What Is Saturn In Aquarius About?

Aquarius water bearerI’m juggling a lot right now but I want to pop up to say that I don’t think people “get” Saturn in Aquarius. I don’t even know how it adds up to “social distancing”, really.

Sociability and interaction with others is a Venusian thing.
Does “distance” equal “detached”? I don’t think so. 

Saturn will be in Aquarius until July, 2020. At that point it will retrograde into Capricorn, reentering Aquarius mid-December, 2020.  I’m quite attuned to Saturn in general and I’ll tell you what I think it’s about…

It’s about defining yourself as an individual.

What do you think Saturn in Aquarius is about?

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  1. I think Saturn in Aquarius is about challenging yourself to see your uniqueness is the concepts of the groups you belong too.

    I believe I am unique, maybe eccentric. I take pride in it (maybe because I’m a aquarium 5th house lol). But as a gay man, I need to work hard to view how my unique identity fits into the gay community, considering many gay men try to look the same (buff and attractive, gym queens), I must put work forward to support my group while valuing myself as is. Not all gay men are buff, gym queens… We are fighters If rights, business owners, community organizers and philanthropist. Also brothers, sons, friends, lovers, fathers and grandfathers.

      1. Thanks Elsa, I have a lot of Aquarian signatures in my chart… Moon, Jupiter, 11th house stellium… so Saturn going in this sector of my chart is important to me.

    1. EDIT:I think Saturn in Aquarius is about challenging yourself to see your uniqueness IN the concepts of the groups you belong too.

  2. It hit me like this:

    Your responsibility this life is to manifest your own specific uniqueness.

    In other words, your job is to *be* your own particular self – it’s not optional. It is precisely why you are here.

    Or: let your freak flag fly!

    1. And the more we are each our individual selves, the stronger the collective and the better it represents us.

      To the degree that the collective looks alien is the degree we are alienated or at least not animating our own specific uniqueness/true self.

  3. I get this Saturn in Aquarius being about being who I/you/him/her/they are now. It’s a perfect story to be living as I/we all ‘shelter-at-home’ and inventory myself now. With ‘social distance’ there IS THAT whole-ing space. Saturn is into my 1st House. I’m an old woman. I’ve been compressed, tinctured over time (as long as it took to get to my 1st house). How I navigate is different, always has been, but now? I’m squeezing the goodness into the light(ning) … Uranus.

      1. Good question! I feel tinctured … I make medicine/tinctures from fresh weeds and over the time I’ve been doing that I see how the alcohol draws the essence of the weed into the liquid. They become different. I sorta feel like a tincture. Potent, but not deadly:)and different in different situations.

        1. I feel kind of like that too and it makes me feel exhausted.. a bit better I think since Saturn moved into my 1st but it’s out of range of a transit for now but I’m tired of feeling ragged and wilted..

  4. I’m not hardliner on thinking one is special, unless one realizes everyone is too.

    But social media has made this important, to being individualized. I’m no fan of this. Social distancing is to me another subset of this paradigm.

    My grandma says, “No one is better or more special than you, but you are not better than anyone else.”
    So sure, realize your personal potential, but hopefully it’s within a communal or group paradigm.

  5. Learning it’s okay to be an individual. And learning it’s okay for everyone else to be their individual selves as well. Being able to work together as a group of individuals, without compromising individuality. Where to draw the line.

    I am leery of the change thing though. Completely changed my life last time around. And I don’t know what that could bring this time, if there is a repeat.

  6. I have Saturn in my Sagittarius/Capricorn 11H. I have a relatively small group of older, true-blue friends. We all support each others’ interests; especially those that benefit the greater good.

    I think the theme song from The Greatest Showman movie, “This is Me!” perfectly celebrates an Aquarian person.

  7. I want to believe that it relates to working hard to create an independent life outside the common paradigm, to have courage to live your truth and integrity outside of what society tells you. To work on your individuality and not believe you are not cool or different enough, but to show others that you are and to prove your worth as an individual. My Saturn in Aquarius friends crave not having bosses, living in a way that is different from previous generations, and generally going their own way. I hope with this transit they begin to build a foundation of a new life and a new paradigm for themselves. And deserve that blue hair and bossless lifestyle and live on a boat if they damn well want to.

    I was thinking of Saturn in Aquarius while I was walking and I thought about integrity and don’t know why. I know Capricorn is supposed to be about integrity but I find it to be an Aquarian thing. To have courage to live your truth and your own way unburdened by the perspectives of tradition. Idk. Also to have the courage to actually work toward change. I hope. And robot sex and the internet eating everything and aliens. But mostly I’m hoping for social change.

