Love And Astrology: What Kind Of Man (Or Woman) Attracts You?

peacock.jpgI am working with a client now, she is trying to break a habit dating lousy men and one of my jobs is to check out the men who have caught her eye on and offer my pathology-check. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is fun and it’s gone well up until today when I gave a thumbs up to a good-looking arrogant machismo bastard without realizing he reflected my own taste!

Once revealed I wrote this:

“I like the machismo culture because everyone knows the men crow and the women run the show. I would kick his ass for him, see? And he’d like it.

As for his specifics, I think he put that stuff in there because he is stupid which I would take as funny. I would woo him and then mock him about his stupid ad and he would be so glad to have found me I would not worry about what he did when I wasn’t there because he would know plain and simple if he did anything at all, not only would I leave but I would have another man in a week and he would never find someone like me again….”

Ha ha ha, I think I may have Venus in Leo. Give me a peacock or give me death!

In fact, I think my ad should say “Insufferable Seeks Insufferable… Boring Stand Back!”

Who do you love and why? Where is your Venus?

29 thoughts on “Love And Astrology: What Kind Of Man (Or Woman) Attracts You?”

  1. Ana, I associate the 5th with the Sun… creativity and children (which are in my mind the ultimate creative act).

    Your tastes are strictly Venus.. the Moon what feels like home to you, etc. etc.

    The showboat makes my Venus go ooh la la and then my Mars hunts him so my Moon can have security and blah, blah, blah…

  2. I love difficult people. People who I can make impact on, privately and just over-all. I love people who can transform me and who I can transform as well. I think love transforms, if it doesn’t, then it’s just too regular for me. I like people who are not afraid to get intense and who aren’t afraid of giving it their all in love. I don’t see it as a scale, I see it as it’s all or nothing. People who can put up with me and my emotionally loaded conversations. I’m ALWAYS emotional. I also like arrogance because arrogance to me signifies ideals and high standards. I like independence, maybe not for good reasons though. I like extroverts, happy people. I like strong-minded people. Assertiveness, sensuality ( never sexuality ), grounded earthy/fiery types with the watery sensibility and emotional openess. BUT my main concern is transformation.

    Venus in Scorpio
    Venus Conjunction Pluto in Scorpio
    Venus Trine Ascendant in Cancer

    I don’t really have any Venus aspects. Does that mean I’m like romantically impaired? lol

  3. My Venus is in Scorpio
    Mars is in Virgo
    Venus: square Jupiter (Leo), trine Ascendant (Pisces)

    The guy I’ve had the hots for for the last year is a Scorpio (he’s got the “eyes” for sure) and he dresses really well (is that where the Virgo comes in?). Not sure what the other stuff means.

    Elsa, did you say something about a lightning bolt when you and the soldier saw (see?) each other? It’s like that for me when I see him. Bam! Funny thing is, I’ve never been attracted to dressed up guys before…

  4. I like men who like me. With a personality that mine can’t crush. Sometimes I like “warriors” – street smart and intellectually dumb and physically intimidating and a little rough around the edges. And sometimes I like tall, wispy, emotionally sensitive, and deep. And kind. Big dumb gentle giants. Or tall and deep with quiet gentle ways.

    My ideal is the character Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park.

    Mars in Gemini. Venus in Virgo. Aquarius moon.

  5. 8th house aries venus– I like an confident/arrogant/proud man with depth. maybe even secrets. and who likes sex.

  6. my venus is in gemini and neptune in the 7th, I am all about feeling their impact and I really like to be intrigued… it seems to amount to me liking selfish artists who can impress me…. but they do have to be clever.

  7. 2nd house Libra Venus. I like him to “be” somebody, smart or cultured. At this point in my life, I like financial success, too. A nice car, nice house, as well. MUST BE socially appropriate and skilled. Foreign language and culture. Has to know good food and wine. I don’t care about height, but on the thin side. Generous and affectionate, very verbal/good writing skills. Strong libido who surprises my mind and imagination to get me/keep me hot & bothered. And of course, tireless and intense in bed!

  8. Venus in Taurus = stable
    Mars in Leo = special, flashy
    Juno in Aquarius = please, please let him be weird because everyone else bores me!

    Yeah, you can see how well THOSE traits combine…

  9. Venus in Libra 7th house. So many different kinds. To a great extent, Relationships = Life. Relationships with my partner, children, family, friends, clients, the new people that I meet every day, home, self, nature, money, travels.

  10. Ohhhh. I like this topic. It is quite timely. We are getting frisky on the Elsa blog these days. Wassup with that?

    I never know what kind of man will snare. It is more about the inert energy than the looks. However, I tend to grovel for the darkly Scorpio, uber-sexual, rough around the edges males but thats because I am a fairly masuline (I think) woman and I know these men even though they don’t know that I know, you know? I had one woman tell me I was the most feminine woman she ever knew and I almost died from shock.

    However, I find most men are intimidated by me as a rule and that can be tiresome. If they are not intimidated, then it’s triply exciting because those men don’t come around very often. But if they do, I will get them.

    I want grand passion, physicality and a worthy conquest. Once I have my sights on someone who has my rapt attention it is like hunter and hunted. I do not give up. Ever. I usually get what I want but it might take me awhile.

    Venus in Leo. Scorpio rising. Mars in Sag.

    Sorry. Rambling. Too much pino grigio 2nite. Giggle.

  11. Gonna have to think about this one a bit – I’ve written my answer four times and still can’t get my words right. ๐Ÿ™‚ (talk about a frustrated gemini! *chuckle*) Mostly, though, I love people I am comfortable with. I’m just trying to peg down what about someone else makes me comfortable with him or her.

