The People You Meet With Mars In The 7th House In Your Solar Or Lunar Return

Mars god of warMars turns retrograde every two years.  It spent seven months in Leo a number of years ago. This kept transiting my 7th house for an extended period. The effect was profound.

Prior to this experience, I didn’t realize the the impact of 7th house transits on my consulting business.  In hindsight, it’s obvious, but what happened, is the usual 80/20 ratio of female/male clients, flipped. This was a HUGE change, impossible to deny.  I was meeting male/Mars energy, which is exactly what you’d expect, though I didn’t expect it.

I found challenging and invigorating. I can tell you, generally speaking, men are more demanding than women. I like it would bother some female astrologers, but I’ve got that Mars Mercury conjunction and I married a Green Beret!  Men tend to cut to the chase.  I can recall one man getting what he needed from me in six minutes.  He was happy as hell to get off the phone, satisfied, assuring me, I’d given him exactly what he needed.  It was like I gave him name of the winning pony and he rushed off to place a bet!

Women tend to actively feel, as the conversation unfolds.  I can sometimes feel them reaching to access their feelings. It’s as if the woman watches the rose unfold. The man cuts the rose and he’s out of there.  In general, men are more rushed. They don’t care to settle into a conversation and see where we wind up. Men are more direct, preferring a straight up exchange.

This comes up for me today, because I’m looking at my Lunar Returns and see Mars in the 7th showing up several times in the next six months. I know what this means: challenge from others, but I also know I will be working with more men.

One month,  I have Mars conjunct Uranus in the 7th. It sound interesting. I have it in my mind to pay attention to who I come across that month. Another point in writing this – I am still learning astrology. If I get a good story out of this (which I should), I’ll come back and tell you about it. It looks awesome!

Do you mind your Solar and Lunar return charts?

2 thoughts on “The People You Meet With Mars In The 7th House In Your Solar Or Lunar Return”

  1. Hi Elsa, I have Mars in Leo in 7h exactly conjunct DSC natally
    Mars is also Squaring Uranus.
    That’s a challenge, as I always attract powerful opponents… I and I don’t accept giving up my independence or accept any experience of submission.. so I suppose that might happen as a transitional experience…

  2. I have Mars in Sagittarius in 7th house conj. Dsc in my solar return. I have been thwarting advances from foreign men left and right. I know they’re not trying to get with me for the right reasons, it’s obvious to me, also in the chart Jupiter is in 12th house. I don’t like this situation one bit. Also, a so-called friend of mine (his asc is Sag and chart ruler also in Sag), we have been fighting for months and I have felt that he has been somehow lying to me or keeping something from me. Finally we went our separate ways, it was exhausting. I can still feel he’s up to something though. Open and secret enemies, I just hate all that so much.

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