    I don’t think just being an individual takes work. I think casting off the shackles of fear to live your own way does. I can’t explain it. Compressing into our own bubble and soup is not the answer, having the stones to band together is. Even when we are afraid.

    It is very hard for me to divest myself of the belief that some people are special. I have Chiron and Lilith in the 5th.

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      Heather Heinemann

      Wonderful. Bless you. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas! Super! Born 2/17/64! Pure Aquarian!

    2. I think with aquarius I am free to be who I am without capricornian concerns for reputation and acclaim. Like I can play music for the joy of playing music, I don’t need acknowlegement from the outer construct. It doesn’t mean that I will not get dissed from the status quo-ians or the in crowd, but that’s part of the aquarian thing too.

      Taking integrity with you into aquarius is a beautiful thing.

  8. Honestly I don’t know what the fuck is going on and neither do most of these water earth peeps either I guess.. the people who I listen to in order to make sense of things. I feel like we’re these mantises in a Petri dish totally vulnerable. Totally meaningless. I don’t have a way to understand what’s going on..

  9. I was watching a documentary about Woodstock on Netflix last night and I thought it had Saturn in Aquarius vibes

  10. I think distance does equate to detachment as we’re are not more likely to be suspicious of other in the sense that they me carrying something that can potentially kill us. To see others are carriers of potential death, we need to detach from seeing them as people.

  11. I am an Aquarius. I already know and we are forced to look inward,examine what we see about self that needs to be fine tuned and do the work to being about change. I’m loving it for it’s something we do all the time anyway. Feb 1st.

  12. Maybe I’m not ready to expand before contracting.. but I feel us all connected by a dragnet.. and that we are the same and different.. what a weird unusual feeling

  13. There is a be brave feel to me and a don’t cry ,yes you are a prisoner feel to me
    And then there is a fuck it let me just try on today it might not hurt just
    Try it on,Aquarians or aquariums?

  14. Having Saturn in Aquarius in my natal chart myself I always felt divided between the need to express myself uniquely and the need to be part of a team,a family.Only now coming near to my second Saturn return I have found the courage to reveal my real self,to face myshadows regardless the consequences.Please forgive the mistakes.

    1. Avatar
      Anna Risingsign

      Hi Efstathia, same here. Me too!
      Natal Saturn in Aquarius in my ninth house.
      Happy Saturn return to come xxx

      1. Just under three years for myself – didint seem that bad first time around, not until 23 degrees of Pisces where it squared Ceres…oh well

    2. Aquarius Saturn in the 5th house for me.
      Luckily. I have my South node in Aquarius in the 5th house as well. So, what does that mean? That means I was very serious about myself and my career when I was young. Dreams of being grown up.

      This served me well until I had a turn these past six years. And my life decontructed.

      I’m one of the few people that actually looks forward to my Saturn second return. Because my Aquarius South node makes me feel comfortable with Saturn’s energy. I say bring on the cosmic drill sergeant and I’ll drop and give ‘im 50.

      Because I know it’s going to be good for me in my life. To become more grounded again. Like I was, before all these nasty changes.

      It also helps that I’m a Virgo with Virgo Rising nestled in a stellium.
      So I’m looking forward to the structure, the discipline, the groundedness and recreating order again for myself.

  15. I sense Aquarian energy is impersonal and detached, yet believes in equality. Each individual is to become whole, right left brain integration, head. Heart, hara and masculine and feminine and be self sufficient/responsible. No victims and no energy vampires/parasites or enablers like the codependency in Pisces

  16. Natally I have Saturn in Aquarius and social distancing either by myself to others, or others keeping their distance from me seems to be the norm.

  17. I have natal Saturn in Aqua in 11th house. Trine 7th house Sun/Moon/Mercury and Square 8th house Mars/Venus/Ceres. This social distancing thing is nothing new to me! All my closest friends have been older people and very few. I tend to come into peoples lives to help them through “end of life” issues and catastrophic times and then they’re gone. I seem to be able to comfort and steady those in emotional turmoil. I am coming to my second Saturn return and feel like I am awakening to all of this on a new, higher level thanks to astrology.

