Uranus Transit To Venus In Scorpio

madame alexander scorpio dollI had a friend from twenty years ago pop up overnight.  We met when I was pregnant or shortly after my daughter was born, I don’t remember which. I was surprised and happy to see her name.

I was surprised because while I think of her a lot…but I never expected to hear from her. I was happy because she was not pissed off at me!

She has a good reason to be pissed off at me. I don’t know yet, why this is not the case. But I detached from her, quite unexpectedly. It was very cold of me. COLD.

I was an astrologer then as well. Uranus in Aquarius was squaring her Venus in Scorpio when this occurred. I saw the transit at the time and knew what was happening.

I wrote her back right away. I told how it was to hear from her and that I was embarrassed and sorry for what I did back then. I told her why I did it, not implying that the action I took was warranted because it was not.  But just in case she’d wondered, over the years, because I gave her no clue.

To have to apologize and to not be berated is a real gift.  She was always an extremely graceful person – just incredible.  So maybe I’m going to get one of my friends back…from this era – Losing Friends During Pluto’s Transit Of The 11th House.

Have you ever had a similar experience? What happened?

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  1. This interests me. Is there any astrology to a friend coming back?
    I’d think if Pluto wiped a friend off there might be something to learn from this? I recently went through something like this. Lost a friend I’ve known for years. (noticed progressed pluto was in 11th house)I found out some lies and I can’t see her the same way again. I miss her sometimes but then I remember the lies. 🙁 I’ve thought to myself if we’d ever move on and be friends again… You just never know. Time will tell.

    1. I haven’t had a chance to process this yet…and I also don’t know to what extent we might reconnect. We’ve both left Colorado.

      Venus in Scorpio, in general, is capable of resurrecting a relationship. But I know how you feel.

      I have another friend I broke with and it causes me ache. We’ve both tried to repair the relationship at different times but it’s not happened.

      This bothers me because these deep friendships are not that common. I’ve had maybe 8 or 10 in all my life. Generally, they break over a death…or in this case, maybe a birth.

  2. The loss of friendship I suffered beginning in 2006 when Pluto entered my 11th house was previously unimaginable to me. The new friends perhaps are more my soul mates. I still suffer the fear of more loss but have developed an attitude of acceptance and a settling into myself that I did not previously have. I’ve learned to be alone and am definitely cultivating my uniqueness.

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