What Is The Upside To Venus Square Pluto?

Pluto god flowersA reader writes:

“I’ve had lots of experience in my life of the lower forms of expression for the Pluto/Venus square eg difficult relationships. I wonder now if you could perhaps let me know what would be some of the higher forms of expression for a Pluto/Venus square or conjunction. I would like to look for some kind of transformation of expression for these energies for myself…”

This is a question about something no one likes to address. I love this kind of challenge and I’m happy to take it on.

First, Venus is associated with love and money, also your self esteem and what and who you value.
Pluto deals in depth, power and intensity.  It’s also associated with the shadow side of things, psychology, pathology and taboo.

If you put these two together, you get a lot of dark stuff. You can click the tag to explore that.  But there are other expressions of these energies combined.

With Venus square Pluto, you’re going to attract powerful people into your life.  This, taken alone it not a bad thing!  You may value “power”. So what?

This brings to mind a young man I worked with. He was 19 when we first met. He had Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house, which squares the 7th (Venus). Pluto opposed Venus in Taurus.  The man was  interested in his marriage prospects.

I told him it looked to me as if would be part of a power couple. This was my hit on this and he could not have been more pleased!  This was almost a destiny for him and here’s the thing: he embraced this. He owned it!  His ambition for power was raw.

Now, he didn’t address this by running around trying seduce a wealthy woman. Instead he worked on becoming a man who could hold up his end of a situation like this. I told him, if you want this, you’re going to have to have those same qualities. Power couple right?  He went to work… on himself.

Having a deep desire for power is considered taboo so you see this situation fits the template. This man had to undergo a deep, personal transformation in order to achieve his goals, which he did, by the way. You can read his story here: A Young Man’s Life Unfolds.  I swear in that post – sorry!

Venus Pluto works well for marriage, when the words, “Till death do we part”, apply.  You’re joined to the other, through thick and thin, the blood the guts and the gore.

Bottom line, you have a choice. I’m not saying you can have Venus square Pluto in your chart and avoid negative manifestations. I am saying, if you focus your desire on something that is not harmful to yourself or others, I’m pretty sure you can manifest it.

So there is your key. What do you desire, deep down. Pain? Or true empowerment via a relationship?

Anyone else have ideas?

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  1. yes I relate to this… the working on myself part because I desire to be a power couple… and also being drawn to power and desiring it… Pluto ASC in Scorpio opposite Taurus Sun.

  2. I have natal Venus on the MC/10th house square my 1st House Pluto. I used my own tumultuous personal life transformations to help others change their lives for the better.

    I only am attracted to and want to marry …bosses ?

  3. With Pluto there is an obsessive energetic loop in which we actively participate based on values we hold that no longer serve us.
    With an awareness ( Uranus in Taurus) of those values and behaviors we are holding that keeps us bound in that obsessive dynamic comes an opportunity to step out of and eliminate those values.

    There is a conscious and active ending involved.

    This moves Plutonian obsession into Uranian liberation. The Venus Pluto square functions in concert with the Saturn Uranus square.

  4. I am a binge eater/over eater with Venus square Pluto (tight) in my chart. Now causing health issues.
    I have it written all over. The desire seems too powerful to resist.

    I’ve been to psychologist but with minimal help.

    I pray I can overcome this and that it doesn’t become the death of me.

    1. Hey Mike. You are not alone. Any obsessive behaviour or addiction is rooted in trauma or pain and the unconscious need to manage it. Gabor Mate’ writes and speaks about this… highly recommend his work.theres a film made about him called The Wisdom of Trauma. Worth a watch.

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