Mercury (Retrograde) Square Neptune In Pisces, Into January, 2024 – Gaslighting

gaslightMercury is now squaring Neptune in Pisces. Gaslight City, okay!

Please note this square will repeat three times between now and January 9th.

Here are the dates of the exact aspects:

  • November 27, 2023 24 degrees
  • December 27, 2023 25 degrees
  • January 9, 2024 25 degrees

Ideally, Mercury delivers a message, efficiently. Also, people think and speak, clearly and you can rely on what they say.

I guess we need a LAUGH break right here.

Expect delays! In fact, Mercury will be retrograde as of December 14th.  Shop early?  But really, the effects of this will be pervasive and I am already seeing them, clearly.

Case in point, the disappearing writing. I post something I think is hella interesting, no one says a word. I have no idea why. My go-to is that is was incomprehensible. I’m always willing to take responsibility.

My next idea is that it’s too foreign, maybe people want to gauge their reaction based on who others react.

My idea after that is I simply wrote poorly, put too many concepts in one post and / or used too much code.

In all cases, I know I have no earthy idea what the problem is… I deal with this by erasing (Neptune) the words (Mercury)… you say there were words…?

big fishAnother example; this one was a hidden message in it (Mercury Neptune). I’m just off the phone with a friend.  Her boyfriend, who was drunk and acting an ass called the police on her.  This is a sober Capricorn, with co-dependent Libra moon.  He said he had a “domestic situation”.

The police arrived and he told them she was out of control. She spoke with them and told them she was fine and they could see how drunk he is. They told her, ‘You look out of control to me.”  And, “You’re the one who appears drunk…”

The man is hooked up, see?  So this was one convoluted conversation.

Luckily, she had the sense to shut up and absorb the humiliation.

Mercury in Sagittarius is all about truth… which will be concealed with Neptune in Pisces, squaring, except for when the veil lifts, which is something that happens, especially if you have some “fairy eyes”, if you know what I mean.

Now these are two hard core example that happened this weekend. This things hasn’t even begun to cook.  There are serious fish tales going to come out of this.

36 thoughts on “Mercury (Retrograde) Square Neptune In Pisces, Into January, 2024 – Gaslighting”

    1. If you show up here, but not there, you are probably blocked, *there*.

      It’s also possible all the comments you read *there* are not real. But please see my explanation to Cassandra for more info.

      1. Well, often these comments show up hours later, intact..So I think it’s a ghost in the machine…I don’t comment on sites where I am blocked or subject to discriminatory moderation…

  1. I don’t know what fairy eyes are. Can you elaborate? I have two really serious things happening in the next couple of weeks where I expect people to not be dishonest. I would like any advantage I can get.

  2. Strange, I asked what fairy eyes were do to having two important events coming up that I expect people to be dishonest. I put a typo so I added the correction and now the first is gone. Hope this isn’t what is to be expected for the next 6 weeks.

    1. Hi, Cassandra. Yes, this is an example of confusing communication. What happened here? I went to sleep. You left a comment but it went into the spam filter. “Why” is a mystery, but usually it’s because your IP has been flagged as a spammer. I am not the one who does this. These spam filters are internet-wide and constantly updated. AI, and we’ve have these for twenty years, that I know of.

      This does not mean you are a spammer! It’s possible you’ve been assigned an IP, used by a spammer in the past. You can check your blacklist status here:

      You then left two more comments, directed to the spam bin. I marked you “not spam”, which is how the reputation of your IP is repaired. It’s generally a very fast update… because, AI. Point being, you will probably be okay in a day or two; a week at the most. It constantly updates, again, internet-wide.

      The delay was because I was asleep, of course. 🙂

    2. I just realized I did not respond to the fairy eyes question. Sorry! Fairy eyes can see through the veil, at least intermittently. Or perhaps it lifts for them.

      There are fairy ears, too. They can hear whispers, and people tend to like whispering things to them as well. I think this may be because the fairy is so delighted.

      Most people, if given a chance, would opt to delight a fairy!

