The Use, Misuse, Or Non Use Of Energy

I made a  rude comment about Venus Neptune in contrast to Venus Saturn on Taking The Heat – Standing Up For Your Friends.  I can this do because I have Venus square Neptune in my own chart.

Stephanie and wyrdling asked about people who have Venus in aspect to both.

If someone has Venus in aspect to Saturn and Neptune it just means both energies are going to be (ever)present in their relationships. But I always point out, all energy is neutral until it is directed. We have free will. There is no telling the specifics of how a person is going to use their resources.

It’s like giving someone a palette with certain paint on it and expecting to know what they are going to put on the canvas. They may make something magnificent, something grotesque or something will elements of both. But for all I know, they are going to let the paint dry into hard lumps and do nothing! Potential, right? Wasted potential. Wasted energy.

So says my 8th house.

Do you feel direct the energy available to you?

5 thoughts on “The Use, Misuse, Or Non Use Of Energy”

  1. well, of course, and i’ve seen my good neptune relationships and my bad neptune relationships, and the same for saturn. 😉 i can list all those things out. i just get worried (saturn) about deluding myself (neptune) probably because i have been horribly (saturn/pluto) lied to (neptune) ;P
    i was just amused at the contrast you made between the two and trying to tie the two together in my head….

    and i think i’ve drawn to myself lessons to show me the dangers of the things i tend to look for in partners so i can avoid then. i just need to be careful that i don’t talk myself out of relationship entirely (saturn loooooves doing that. and that aquarius moon that would rather run at the first sign of anything trying to stick me down.)

  2. I have both Saturn and Neptune in aspect to Venus. I think my Saturn has more control (wink) over my venus. Neptune only trines Venus while Saturn is conjunt it plus my moon is in cap in the 11th house. However thinking about it now, I could have possibly tricked myself, because Im just realising as I type how Neptune uncontrolling controls, doh.

    I did affiliate with the whole Saturn-Venus talk. Im the un-fair weathered friend. Friends are more likey to come to me in trouble, need ( I suppose that could be a Neptune thing) and they know Im going to stick when it counts (saturn).

    Neptune blurs friendship boundaries, though.
    Its a to and fro thing. I find I have to continually draw lines to escape for some space because I get stuck in a routine my friends like to make. Its funny, i think im getting the hang of using the energy better now.

    Its like the whole Saturn-Neptune aspect thing – unreal reality which is real, its weird but its normal to be weird.

  3. My mother has venus conjunct saturn and neptune in the 12th house.

    I see this as the fact that she is very romantic but has only had two romantic attachments in her life.

    One was secret and the dream never became legit – that’s how I see the 12th house in it.

    They oppose jupiter and she was married to a very bouyant person who travelled alot.

  4. the neptune thing about boundries and friendships hit me hard this morning. Thanks Skye …I think I’ll go spend this day horseback riding and absorb it. The search for me continues. 🙂

  5. Am pretty sure I misuse my intense energy and am hoping to learn how to…. fix this! I have venus in leo in the 12th in t-square with neptune and saturn….

    Somehow I’m always confused. I think the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa–
    For sure this permeates all my relationships. Good and steady people are attracted to me though. I’m grateful for that…

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