    Venus conjunct Mars 2nd house Cancer, opposite 8th house Jupiter in Cap

  12. Relationships with others plus your relationship with yourself times the power of your heart to the infinite degree.

  13. I always thought I liked them quirky and verbal and looking something like Jason Lee in Mall Rats (probably my male counterpart, I’m not sure). I also thought I had a big thing for Aquarians. But Aquarians annoy me as I get to know them, especially a friend I keep clashing with. Plus I have Venus in Cancer and the guys that end up attaching to me after a while are Cancers or Scorpios, water signs. Who knows. I’ll wait and see.

  14. I love everybody! I fall in “love” with almost all the men I meet. It’s a problem, I swear. Also, I can’t deal with dumbasses. Mercury in the 7th conjunct Venus, if I can’t have some kind of interesting, stimulating conversation with I guy, I don’t care if he’s freaking Brad Pitt, I’m out like a light bulb. Intelligence is hotter than a griddle in July…or something else really hot.

    There is a lot of Scorpio love here! I love them too but I thought they were do difficult and attract negative energy and dangerous? Maybe it’s the power thing. Power is definitely damn sexy.

  15. I have a very specific type of guy I like: he’s got to be a “golden boy,” very smart, driven, successful, but also humble, ethical, and loyal. Too much arrogance and/or aggression is a real turn-off for me. Aries Venus-Saturn conjunction in the 5th square Cappy Moon.

  16. Sun Aquarius, Venus Aquarius, Mars Pisces, Venus trine Jupiter and Saturn.

    I have to be with someone who is intelligent and who I can have a good debate with. If I get intellectually bored, it’s over. Sadly, I also think that I am attracted to extremes, people who have lots of ups and downn. Someone with lots of intensity! Someone who I can “Save”. As much as I’m tough and always want to be the strongest and get my way, I am attracted to men who are even stronger.

    Out of the 4 significant romantic relationships I’ve had in my life 2 were with Cancers, 1 with Libra, 1 with Aquarius.

  17. I don’t like too much arrogance or aggresion either. 10th house venus in Aries opp. saturn and trine uranus, 7th house cap w/neptune on descendant.

    I usually like mysterious, deep, quiet types. Caring, considerate, perceptive, someone who makes me feel taken care of. With a touch of rebel, and a mischievious smile…lol. I always liked Clint Eastwood ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Liberal, forward-thinking, smart men who love culture and politics. A love of learning, words & thought. And an irreverent sense of humor that overrides everything. Like Monica says – “If I get intellectually bored, itโ€™s over.” Quirky looks – definitely not “pretty” men!

    Most importantly: I’ve always looked for someone who holds almost nothing sacred; who will fearlessly examine any topic from every side, without prejudice, & not let learned/emotional reactions get in the way of THINKING about anything! But who is kind about living his beliefs, and is charitable – not rigid & NOT judgemental. (Well, for the most part, anyway; as much as any of us can actually do all of that…!)

    I have Mars in Gemini (in 9th), closely sextile both Venus (in 7th) & Uranus in Leo (in 11th), & Venus closely trine Uranus. Mercury’s also in the 7th, in Pisces.

    Then, my Venus is square Saturn in the 4th – so whenever I’ve found this kind of man, I immediately think I’m not good enough for him & he’s sure to leave me anyway! Luckily for me, I found just such a man & married him!

  19. Actually, it’s probably a good idea for me to put this out there. . . to put into words the kind of man I am attracted to (though has been hard to find) – humble is the first thing, quiet (as in strong, silent type), but can also be personable (not the guy who is off in the corner being antisocial), yes, definitely strong silent type who is a bit of a homebody (as I am) but likes to travel some (as I do). And, in many ways, a regular guy – who can watch sports, news, have man needs (not like a metrosexual that’ll compete with my womanly stuff). . . ๐Ÿ™‚ And definitely dark (hair, features), taller, and good in bed. (Though, not good as in practiced ๐Ÿ™‚ – but earthy.) – Hmm…. wonder what sign this would be? (I dated a scorpio like this, but unfortunately he was not to be trusted – or at least that’s the impression he gave me.)

    I guess I have Venus in Aquarius (is that loud and clear?):)

  20. Avatar
    Johnnie Johnnie Johnson

    I have Venus in Libra, and I definitely love all kinds of (especially) physical beauty. That doesn’t seem strange or unusual at all, but some years back, I also noticed (especially when internet and/or phone meeting/dating became popular) that everyone I had ever been really in love with in my life was someone with a (to me) beautiful voice. Some of these voices I can still hear in my mind, though I haven’t heard them in real life for like 40 years perhaps.

  21. intensity, uniqueness, originality, intelligence, depth, wisdom.

    i guess i could go on, but those are what spring to mind first.

  22. Looking back at my boyfriends — I have always gone for very good-looking, but not conventionally so.

    Intellect is sexy. Tell me that you have a museum membership and my knees go weak. I don’t know what happened to my generation, but a lot of the males missed the boat on critical thinking.

    Venus in Virgo wants as close to perfection as I can find, and so: tall, lean, smart, sociable, well-read. Everybody who meets him loves him, and that makes a Leo sun proud.

    I don’t really know what my Pisces moon is on about but I guess that’s par for the course.

  23. I have Venus Conjuncting Moon in Gemini and Mars in Cancer (trines Saturn). I actually just realised, I tend to go for pretty and rather youngish looking guys. I don’t go for younger guys but people with cute faces. I love people wh truly appreciates and loves their family and home.
    They have to hold a conversation with me for hours and hours. Also they have to be career focused and successful. It’s not about the money but the aims and goals in their life.

  24. My guy, who yes I love, is *exactly* like doublecappy described above. Yup, lucky me!:-)

    he is Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in pisces, Aries rising

    (I’m sag, Moon aqua,Venus in Libra (8th/9th), Mars aqua, aqua rising.)

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