The Point, The Meaning & The Truth Of Astrology

zodiac squareHere’s a Mars in Sagittarius in 11th question: How might you bring all the multifaceted points of Astrology down to one fine point of Meaning/ Truth?

From Canada

Hi, Canada!

After asking to be challenged, I can’t complain about this question, but holy cow! I don’t think I’m the (blathering) person to answer this but I’ll take a stab at it and put your question out here for others.

I don’t see a way to reduce astrology down to a fine point. I appreciate this may be due to some deficit on my part. I’ll outline my thinking.

I’ve been at “astrology” since I was eight years old.  At this point, I have so much firsthand experience, I rely on it, completely. Astrology resists being reduced because it’s just a “thing”. Anyone can pick it up and use it.

True story – client calls and she wants to bust a move at work. She wants to slaughter the people who stand between her and the “top” and she wants to use astrology to do this. She has no lines, no limits, no qualms, no nothing.  Astrology for this person is a means to an end.

Compare that to how I use astrology. I want to make people’s lives easier; more interesting, pleasant, satisfying and successful. I also want to help them solve their problems as easily and efficiently as I can.  Astrology makes this possible.

You might pluck out the commonality; we’re both using astrology to assist us in our endeavors but there are other things that split this up.  For example – skill.  A person’s ability is a variable so how do you get to “fine point”?

Perspective is another variable.  Some people use astrology to justify their negative, whatever. Other’s use it to exit their negative, whatever.

Some people tear themselves or others down with astrology. Others do the exact opposite.

I think you’ve got something akin to a “Rorschach inkblot”.  Astrology is a tool. You can pick it up, set is aside, use it skillfully, heal or harm your life and the lives of those around you.

After writing this, I guess I’d say, the truth is, astrology is POWER.

Anyone else have an idea?

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  1. How about, earth life and soul life is all about energy and astrology explains the energy. And lucky for us, it has different languages.

  2. Astrology underpins my spirituality. For me, it describes the personality and challenges that my soul chose in order to live out the lessons or experiences that my soul desired for this incarnation. I started studying astrology for fun, then was struck by how it uncannily described me, then came to see that all the characteristics that I hated about myself, or was shamed for, have created my most incredible life experiences. I like to call astrology my bible–isn’t it incredible that each of us was born with a personal spiritual bible? The proverbial instruction manual, haha! I also agree with Vic–it’s all energy, astrology describes how energy is arranged for us personally and for t
    he collective.

  3. Power is the right word I believe. Having discovered astrology at age 15,I have always consulted it in my efforts to relate to those around me (big 7th house here).The power to understand is awesome.

  4. I’ve long thought of astrology as a very clear and useful road map, once you learn it. (And it’s not that difficult to learn!)

  5. We are itty bitty cogs in a great big machine…

    In my opinion the Universe is quantum mechanics. If you have a flat tire, you’ll be back on the road more quickly if you dig the jack and spare tire out the trunk instead of wringing your hands in despair. (Capricorn?) Or you could hike up your skirt, shake a leg and hitch a ride (Leo?) Wait- is that a horse over there in the field?

  6. I love the holographics and the humor of your comment! And agree astrology is a wonderful tool especially if you know how to use it.
    I also agree astrology is power: as in power vs. force as David Hawkins describes it. I’m learning to love astrology for its connectivity everything is connected to everything so over time what I give comes back.

  7. Avatar
    Bessy Oikonomopoulou

    Hi Elsa,

    I’m just a newbie, but I feel at home here. I resonate with what you write and find joy in reading your posts. A big thanks from a Greek woman living in the south of France.


  8. astrology. one of the tools of knowledge. and like all tools they are certainly means that depend on the use made of them. there are different levels in which it can probably be applied, knowing and wanting, all of them. I don’t like it in the hands of those who don’t have ethical problems. I like it as a means of evolutionary self-knowledge. if one then notices the synchronicities one can be fascinated because astrology has to do with time. I really appreciate hearing the connection to quantum physics underlined. It is interesting to see how some age-old knowledge seems to correspond and correlate and add to knowledge. saying that it is energy is nice, I like it as a description because everything is energy from micro to macro

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