      1. Thank you for the reply on all fronts.
        I would have guessed about the fairy eyes, but seeing how important and tricky communication is I thought I would ask.
        Then typos, spam IP addresses ect.. I had to laugh.
        I have two really important, coming to completion, events coming in the next few weeks that I really want to take the high road on.
        My birthday Astro reading from you said I will feel better right about now, and sure as can be I do. I believe it’s my Scorpio rising and Venus (or I could be wrong) that are making things very clear, my words are effective, and my self esteem and luck have been such a welcome relief.
        Thank you for what you do, Elsa

  3. Elsa, I cannot fathom how you are able to write so much, and so eloquently. You’re able to capture prevailing moods and cultural currents (and undercurrents…you really dial into these, and my Scorp moon feels seen and validated.)
    Personally, if I had more (in fact, any) discipline, I would have a comment for nearly every post you write. Many times I start to reply and before long I’m rambling so I…erase all the words! Just as you said above. It’s a phenomenon that you have identified.
    I have to imagine there are so many like me, very invested in your writing, but who find it hard to reciprocate with our own words. Please forgive us, we are out here, and we are with you. My natal Gemini Saturn opposes Sag Neptune, both square Virgo Mercury. Transiting Saturn in Pisces is completing the grand cross…I can barely form sentences, or return texts or phone calls. Oceans of ideas are flooding my brain, but when I try to put them into words, actually communicate…the words disappear. Going crazy! I had to make myself complete this one comment though, so you know that you are not crazy: yes, your posts are infinitely interesting, and people are reading. And yes, sometimes I do want to see what others are saying before I reply. Reading others’ comments sometimes takes away the urge, because someone else said it better.

    1. Hey Ade,
      I think exactly like you.
      I find all the things written by Elsa interesting, but I have nothing to say!
      Pretty frustrating…

    2. Thank you for this, Ade. I appreciate it! Your writing, above, is evocative. It’s good to know you’re there. I hope you saw the posts about the genicon. I wish I could explain the F out of this because I understand it to the depths of the planet core. But… mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur — the world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived? What choice is there?

      I do understand your plight, though. I hope you understand mine!

      1. I too struggle to write anything online and I often start and then delete. I am endlessly impressed by those who can articulately express themselves publicly, thank you Elsa you are truly inspiring. Maybe it’s a skill I just need to practice, so hear goes…

        “mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur — the world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived”
        Elsa, thank you, this just perfectly captures what I have been trying to say for the last 3 years. For my own health and sanity have had to shift from being angry at people for not questioning anything, to accepting this is just where some are at this time in history.

        Phew… that only took 20 minutes to write one sentence, and I am not going to delete it even though I really really want to. Oh the self criticism is so strong! “I sound arrogant”, “it’s not even about astrology”, “who cares what you think!?”
        Hit Post Comment ffs!
        Should I remove ffs? Will it offend people?
        Oh dear.

        1. goshhh i could squish hug you sarah… because i feeel your angst and frustration soooo much…

          i think your writing was finely good by the way ~*~

    3. Avatar
      Anna-Lisa Stardust van der Valk

      Agreed! thank you for putting into words what I often think and feel too! and thank you Elsa for such richly woven stories to help explain things!

      1. thank you for your comments I feel like you wrote. My entire life. Always misunderstood, misconstrued or have had others put words in my mouth I never said or never intended to either. At 54, I have just been conditioned to not say anything
        and it really has taken a toll on my spirit. I have natal Mercury in Pisc opposite Pluto & square my ASC/DSC. and this Neptune in Pisces conjunct my Mercury has not helped. I dont even what to imagine how Neptune in Aries will effect me. 6 Aries Sun among other planets in Libra/Aries. Thank you for putting in words how I feel. I hear you & comprehend you!!:)

    4. oh ADE you are absolutely not alone!!!
      that is me doing those behaviours and having the same o_O thoughts and ‘stuff’ alll. the. time.

