Resistant To Evil?

evilA society can be or not be resistant to evil.  Boy does that sentence pack a punch!

Just think about it.  A bad thing or a bad person or bad people enter you sphere. This group or entity or whatever it is, spreads. Your sphere may be your family, your neighborhood, your city…whatever.  So then what happens?

If your group is resistant to evil, you would not fall. You’d band together and exorcise the evil force.  If you were not resistant, the evil would invade, spread and eventually take over.

I don’t see current society to be even remotely resistant to evil though I feel  it could become so and quickly.  This is my opinion around how life works.

In the meantime, I intend to make myself (more) resistant to evil.  Saturn – defense.

What do you think about this?

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    Shimmering Light

    I instinctively agree with you, Elsa but also like to play devil’s advocate by asking how you define ‘evil’? There are plenty of things I disagree with in my country (UK) such as, for example, the cult of woke that has infiltrated the education system and civil service, including our (supposedly) conservative government, and the unlimited and illegal immigration of thousands upon thousands of young males of military age and of a culture/religion that is historically inimical to that of the UK/West. I could go on.

    However, there are people who laud these developments and who, for their own ideology and purposes, benefit from this state of affairs. In their eyes anyone trying to stop the curbs on free speech (unless it’s their own) and the idea of protecting the indigenous population is ‘evil’ and must be ousted and punished.

    Who is right and who is wrong or evil?

    Oh, and my preferred planets in this regard are probably Mercury (free speech!) and Mars (fighting for what I think is right).

  2. I think of evil in a classic sense. The devil is evil; prowling the world, seeking the ruin of souls.

    So I’m talking about *deliberately* creating enmity between people, killing innocents, leading a person to sin, etc.

  3. It seems like our personal integrity and ethics have been bronco-busted into a dissolution of our relationship capabilities. It’s either Me or not me . No connection. No culpability. No mi culpa….my community is created by my devices. The refabrication of acceptable values is so sticky right now. Face plant in palm….and yes the creepy hand gestures have me concerned. Hypno-babble

      1. I work with young children and this is the case with all the kids I care for. All they care about is screens. Phone, TV, Tablet.

        We are told to limit, if not outright prohibit any type of screen exposure to kids. But babies are being raised by screens.

        There’s a great lecture on Tedtalk talking about the addiction promoted through screens. It’s called “els@gate” and it’s very informative.

        It’s unsettling to try and teach kids basic language skills and life skills in a small group with none of them paying attention, but as soon as a screen comes on like a computer screen, they stand in front of it like zombies.

        Tiny, 3 feet tall, 40 pound glassy eyed zombies.

        They have no measure of social relationships other than being placated and no resilience to being told ‘no’.

        A lack of Saturn possibly?? Is there a generational thing?? Technology? Can anyone explain?

        I have Saturn in Sag opposing Natal Sun, Houses 9 and 3. I find it disturbing that we are told that early literacy is too much pressure to put on kids. But after learning to read, books and knowledge saved my life. So I can fathom todays educational system denying that.

        1. I have worked with kids my whole life and they have not used screens in school or therapeutic settings. I have been able to make lasting impressions and relationships. If they are in a structured setting where the phone or iPad is not allowed they will thrive. Children crave structure. They need it. It sounds like you might have very small kids where adults have used the screen to stop them from crying or to even babysit them because it is the easy way out and parenting is hard, it’s exhausting and when we see oh look this shuts them right up..I can get stuff done now etc. It is a parenting problem. You just need to use moderation. We used tv just like they use the iPads, but now they have so much available and can take it anywhere. It is teaching instant gratification I have noticed that too.

          1. Yes, unfortunately this is what it’s being used for. ‘Here, I’m busy, watch this screen’. We don’t use the screens to often. Sometimes our curriculum doesn’t provide all the materials like cd for music. So in order to complete the lesson according to the guidelines, we have to look the music and see if there’s a free online version.

            But there’s such a world of difference with children whose parents spend time with them, being emotionally present in their interactions; and children who are accustomed to screens as substitutes.

      2. It all works on the Dopamine Receptors and the triggers to this are built into the games or social media, Apps etc…

        Company ‘Dopamine Labs’ is just one of them…Pavlovian conditioning -we have been studied inside and out down to a T

        “With a magic line of code, DOPAMINE LABS aims to give any app the same addictive power that Facebook, Zynga and others have spent millions to perfect.”

        1. Thanks so much for the response. I totally forgot about the chemical cause. 😂 Mercury and Neptune contacts get me every time!

