Which Aspects Are Good? Which Are Bad?

zodiac blueWhen considering aspects in astrology, traditionally, trines and sextiles are considered, “good”. Squares and oppositions are “bad” or “challenging”. Conjunctions are judged on a case by case basis. For example, conjunctions to Jupiter or Venus (benefic planets) are “good”. Conjunctions to Saturn or Mars (malefic planets), “bad”.

You have to start somewhere! This is a likely place to start but I would not take this information too literally because the idea there are “no bad aspects” in astrology is more than a sign of our politically correct times!

All energy is neutral until directed. Don’t forget!. You just don’t know what someone is going to do with the energy available to them until you observe what they do with the energy available to them!

I’m an example of this. I have a criminal mind! This might be a negative thing, but I use it to empower people on a daily basis.

Easy aspects are gifts that are often wasted, unnoticed or taken for granted. As an example, a person may be born with natural athletic ability. This doesn’t mean they’ll beat out the less gifted individual who has honed their skill.

You may also favor certain things in your chart while you neglect others. I have Venus in Leo and I love to be creative. I also have a strong Jupiter / 9th house and I have been blathering for almost 25 years.

In contrast, I hate technical work. I don’t like to work on the backend of this site!  But I have a Mercury Mars conjunction so the skill to do so it there.  Directing energy of this kind in a positive way is always a good idea because the energy can and will manifest in your life.  Should I tinker and fix the site or should I get out there and pick a fight?

What energies or abilities might have escaped your attention? Get a Natal Report and read it carefully to find out!  It’s always best to use all the tools at your disposal but it’s particularly true today, in these crushing times.

Have you squandered a talent or worked hard to overcome a deficit? Add the astrology if you can.

37 thoughts on “Which Aspects Are Good? Which Are Bad?”

  1. I secretly fear (says my unaspected Saturn) that my whole life is a story of wasted talent. I have all these utterly amazing and supportive aspects in my chart, and I’m not really all that great. I mean, when I apply myself (like in academics) I excel beyond belief but it is so hard for me to get the motivation to do it. Grand Trine in action, people!

  2. “When I apply myself (like in academics) I excel beyond belief but it is so hard for me to get the motivation to do it.”

    I have a grand trine also and that could have been me talking! On the other hand, I have challenging aspects in my chart, too.

  3. so beneficial plus malefic = middle? like venus conjunct mars? my brother has venus conjunct mars conjunct pluto in gemini? who wins??

  4. I have a mean old bad ass T-square in my chart (moon square sun/mercury opposite saturn square moon). On top of that, it is a fixed T-square (Taurus, Scorp, Leo). I have always been extremely driven to do projects, and self motivated to do all these projects to final completion. For example, so many people never finish their dissertation, (so that means they go through life ABD meaning ‘All But Dissertation’) and I totally understand why, the fuckin thing is a nightmare and I wanted to quit it quite a few times. Just throw up my hands and give up.

    I thank my fixed T-square for everything I complete, and that has been quite a bit (so far!).

  5. i should be painting somewhere. i have a ton of things aspecting my venus (trines and oppositions) though one is saturn… i figure, hopefully, that means i can move around my blocks and do it, for real, for serious, one of these years…

    the problem is, it hurts. feels like i’m ripping my soul out and putting it on canvas, and i can’t put a price on it, so how could i make a living at it? (uh, yeah, there’s pluto and neptune trining my venus)

    i have saturn conjunct pallas and i rather like what that does to my saturnian energy.

      1. ignore that, should have been commenting on a different post. Unsolicited advice never feels good. That said, Pour your pain on to your canvas and don’t worry about selling it. Do it for your own satisfaction, and if it sells, great, if not, who cares?! I paint, I get it.

  6. I have always found Saturn to be the most helpful planet in my chart when it comes to PERSEVERANCE so you should be cool, wyrd..if it feels like ripping your soul out than you are probably a hell of a great artist! I vote, let it rip! 🙂

  7. ha, grand trine central here (two in my chart, one air and one fire). luckily i have saturn in virgo square sun to ground me or i would NEVER lift a finger to do anything.

  8. Midara, me too! I have an air Grand Trine (sun in aqua, moon in gemini, pluto in libra- also have venus trine jupiter and saturn) and though I know that when I apply myself I do amazingly well, no matter what it is I am doing, getting me motivated… well that’s another story :X If don’t find something challenging I have no desire to even try and well, many things in my life are not challenging for me…

    Even good aspects can be bad, I guess (especially when they make things too easy for you)

  9. I have a T-square. Uranus square Neptune, Moon opposite Uranus square Neptune in fixed signs (Leo, Aq, Scorp). I also have a nasty opposition, Pluto/Venus in Leo/Aq. Can you say stubborn? The way the Pluto/Venus plays out is whenever I’m mutually attracted to a guy I start worrying about when he’s going to want to have sex and if it will be kinky (before we even go out for coffee!). To make matters more interesting my 7th house Sun is in mutable Pisces. I probably set this up to force the issue of sexual relationships but the Pluto opposite Venus and Moon in Aq makes me want to bail out before things get too intense.