      in fact i am struggling with this yet again now because i have spells where i feel i might express something useful or relevnat but so much info wants to come out [especially on elsas pages] .. and my words or sentences are always back the front and i have to try and reorder it to make even the vaguest sense to anyone… so i binge message for a weeeee hour or two then i run away in embarrassment and shame all over again… until i get brave enough or take enough of my add medication or like this last evening 6 cups sgreen tea! 😉 which explains why im here typing to you at 3.27am here .. 😀 also, i blame my background soundtrack of rain thunderstorm sleep video… its sooo soothing … chOw~

  4. This is discomforting. I have important business to complete and live in a place that is rife with deception, gas lighting just general taking advantage of people. It doesn’t help part of this has to be done long distance.
    And I live with someone who has a Pisces Moon, Jupiter and Chiron luckily we both have Neptune in Scorpio.
    I agree with the above readers @Elsa. I enjoy your writing (after all I bought your book : ) and sometimes just can’t think of anything to contribute. I have found too sometimes my comment will be the last after only a few before mine and I wonder why. But I’m sure it’s not due to your writing!
    Keep up the good work Elsa! And Happy 🍽 Thanksgiving 🦃🙏

  5. My sister has Mercury in Sagittarius Nataly, and one thing I’ve noticed is that she always talks in the first person, e.g., “I’m going to Croatia” when, in fact, she’s not going alone but with her husband, etc.
    Another thing that she does is to speak without using the subject or, in some cases, the object. So I’m constantly having to ask: Who said, did what? Who or what are you talking about? Basically it makes understanding her quite difficult and she’s often misunderstood although she thinks she’s making perfect sense. P.s. Mercury in Taurus here 😉

  6. That baby GIF is so cute! 😍

    Mercury is currently out of bounds, declination wise, since 15th November, so it may be feeling like the retrograde has started already!

    By the time it returns within the normal declination bounds on 13th/14th, it will station retrograde, and that’s when all the shenanigans will begin.

    We have the Mercury square Neptune yes, but we will also have Mercury trine Jupiter three times as well.

    Furthermore, Jupiter will be slowing down and ready to station direct. They will both station direct, remarkably, only a day apart – New Year’s Day!

    Note that Jupiter had stationed retrograde during the PREVIOUS Mercury retrograde in September. Maybe truths coming to light about that time? There is a feeling of course correction with this, a retrospective look at higher truths and personal morals (Jupiter), righting the wrongs perhaps.

  7. Hi Elsa! Thank you for all of the wonderful newsletters that you are sending us, giving us so much useful information and food for thought. Also, congratulations on listening to people’s problems and assisting them.

    I’d like to share a thought I had about gashlighting.I think it has more to do with a Mercury – Pluto interaction rather than a Mercury – Neptune. Pluto can become ultra “nasty,” and in such state, s/he enjoys secretly manipulating others and playing wild games with their brains. What do you think?

    1. I see what you mean, Thomas. I associate it with Neptune because it’s disabling. It makes a person think they’re crazy. Mind virus.

      I don’t really see Pluto as manipulative… it’s transforming, healing. You’d have to add Mars for intent?

      1. Pluto is not manipulative? I am surprised by that statement of yours, Elsa! Pluto is the very archetype of manipulation! The man considered to be the patriarch of propaganda and manipulation, Joseph Goebbels, had a Stellium in Scorpio! Edward Bernays, another major manipulation and propaganda agent, was a Scorpio! No Mercury – Neptune aspect can reach the level of nasty manipulation a Mercury – Pluto aspect can reach!

        1. Scorpio is Mars ruled! And I am not talking about manipulation – you are. I am talking about gaslighting.

          Anyway, we can just disagree. Because I do not tie Pluto to manipulation, though a Plutonian may opt to manipulate someone. Period.