  4. Yeh an evil seed is best weeded out
    Of your thoughts, your mind , your garden
    Just smell the roses, but don’t let a bee buzz up your nose

  5. I think ‘mind’ and ‘body’ when i think possible evil…the thoughts permeate (why?, how?, from what?) then the action follows. We all have minds and bodies, we are all susceptible to it being clouded or invaded or permeated be it by anyone thing that can cause it to go amiss – from viruses to parasites to high serotonin to methylation issues. Guard your mind and take care of your body (Saturn defense) because if the body is affected it responds to the mind and how it has been conditioned via XYZ

  6. WOW this is a great post!!!
    And also very timely.
    There is so much evil lurking everywhere.

    Pedophile’s, sick people shooting children in schools!!!
    And we could go on , rape of Minor’s.
    Drug peddling.
    And so much chemical pollution in water,sky ,food.

    The brain is getting warped.
    Then the perverted Advertising targeting children, with the evil handsign ,the Horns of the Devil!!!
    No one seems to notice, parents dont correct the kids, its iconic to pose with the devil’s horn pose now, earlier it was Duckface .
    Society is in a downward spiral.
    With more “evil Society’s” openly flounting , The Church of Satan.
    And their tribes.

    Its pervasive,and yes infecting society at large.
    I remember years ago,a friend’s son screening his email to search for video games, and lots of sexually explicit emails.
    When I told him your son is too young to be exposed to that.
    He seemed unconcerned,and said oh he doesn’t notice !!!!

    I stay away from media, Facebook,insta and others.
    Except YouTube.
    And I usually select what I see ,and YouTube gives me more of the same,as that’s how they are programmed.

    Lets hope the Age of Aquarius is coming at us , and will change up everything.

    There are a lot of good people doing good too.
    I m just staying positive

  7. Interesting post and perception. I have Chiron in Aquarius 4th, so this Saturn transit is quite tricky for me. I feel the pull of “fun” instability and chaos versus steady responsibility, Daily.
    I’m not sure our current evil is worse than previous generations; just manifested in a different arena. Our country is basically a Cancer, right? So for our country, this transit is putting the skids on a chaotic Quinqu; forcing our natural love of revolutionary ways and group philanthropies, back into thoughtful, responsible action. Painful but necessary.

    1. oooops. wrong chart in my mind.
      The quinq would be in America’s 8th house, wouldn’t it? Sex, death, legacies, etc. Basically all the main issues we’re fighting about now.
      Makes even more sense, Elsa, your posit that there are whole groups that are and aren’t resistant to evil.
      And the scary thing to me, is Aquarius always seems so positive; except when it’s taken to an extreme. Then it can be just as vicious as any other dark side; just cloaked in virtuous language.

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    Susan Steffen

    A few months ago when I spoke with a world renown Belgian Psychic, she said it was almost (pause), evil the way I was treated by my family. When I went to my first psychic for 5$ in 1977, after she made some sandwiches for her 2 kids, she said, “There is a woman with dark hair that is trying to kill you”. My mom was the only woman I knew with dark hair. Uranus on my ascendent cj Regulus helped me be immune to it. My Dad protected my from them, at least until age 10 when she drove him off. Still, I would tell my sisters that I wasn’t going to help take care of her when she got old- I would take care of my Dad, but not her. I was happy for her that she took everything for herself, as long as she left me alone.

  9. “. . . but against Principalities against Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.” Ephesians 6:12
    Spiritual Warfare has existed since the Garden of Eden and the Fall. The major difference in this Paradigm Shift we are experiencing in these days is that Demonic Evil is now becoming palpable in the 3D.
    Theologians and people of Faith can “see” it and others who are limited to the material world scramble to put labels, names or professional jargon around just to be able to cope.
    Aries Rising

  10. “If you keep an open mind, people will fill it with garbage.”

    Right now most people are too scared or too comfortable to be resistant but I can definitely see that changing – quickly, as you said – over the next decade, give or take.

  11. So what would be pure evil at the root?

    Perhaps changing the human DNA?

    Well we have it, first studies out of Sweden Lund University, Marcus Aldén (first author) showing in a lab that the Pfizer vaccine is literally altering the human Genome. BOOM ~ Evil!!!!

    On a side note GINA aka Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act was brought up (where I saw this being discussed) and a whole new way to sue for genetic discrimination may very well be a reality for those who did not get the shot and are discriminated against for their decision.

    Is there even a correlation in astrology to such evilness ~

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