I Want A Divorce Once My Son Leaves – Uranus Transit

ball and chainDear Elsa.

I am in a very weird marriage. It is almost like we are roommates. We’ve been married for 18 years and I just want out. Unfortunately I can’t. We live in a town that is very expensive. I want my son to finish school here. He is a Junior and has only one more year to go.

When the time comes and my son graduates, do you see me leaving and finally being happy?

Unhappily Married

Dear Married,

I am not psychic, so I don’t know if you’re leaving or not. But as an astrologer, I would say the odds that you are out of there are sky high. And furthermore: once you go, you won’t look back.

Now will this make you happy? Yes, I think it will. See, your chart is primarily Virgo and Pisces which constitutes the ‘serve or suffer” axis. Pisces especially has to do with being confined. Jailed. So you’ve been in jail for all these years. You’ve been doing your time and then what happens?

Along comes a Uranus transit and all of the sudden, there it is. Something opens up and you can see your way out.

So will you exploit the opportunity and slip out? Yes, I think you will. Good luck.

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