  8. dammmmnn elsa.. another one… that story is mine also! [not the drinking part actually] except again the reverse… they believed him and supervised him taking my 3 kids [including nursing bub] out the door interstate…**LeGiT** even though my old foster parents were on the phone from interstate telling the police what they know!!!
    i had deliberately calmed down from my foster mothers [trauma therapist] advice on phone so husband doesnt get to showpony that im hysterical out of context …(i was livid because -his head had spun, thats what it felt like- and on a whim, just like that.. decided he was taking the kids to his mothers house who he despises)…. the police chaperoned him to the car, and told my foster mother on phone -“she [i] seem calm so must be okay with it”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    maybe this is why i always feel invisible… ive been gaslit sooooooo much ive turned into fumes !

  9. so my dilemma with this mercury square neptune thingy… is
    i had remembered
    and was starting to prepare that mercury was going retrograde..
    and reminded myself of where it sits for my husband… always planning ahead.. and my children.
    but forgot about the neptune square…

    i was already a bit nervous because i have and am currently doing major hitorical writings for medical practitioners so they can stop diagnosing me on one thing and put pieces together of bigger picture…
    anyway.. im on disability.. have been long time since kids were young.. and ive been told i need to apply govt paperwork so i can get services i have every right to given i was in the govts care as a child and have had no real therapy or physio anything.. at 49 years old many health condtions but my everyday story is being treated ignorantly beyond a joke by medical persons… the gaslighting has come to a head.. i was finally diagnosed confirmed adhd few years back.. now i have to officiallly write my medical history full of 40 living locations and over 60 traumas just to get them to allow the diagnosis of a couple of workups over last few years regarding ASD.. surprise i dont look or sound like Autistic.. i just seem like an idiot to them… so i have to spend eons of hours trying to trick my brain into opening drawers of information enough for me to be able to get some words down before it all shuts down again… just to prove what i already know…
    i just was put on a medication last 2 weeks.. for my absolute exhaustion from extreme hypersensory and no more than 1-3 hrs sleep a night for nearly two years.. ive tapered off this weekend, because the sideeffects were like i had postnatal depression all over again & was a zombie, and my other illnesses flaring up, even getting meningitis like symptoms and falling over.. so this psych is going to get the shiz with me and again accuse me of being treatment resistant… the last time he did this it was because i couldnt afford my adhd medication, but also because my adhd meds make my teeth move.. i have severe orthodontic problems ive been nursing for over a decade but havent told him because he’ll write that down in his report as me imagining my teeth are moving… [dude, i can show you the photos, of me starting to diary it.. ]… anyhoo…
    gosh.. rambling…
    anyway.. ive been sporadically getting bits and pieces of my already 30 pages of data , that is only about a 1/4 of what needs to be finished..
    i have come to the conclusion – thankyou to the transits of late… its time.. its time.. i stand the fk up to these people im afraid of and tell them.. ive been on this planet nearly 50 yrs of hell, and i know im a bit of a quirky tool, but im not wacko.. just have adhd autism and my imbalance is my perimenopause with not sleeping mixing with my exhausting hypersensory … i will not take your stoopid mind altering weird drugs when all i said was i would like to sleep so i can not be as snappy with my sensory challenges… i have learned who i am over many years, body mind and spirit, doing the work including learning hardcore studying nutrition for all my conditions.. ive done as they told me to go to the pain clinic group course.. now they need to let me have my own voice.. im not a freaking child…
    okay.. stopping.. because this is reaaaally not relevant to anybody. well it was meant to be but as per usual my brain just couldnt basic information with out turning it into a kaleidoscopic monologue of verbal vomit..
    im out…
    all i can say is if they go to gaslight me with the processes of hoops ive got to go through for their protocols, they may get a surprise… i may carry a metaphorical match… especially as then i have to do this same scenario for 2 of my sons… one urgently… i will be texting those dates to myself of the retrograde transits etc to tiptoe around the drs landmines..

    1. Both. That means they square off at 24 degrees, once and 25 degrees twice, meaning Mercury will be in Sadge @ 25 sq Neptune in Pisces @ 25.

      Welcome, Jo L.

  10. Just stopped by to say I had a health care provider lie to me today. He messed up my prescriptions. Messed up the fix. And then lied to me. As well as to the poor go-between office worker he used. The mess up’s were annoying. The gaslighting lie was game over. Lost all respect and can never trust him now.

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