The Power In Your Natal Chart

power rangerHow do you feel about “power”? Do you have it? Do you seek to gain it?

According to Merriam-Webster, “power” is mainly defined as:

1: ability to act or produce an effect
2: possession of control, authority, or influence over others
3: physical might...

If you do feel you have personal power, how do you see this in your chart? Is it a Pluto thing? Or could your power come through via your sun – your creative life force?

Aries or a strong Mars profile suggests the ability to lead. Since most are followers, this would fall under the first definition.

Maybe it’s your Venus. Satori can talk anyone off a ledge! Or it could be your brain; the things you know and are able to convey.

Is it your charisma that’s powerful?

What’s your relationship with “power”?
Do you feel powerful?
How does power show in your natal chart?

11 thoughts on “The Power In Your Natal Chart”

  1. Pluto ASC in Scorpio opposite my Sun but also a stellium in Aries

    So, absolutely all apply…

    I have no qualms about admitting power is important to me. Service as a teacher (authority, influence) has been a very positive expression of it for me, personally.

    My depth and intensity emanate power but also the courage to lead (Mars) I agree is powerful in that not everyone can do it.

  2. I absolutely despise power. I shun it, I avoid it, I’m angry and resentful at those who have it. Most of them are all “I want to lead! I want power and prestige!” and then just turn into assholes or make poor decisions, and I’m supposed to worship them and throw them money? (bleep) those (bleep)heads, as far as I’m concerned.

    I note that my high school literally drummed it into our heads every single day that power corrupts, and I have always been determined to avoid power, lest it corrupt me and turn me into an asshole. I hate the idea of having so much as a tiny, tiny taste of yummy, yummy power and then immediately turning into an asshole because I can finally make everyone else do what I want them to do.

    I note that IRL I can’t talk anyone into doing anything or listening to me about anything, so it’s not like I could even have any if I wanted to. I can argue for months or years with leaders at my job about things and never get anywhere, because *I’m* the wrong messenger and nobody’s going to listen to the likes of me. I broke my leg as a 5-year-old and it literally took my parents hours to figure out I was badly hurt. Not only was I crying for hours, this involved them trying to make me stand up and I could not, and them GETTING ME ICE CREAM and I didn’t want it, and that had to be the final straw for the clue bat to hit. Literally I could not hide that I was hurt, and they didn’t wanna listen to me and they didn’t have to. That’s always how my life has gone. Power is a nemesis.

    Pluto in 12th. I seem to recall Elsa saying many years ago that power was hidden from me or something like that? I forget the exact phrasing. But it’s never something I’m going to have.

    1. i also read 12th house pluto is not impossible to find power though, it takes self awareness. Steve Jobs and Donald trump, tina turner, muhammad ali, ect have these placements

      but i agree power can corrupt so its good to always be aware and careful of power so it helps people instead of destroy. ^^

  3. I love: “Satori could talk anybody off a ledge”
    Sad to hear Jennifer write:”Pluto in 12th House … I’ll never have power… hidden from me.”

    1. Eh, to be fair, in general I don’t want any either. Power sucks. I might like it for a few situations, but that’s it.

  4. I have Uranus in Scorpio on my ascendant Square my Leo sun near my MC so I have an odd relationship with power. Usually how it pans out is I’m frustrated by my lack of power so I make plans and take steps to gain it. It takes a while but the process has benefits.

  5. I feel like I do have a fair amount of personal power… Sun Mars north node Moon Mercury stellium In Taurus, sextile midheaven and Saturn, trining pluto and Uranus. Venus also in 10th in Aires squaring rising. Even if I don’t set out with the intention of being a leader, that is where I usually end up…

  6. For some jobs (think politics), I think power is essential. This may sound controversial but sometimes I hear a politician announce, “I’m not here to seek power”, & then act all surprised when they’re not elected.

    How are you going to lead, if you’re powerless? Effective leaders seek power, wield it, & use it. To throw away power is folly for them.

  7. because of my 12th house moon/venus, i have a hard time seeing my own “power” but i guess there is some. Since i have pluto 8th AND a stellium in 8th i read that’s got some power. Maybe its not being able to fall into depression too long or transformation as phoenix from the pain and suffering and the trauma from past severe abuse; and i seem too optimistic, but thats sagittarius moon too. It can’t help but be happy despite the grimness sometimes.

  8. I have always had a great deal of personal power.I make things happen in my life, creatively and with great effort and energy, as needed! I got married young and had a baby at age 20 on purpose cause I wanted a family of my own. I put myself through school.I helped my husband through school.I managed a business we developed.I created a career as an astrologer and also as a Nurse.People find that I am a catalyst for their change and find energy from my encouragements and insights.I have Mars and Uranus on my Sun in Cancer.I am very empathic AND empathetic. I have never identified as a troubled person,despite abandonment issues— I used that energy to propel me towards creating the life I wanted to have. I am not a victim! Well, I am in the midst of a rough situation with a sick grown son right now and in that area, i do feel powerless.. it’s about the first time ever I can’t fix something really important in my family. Not sure what to do with that or about that.But overall I have and continue to fee that I have the power to make my life meaningful and to inspire others. I never get bored..and at age 69, am still pursuing new hobbies skills and teachings.I feel ,overall, pretty blessed in life.Now if someone could just heal my kid from his mystery ailment. Sigh.

  9. I’ve got that Aries – Mars stuff but I don’t seek it out. I usually end up in some kind of leadership position, or being the one who gets stuff done. I guess it’s powerful, but it’s foisted on me, so how powerful am I really? Ha ha.

    Pluto’s pretty active in my chart too. But again, I don’t think it gives me much power. It often consumes me.

    Maybe it’s my Saturn-Mars conjunction. I can stay with something forever even when it lurches forward, then falls back, then smacks into a wall, and then flies ahead again, frustration at this or no.

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