Mars Square Saturn: Real Life Defensive Machine

special forces airborneMy husband has Mars square Saturn in his natal chart. I found this conversation; a post I was working on in 2007.  He calls me, “P”.

Mars in hard aspect to Saturn has one of the worst reputations in all of astrology. My husband has Mars (fight) square Saturn (defend)

“P, no one is ever going to rape my woman or hurt her in anyway if I’m around. And I know you. You wanna take the bullet. You’d take the bullet, but there is no way I am going to let you do that. I will hit you on the head and knock you out if I have to.”

No comment.

“I will. If someone comes and thinks they are going to come and do something to you, I will knock you out and then take care of them. Then you’ll wake up and say, what happened.”

I laughed.

“And I’ll say, I don’t know. Something must have hit you in the head,” he said, chuckling. “Cause if you find out I hit you, you’ll hit me for sure. You’d beat me half to death, I have no doubt.”

No comment.

“See, P, I was born to defend. I have to defend something. Something I believe in or care about. So if this means I am going to defend my country? Well that’s fine. Or say it means I am just going to defend myself, you. Mosta and Vidroid (my children). Well that’s fine too. Or maybe I am just going to defend myself and my little dog. That is also fine with me. I will fight for all those things but what I will not do is stand there and let someone or something I care about get hurt.”

“I understand.”

“Yeah. Like one time I jumped in the middle of a dog fight. My son couldn’t believe it, he was a kid back then. And you aren’t supposed to get in a dog fight, everyone knows, but I did. It was my dog in the fight and do you think I’m going to stand there while some dog chews my dog’s ass?”

“Not really,” I said, somewhat incredulous.

“Right. So I got right in there and helped my dog out,” he said with a grin.

I just shook my head.

“Well, P, if you think you’re going to come to my house and pick on my dog, you’ve got another thing coming. Even if you’re another dog, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Oh my God.”

“Well, P, I gotta do it. I am a defensive machine. I will always defend the people and the things I love. I have no choice, it’s an automatic response. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do. There are things in me that run as deep in me as the things that run in you so yes, I do understand. But I sure am glad I missed that.”

“The dog fight?”

“Yeah. Its grotesque you know.”

“But you wouldn’t expect me to stand there and watch my dog be killed would you?”

“No. No, I know you wouldn’t do that. I get this… you are a defensive machine.”

“Yes. Yes, I am. And whatever I am defending, I will defend with my life. I will defend to the point where I die, I just have no choice in this. It’s who I am.”

“I know, I know. I say, I’m getting the coffee. And you say, no don’t. I’ll get the coffee. And what do I say?”

“You say, shut the fuck up. I said I am getting the coffee.”

We both laughed.

“Okay then. I think my job is better than yours,” I said. “I don’t have to beat up dogs. I get to get people their coffee.”

“And I think my job is the best in the world. I get to kick all kinds of ass and keep the people I love safe.”

19 thoughts on “Mars Square Saturn: Real Life Defensive Machine”

  1. I love this conversation! So much love. And self acceptance. It’s a beautiful thing. You two are so lucky to have each other.

    I’ve got Mars conjunct Saturn and I call it my slow burn. Together they make me win, all I have to do is decide I’m going to. I may not win every battle, but every war for sure.

  2. Currently, Tr Mars is squaring my natal Saturn. I am quietly seething as a family member is attempting to violate some personal boundaries. This is challenging as my Libra Sun has been activated by Tr Mercury and Tr Venus. I am diplomatically stating, “BACK THE *#%@ OFF!!!”

  3. I love to read this. I have Saturn in Scorpio sextile Mars in Capricorn. Aries is on cusp house 8. This aspects helped me to survive the the very difficult and heavy things that I had to go trough. And is still does! It is the power in my birthchart and it will never leave me as long as I live. : – ) : – ) I am so grateful for this aspects, because …. without that I would’nt be here!

  4. My guy and I have mars conjunct mars. He also has a Saturn/Pluto conjunction that squares his mars, and now my mars too.
    I frequently wonder what this insinuates.
    He’s a champion, for sure. One of the best hearts I know.

  5. When Pluto transitted my Mars in Cap, I raised my voice and ran to defend a girlfriend against her racist boss. I generally am not fond of any unfair treatment from others to the persons I love (Moon square Mars). I will defend them to the bone. (Mars in 11th, on the cusp of the 12th).

    The girlfriend in question did not like my display of such heavy defense/feelings and told me off. We never reconciled from it. She had so many issues going on with that job and boss, I think she was paralyzed by fear. We never became friends again.

    Your husband sounds like a wonderful expression of this energy. I wonder how many men (or people in general with this aspect) would be that mature today about recognizing such an aspect of themselves. My BF has Mars conjunct Saturn, and he is a defensive, heavy-armed WALL if anyone should dare to hurt the ones he loves. I have yet to see it, but he tongue-lashes them heavily (the conjunction is in Mercury-ruled Virgo).

    Saturn is of course boundaries. So, you defend your boundaries, others or your own – with the weapons you have. Squares are of course more action oriented.

    Your husband is a wise mand in this regard 🙂

  6. I loved reading that!

    My husband would shove me out of the way if I got in his way of defending me or anything else he values. He jokes that he would clonk me on the head when he wants me to do something he actually knows is good for me (and I do too but I’m just being stubborn). I think that’s funny but true.

    But he has a minor aspect, Saturn sesquisquare Mars.

  7. My brother Ray was a decorated Marine who served on the DMZ in Vietnam. I had a problem with a stalker in the late 70’s before stalking laws, so the police literally laughed at me. My brother was an Aries Sun, with a Leo stellium: Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Moon in the 5th. He became my stalker’s worst nightmare. Let’s just say he took care of it. He was my personal one-man bodyguard, hero and swat team. I lost him last December and now have a bad-ass guardian angel.

  8. As a Mars in the 1st opp Saturn, i must say i see where he comes from. Saturn being in the 7th I’ve also projected many times. Coming to terms with it at this point…or so I hope I am…

  9. Thank you so much Elsa!
    I have Saturn square Mars at zero point.
    My monolog goes like this: “I need to fight with someone…
    I’m gonna jump on your bones!”
    And then I hug him tight…
    Sure, it’s deeper than that. It got me in trouble when I was younger. I thought I have to defend myself from society/ppl and had a very low self esteem. I’ve learned to channel my flaws through my life with love and sense of humor into positive energy.

  10. oh! I commented somewhere recently your husband has the mars/sat opposition like me but it’s a square! our brains do register stuff but then memory do mix it all up at times. I stand corrected!

  11. My Mars is exactly opposite Uranus, and in a wider opposition to Saturn, and I’m a Taurus. Luckily I have a trine to Venus somewhere in there. My husband can be a hothead and he has a Taurus moon, so he thinks he’s stubborn. His mom thinks he’s stubborn. Whatever. Today, after a ridiculous argument that we had about money, he said to me, “you’re more stubborn than me and you always win and it makes me sad” lol! I love him to pieces.

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