  10. I’ve squandered artistic talent – something that used to drive me and keep me sane. I’ve started to keep a visual journal, in the hopes that I can get back into a regular practice.

    Jupiter trine Neptune and Midheaven.
    Mars in Pisces, square Moon/Venus/Nodes.

  11. My intuition is also on the up and up again, thank goodness. I wasn’t trusting it for a while, when I was so out of it, and stopped trusting it completely last August, when Saturn squared my Neptune (although a couple of things that I felt then, ended up coming to pass).

    My mother has told me in the past, that she trusted my intuition over her own ~ that’s why I’m mentioning it here. I’ve started taking notes again, and watching to see what happens – if anything. I’m not sure what aspects to add for this, though…

  12. Mars trine Uranus…. I think I’ve squandered a lot of energy. I make up for it in spurts by doing crazy things pedal to the metal…. like finishing my dissertation (heya Loonsounds) in six months while having a newborn attached to me at all times (Sun square Saturn). Sometimes I wish I could maintain that level of output, but it seems to be hot or cold with me.

    I have two personal-to-outer planet conjunctions which I will remain mum on for the present. I’m working on using them for their higher purpose all the time.

  13. I am human and therefore I am learning. On the one hand it seems I have a so called Royal chart [Royal pain in the Ass?], so things come easily to me a lot of the time. On the other hand I have some difficult squares and Saturn comes along every seven or so years and stirs things up and reminds me to pay closer attention.[And Pluto is saying are you paying close f*ing attention?] Elsa reminded me that I will always work, and most of the time I don’t mind that, but I want to be lazy sometimes. When I am in the mood, which is a good deal of the time, I can accomplish a lot. The current Saturn Uranus opposition is compelling me to rebel against a self imposed slave driving status. Does this make any sense?

  14. Ha, ha, I have Venus in Taurus in the fifth.. and I never get laid. That’s what I would call a waste.

    I blame it on too many planets in the seventh (Sun, Mars, Mercury), which makes it all too important, and Pluto/uranus square Sun, which turns everything into a power struggle.


  15. Hmmm…I have Jupiter and Saturn. Sometimes wonder if that adds up to an “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” situation. Usually I feel like I could use the Jupiter to my advantage more, because I get the lucky breaks but that darn Saturn makes me so very reserved and responsible when I actually do take them that, it hardly feels like a lucky break anymore!

  16. Venus&Mars opposed Pluto–I have worked SUPER hard to overcome my obsessional and obsessional and obsessional love/desire nature. That was brutally hard.

  17. i think i have, elsa. all this time i thought all i cud do is be weird and do good in academe. later that i discover i can write and paint too. what’s interesting is that, all those anxieties and insecurities are gone when i started venturing into the art world.

  18. on the nega side, i always found myself being bullied and pry into office politics. i guess its because of pluto, saturn and mars in libra. i also experience so much physical weakness and struggle growing up. my body is weak. what i did to help myself is that i studied and practice yoga.

  19. I have moon opposition venus… I definitely a wham bam thank u man kinda girl… I don’t open up my feelings very easily mainly b/c I can be so fickle I don’t want to waste time explaining my every move.
    On the other hand I find myself trying to avoid confrontation so much that I can do back flips on a tight rope… and for that I’m working hard to learn to not be fearful and speak what I feel is right in my heart. Being on here has helped to start that process =)

    Have you squandered a talent or worked hard to overcome a deficit?

  20. Venus square ascendant: ugly duckling syndrome. I can’t stand conventional beauty standards, and tossing them out has been more rewarding than trying to conform to them.

    Moon conjunct Mars: lots of impulsive restless energy, anger issues. Once I found creative and physical outlets, it got easier because I realized how forceful I can be. Being in touch with my feelings has made me more productive overall.