  18. We begin our journey towards ourselves as children and then encounter a barage of information about how our world around us would prefer us to be. As we grow we can shake off some of the dogma and outside expectations. Saturn can help to not cut those ties completely but to creatively stretch them to their limits. And anytime a situation or relationship does not allow for the growth it will be left behind without regret. I also live by ‘let your freak flag fly’ as Scorpio is my rising. And freedom of the soul is our return point for Astral not mental or bodily freedom. When we all ‘come to’ after this it will be who or what is there that is truly worth mental or bodily time and energy. Listen to the silence of your heart. And animals. Let’s all talk again in July!

  19. Aquarius is detached. Saturn is intransigent.
    The only thing I can see is Saturn the control freak enforcing social distancing.
    The only aspect he makes is to my Lilith corridor.
    Saturn will zap my Leo Sun in a year’s time, by opposition. I don’t exactly get along with Aquarians.

  20. I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately I’ve noticed that people are being socially distant beyond what is being asked of them. As in, not just in the physical sense. People not responding to texts, etc.

    I’ve made a new rule. If I contact a friend once and they don’t respond, I’m no longer following up. I’ll wait for them to respond or not, regardless of how long it takes. It’s not just about respecting their space but also about respecting myself as an individual.

  21. I have natal Jupiter at 0 Aquarius just shy of my 7th cusp. I’ve been celibate and alone for the last 2 years isolating to heal my 6th house health issues and resulting restrictions to work issues. (happy though that I have natal Saturn in Cap 24 in 6th)
    I had a dream the other day that I was getting married “tomorrow” and we were to be business partners in his powerful health-based company to serve humankind and we were taking separate private jet “planes” to focus our individual skills and meeting at our destination in Hawaii. I live in Oregon right now. So a big journey and move.He saw me as is and valued the uniqueness that makes me..me.
    I like how the dream put this powerful stellium activating my chart in a positive framework. I’ve been isolating so haven’t met any men but he will find me, I hope. I would love nothing better than to live that dream in real life.

  22. I think its about defining your personal niche within the collective. How do I contribute my own personal essence (Mokihana used the word tinctured which I love), to humanity’s goal of happiness and prosperity for all? Whats my personal contribution? How does it further that goal? Do my wishes for myself in some way negatively impact the group, and if so, how do i elevate them so that there is a positive impact?

    Striving for that positive impact, I believe actually helps refine and define who and what the individuals highest aspirations truly are. When the personal wishes and collective wishes are aligned, well thats magic.

    And doesn’t everyone want peace, joy and happiness? With Saturn isn’t is wise to understand the implications of karma? That what I wish for others, is what I wish for myself. Thats the balance that Saturn strikes, between the individual and the collective. (Also I want to clarify that I do not equate “collective” to “society”, these are two different animals, one pure, one not).

    For me personally it will be transiting my second house. So Im sure Ill be thinking a lot about currency (including money) and what I personally value and getting really real about that.

  23. Social distancing is a transitory experience, but an opportunity for us to experience how close we would actually like to be, physically and emotionally, and to whom. Many of us have lived for too long in the crow, crowded cities, crowded venues, crowded interaction via mainstream and social media. The world went viral, so perhaps only a virus could stop it. It’s a paradox, but now we have time and space for ourselves. And as the sky clears and we can see the stars at night again, our mind will also clear and we’ll be able to find our star and create a more authentic and luminous life. Jupiter will conjunct Saturn on my AC next year, I very much look forward to it.
    Yes, Elsa, I also think it’s about defining ourselves as individuals. Thank you for being there!

    1. I have to tell you, Conny. I’m just seeing people lean on all of our ultimate consumption tools harder than ever. But, at least the exceptionalism and xenophobia and strong cultural identity of Trump’s world is being forcibly challenged. The illusion that the faraway are any safer and can cower away from alliance. The thought that a sea isolates a continent from influence. The cultures that value connection have seen the most damage from this. The cultures that I thought figured it out and know how to live life. I still refuse to believe they don’t. It’s seems like we are being forced to lean on our biggest isolationist techniques.

  24. I have moon in aquarius, first house. It reminds me of Fyodor Dostoevsky “don’t be a rebel criminal” or Arthur Rimbaud “we must re-invent love” or Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. It’ s a simple paradox. We need to re-invent every part of our lifes, love, policy, economy, we need the bridge but with clear heads and hearts, in how to communicate that want, honestly and put it in structures that work in time, it’s so tough … i think the other part of saturn in aquarius is the unseen responsibility not in equality but in inequality, but not as cause and effect but as an unmask, expose event …

  25. Maybe it’s letting go of something you settled for.. something stale and unfruitful and having the courage to embrace what really makes you happy.

