts on “Finding Love With Astrology – Master Class (FREE)”

  1. Up to this day I still think of some of the strategies shared in this class. And I bought it 10+ years ago.

    It was so good that I still remember the charts and people used in it.

    Never tire of speaking highly of it!

  2. Oh, Elsa, this is so kind of you to do this offering! Thank you!I am throughly enjoying it, and so in agreement with you about throwing away preconceived “lists”!
    I am hoping many blessings are headed your way for this generous series and for your wisdom here!

  3. Thanks so much, Elsa. I’m not even looking for love lol but I’m super excited to watch a class from you nonetheless!

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    Shimmering Light

    Thanks Elsa! Totally agree with the perspective on Mars. My Mars in Sagittarius (5th house) is the apex planet of a T-square, boosted by its trine and mutual reception with Jupiter in Aries. Fire, fire!

    In my relationship I experienced frustration and needlessly started arguments until I learned to redirect and own my Mars. I took up study, physical exercise and outdoor pursuits (Sagittarius) as well as creative activities (5th house). That took the excess heat out of my relationship by no longer asking my partner to match my high energy levels and join me in all my activities. We are both happy now.

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