    Venus trine Neptune: beware of inertia. I don’t like my creative projects to feel like a chore. Once the ball is rolling its very easy. Momentum is key, having a structure that works, and getting rid of distractions…

    Mercury trine Chiron: I’ve been told by several ppl I would have a good bedside manner as a doctor. I’m very interested in energy healing. This is in my ‘someday’ file 🙂

  21. I’m still laughing @Sonia “Venus in Taurus in the 5th… and I never get laid” comment


  22. Thanks for the “Demystifying Astrology” posts, Elsa. They are very helpful to a newbie such as myself.

  23. I’ve largely squandered my talent for writing, and for making books (my own books, not other people’s) – though the Goddess knows I’ve always tried to find outlets for these talents. I’ve worked hard at it, only to have my efforts so often dashed by stuff beyond my control, sometimes even after I’d got a contract or a promise of one. So hard to keep picking yourself up… so easy to think, the hell with it all – I’ll go walk the dog

    Now I know a bit of astrology I can blame my Mars/Saturn in Cancer conjunction, both Rx, and both squaring my Jupiter and opposing my Sun/Venus!

  24. About conjunctions, how does one differentiate between one that is expressed positively from one that expresses itself negatively?
    For instance I have moon conj neptune and moon conj uranus.
    Would the link to neptune be a more positive, or let’s say they mesh easier given the fact that you can unite moon with neptune because of empathy, imaginary, the unconscious? And should be moon conjunct uranus considered a more difficult conjunction since they are, well, different, kind of butting heads with closeness and detachment, the familiar and the unfamiliar>?
    Also, venus conjunct something it’s usually positive but what if it’s with the sun and it’s below a certain degree. Curious if astrologers take in consideration about the whole ”under the sun’s beams” or even the case where venus is burned by the sun. A venus conjunction is still a conjunction though so how much can it lessen its force. Any thoughts?

    1. This question is worth posing in the forum.

      You’ve got a lot of questions here… but for starters, if your moon is conjunct Neptune and your moon is conjunct Uranus then you have a moon, Neptune, Uranus conjunction and the three bodies would operate together.

      But if you did separate them, a person could argue that moon neptune might feel lost or confused and the moon uranus person has he ability to emotionally detach, which is an asset in many circumstances.

  25. Thank you for replying. Yes, you’re right,it would have been better to resume only to one question per post. I’m not in the forum but maybe other people have this conjunction as well and can chime in how they see it being played in their own chart.
    This conjunction when it’s activated by outer planetary transits it creates havoc but it’s easy to see even when the transiting moon is making aspects to it. It’s also in capricorn. But I am very thankful for that uranus because it’s the absolute best to have a dose of detachment from people and things. But in other circumstances it’s not useful to throw your hands in the air and just exit the room.

  26. I have a rather balanced horoscope/life and nothing has ever been really bad or for that matter, really great. So if something does come along that is out of my comfort zone, I’m paralyzed with fear. I’m not sure what causes that. So, I always try to keep things light and breezy and that sometimes makes me seem shallow.

  27. Good example for me of hard work is Novak Djokovic. How he become number one with working. He has many oppositions.

  28. I’ve discovered I have a bent for acedemia. I have Pluto/Saturn in H3, so I wouldn’t say it’s a natural talent, but one that has been cultivated over time. I have had to diligently hone my communcation skills. I had to practice thinking and writing clearly and thouroughly. I naturally have a mind that likes to get to the bottom of things, so over time I learned how to apply it to produce really good academic research.

    Pluto/Saturn oppose Venus in my chart so I value higher education quite a bit. I value *myself* based on it quite a bit and I am pretty sure I am not done yet. I just completed a masters degree and the next step is more than likely a doctorate.
    That Pluto Saturn conjunction in my 3rd is really dogged. Lol

    1. *Thoroughly

      And also I think I am doing it partly to prove something to myself. I’m in a sort of competition with myself. Venus/9th house in Aries.

  29. But what about uranus/neptune conjunctions? Moon uranus seems more incompatible than moon neptune. But moon neptune can’t be a good conjunction either. They are on the same side but it’s like too much of the same ‘spill’.

  30. blathering for 25 years 😂 you have a way with words!

    Good/bad aspects:

    My t-square with Saturn, Neptune and Venus seems to be one of the biggest parts of my life but I often don’t even realize it (ha, Neptune!) I focus on my Pluto stuff – exact squares to my Sun and Mercury. They really do put a damper on things but that t-square has me all back and forth and turned around. I mean, it’s not all bad at all, but some days it feels like it is.

    For good though, I love my Uranus trine to Sun and Mercury. A little too much. But I also love my Mars-Moon square, even though I know it’s a thorn in other people’s sides sometimes. And of course Moon-Jupiter sextile, keeps me afloat amidst it all.

    I try to appreciate it all for what it is – the complexity I was given – and figure I’ll probably never understand myself very well, with how contradictory so much of it is.

    1. “But I also love my Mars-Moon square, even though I know it’s a thorn in other people’s sides sometimes.” I love this,yes! ❤️‍🔥

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