  26. Around there are recommendations towards essential work only; to maintain good mental health that adjective seems to vary, most here self employed ,so I believe essential is not one size fits all :be safe well understood , our population small
    The part weird for me is to go yard work for some family considered construction our selectmen want to halt construction but liquor store open as essential ??
    Think the trouble in language closing in,we have large immigrant population ,I love them more than I can describe but the implications of no construction
    Putting a freeze in place effect for those I see
    Again ones sense of safe varies, 6′ of separation, we got this, kisses be kind to your mind , we will win

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    Clifton Greene

    It may be a reach to call this social distancing, but I want to post this possible mechanism of of astrology and synchronistic occurences. Most physicists dismiss the astrology implications and think they are working on some kind of Star Trek transporter device which always makes me laugh. Anyway, I think it’s kind of interesting.

  28. When thinking of Saturn in Aquarius – consider how Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Saturn will still be strongly under the influence of Pluto as it the transits thru Aquarius…..

    All of the elimination and transformation we anticipated from the Saturn Pluto conjunction might be on our plates very shortly – and perhaps more urgently – with Saturn in Aquarius.

    In particular watch for much release, elimination , and discharge of energies related to the two signs adjacent to Aquarius – Pisces and Capricorn. Our over reactions to abusive Capricorn authorities and the misuse of high minded Piscean ideals to enforce social compliance would be two areas to watch.
    There is also something about Uranus ruling the nite sky and thereby having an affinity for and with the Black Moon. An understanding of the connection between the gnosis arising from the Black Moon and the knowing of Uranus will emerge.
    Spirit and Instinct – male and female – may merge within the individual.

    1. exactly!!! its that Scorpio is exalted in uranus that is the secret understanding And scorpio means rebirth/death/change. and transforming into somthing new.^^

      i always think when pluto was in aquarius, that time of era when the revolution hit, the people screaming ‘change’ it’s “time” for it. and aquarius is also saturn ruled.

  29. Aquarius is for technology, Saturn is teaching this Virgo technology in my everyday life. I have natal Saturn at 12th house. Aquarius is my solar 6th house. I always consider myself the low tech person. The new journey begins…

  30. i think it does make sense that aquarius is re inventing yourself. it is after all Uranus, and thats change. always changing. you dont want to be like the flock, so you stand apart from everyone else; and therefore are called the rebellious one, because of that standing apart from the rest. if scorpio is exalted in Uranus, it’s like that — re inventing/ dying and changing all the time so nothing is boring and everything is always new and there is always “hope” because of this.

  31. Hello everyone from Anglesey North Wales I noticed Weeks ago that all the planets were huddled together on one side of the wheel. Most unusual only the moon is free to wander the signs!! A portent of this pandemic maybe Chiron (healing) Suarez the north node . Or the stellium in Capricorn ?? What do you goys across the globe think? I send my love to you all Stay safe Stay at home and wash your hands ❤️ X

    1. Welcome, Susan. I thought about this too, from a different angle. Some people are holed up (beneath the horizon). Others are visible and out there (like grocery store workers). I wonder how this correlates with the charts.

      1. Thank you Elsa yes I can see your angle and it’s a truly uplifting one.Those brave people are out there on the frontline selflessly working to keep our lives safe, our worlds turning. They are our heroes.
        Maybe Saturn in Aquarius won’t be as harsh as Capricorn and we will discover how innovative we can be in the face of adversity. Let’s embrace our quirkiness!! Mercury and Venus on the move now too .
        Stay Safe best wishes to everyone and a massive thank you for being there Elsa ?

  32. Since Aquarius is groups and Saturn is restriction, I think it makes perfect sense for this period of social isolation.

  33. Saturn in aquarius makes me think how hard is to be a human being navigating this world. Integrate into groups, school, work, maintain relationships, decide when you should be conceding, when you should be assertive, what relationship is toxic, what relationship isn’t toxic, (not even navigating the actual web is easy- are there rules, would she think I am upset ending the message with a dot, I sent the wrong text to my boss by mistake) all these social stuff when you’re dealing with phobias, loneliness, losses, death looming in the air and in our thoughts, fears of your own, illness both mental and physical, maybe bills to pay, other people to take care of, being an individual with individual problems and adding up to the social stratum and now there is global unrest and stress on everyone which just makes me question it, when saturn goes into pisces- will the stress be cosmic?

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