Integrity In Love: Venus Aspecting Saturn, Venus in Capricorn

My Scorpio ex-husband with Venus in Capricorn did something else of high integrity after our divorce. It’s almost shockingly abnormal until you hear about it at which point you realize it is utterly normal to do the right thing, even if hardly anyone ever does.

When we divorced, I felt very bad about it. I was wracked with guilt and the people around me fed this. He didn’t but the public did. With Neptune on the midheaven I am forever up against the public projections like that and I was just getting crushed so with Venus square Neptune, I just gave him the money… overly so.

Now this is per my nature. I don’t fight over money but about a year after our divorce the veil lifted and I realized the settlement really was unfair so I called him.

“I think the divorce is off. The money.”

“The same thing has occurred to me. How much do you think it’s off?”

“$27,000,” I said.

“Yeah, that sounds about right. I’ll send you a check tomorrow.”

And so he did.

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9 thoughts on “Integrity In Love: Venus Aspecting Saturn, Venus in Capricorn”

  1. That’s very cool…my ex did the opposite. However, in general, I personally find that most people try to do the right thing.

  2. I can completely relate to your ex’s actions as that is something I would have done too . . . Both your ex & the Soldier share a bone deep sense of integrity, at least from what you have said about their actions on your blog. Now it’s possible to acknowledge someone has good character and still be impossible to live with!! 🙂

  3. My ex is similarly minded. It’s nice to see in a day and age when divorce is seen as a bitter thing, a horrific ending, instead of what we (my ex and I) have agreed is a better beginning to the rest of our lives. 🙂

  4. I did that with an ex a few years ago. It was the kind of relationship that we were on/off/on/off…it was heart breaking really. When I moved out, I paid the next months rent, gave some notice and left him all the items we bought ‘together’…several hundreds worth or more so he could sell for $. He was in tighter straights than me, but it was also all of his own undoing…I mean not working for a year and living off CC’s?? He is doing better now and we are friends.

    I had an Ex from many yrs ago were it also ended on civil terms and he helped me out. Though he was/is quite fiscally well off, but it spoke volums on how far he and I had come…I will always be appreciative that he offered and was helpful. We are friends also.

    I think that respect and kindness go a long way. And I’m not talking monetarily, those were just examples of one thing…integrity traverses.


  5. My Venus is in Capricorn.
    I am always looking for loyalty in relationships as well as in money matters but money matters don’t depend on Venus sign according to me.
    (well I don’t see a link between money and Venus in a chart except when it is related to the 2nd or 8 House)
    You should first look at the black moon position in the synastry with your ex (a black moon of your partner in your 8 or 2nd house will always refuse to give you money)
    Then u should look at Venus and other planets in the houses studying the synastry between 2 problems are more about houses according to me.

    My father has his Venus (Gemini) in my mother’s 2nd house and in my 8 House….: when they divorced he always gave her money for me…

  6. Monica, you got me curious so I looked. His black Moon is in my 2nd, opposite my Sun within a degree.

    He did give me the money… not sure if there is some confusion about that.

  7. I’m heartened by this story as I too have Venus in Capricorn. Often textbook descriptions are dry with this placement ie. lacking in personal magnetism, overly serious etc. However lets add honorable to the list.

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