What Causes A Person To Be Unpredictable?

I’ve become unpredictable. It’s possible I have always been unpredictable. If so, I’ve become more unpredictable! I’ll explain.

My husband is psychic and visionary.  Ten years ago he warned me to expect a particular thing to occur. It was a horrifying prospect at the time. He felt this situation would develop and it would hurt me deeply. It would rip my guts out.

This made a lot of sense at the time.  I appreciated the heads up.  I have Capricorn, right? Forewarned is forearmed.

Fast-forward to today, the situation he warned me of has manifested. It’s exactly as he said it would be, except for my reaction.  Rather than feeling despair, I feel the exact opposite. I feel joy. I am proud and full of hope for the future.

It’s as if there is a future due to this thing happening. A year ago there was nothing but a black hole.

My feelings surprised me to such an extent, I’ve kept them to myself for the last few months. I’ve just had little to say. But last night, I explained myself in detail to my husband. I could tell by the look on his (Scorpio Moon poker) face, he was surprised.   And he should be surprised because it’s surprising.

On a spiritual level this is a classic example of God making something good of something bad. Astrologically, I give it to major changes in my progressed chart.

A couple years ago, both Jupiter and Uranus changed signs in my progressed chart.  This is super-rare.  Just imagine the radical change of perspective. It’s akin to being catapulted to a galaxy far, far, away. The progressed planets aspect each other at zero degrees and will for the next five years or so. I’m sure how to describe the scope of this. It’s simply out of bounds.

Have you had a similar experience? Woke up to realize you’ve been moved a million miles in what amounts to a blink of time? Have you had an progressed outer planet change signs?

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  1. Weird.

    To check this, I checked my progressed chart, five years from now. At that time, I will have five (progressed) planets in Scorpio.


    1. Sorry. I can’t name specifics. But just imagine, imagining a terrible, heart-wrenching situation that might come up in your future. Something you would not want to face, so you just hope you’ll never have to. You want to be spared!

      But that’s not what happens. You are NOT spared. The exact thing that was foreseen, occurs, but inexplicably and surprisingly, your emotional reaction is 180 degrees from what one would have predicted.

      *This* is what has happened. To me it like being cut, DEEPLY, but rather than the profuse bleeding one would expect from such an injury…well, it just doesn’t occur.

      Progressed Jupiter in Aquarius aspecting Uranus.

      Yeah, baby. Expect the unexpected good thing!

        1. I have Jupiter in the 8th house of Taurus. Lol, opposite my Sun in Scorpio conjunct Neptune. Brutal and dissolutional but it makes me laugh. Jupiter square Saturn. Just something I work at. Thank for Jupiter for providing me light.

  2. My Jupiter will enter in Cancer… about 7 years from now. At that Ponit it will be & degrees away from a perfect trine with my Scorpio Uranus.

    I am looking forward to see how it manifests in my life

  3. Interesting angle to things that do happen over time. I’m 70 and know only because I’m still alive how predictable outcomes can have a very different emotional feel. Uranus is conjunct my Natal Uranus and looking or feeling things differently is happening for me now.

    The Progressed Charts and outer planet quotient? That’s some good info. Will order me one, it’s been 6 yrs since I ordered one from you.

  4. I don’t understand.
    Suppose a person has Uranus at 29° of a sign in natal, would it be that rare for it to change signs in their lifetime?
    And Pluto, which is even slower?
    But progressed charts are Chinese to me!

    1. It would be less rare if born with Uranus at 29 degrees. But you’re talking about roughly 1 in 30 people and Uranus can remain at one degree for 30-50 days or so (30-50 years, progressed). Plus the planet might be retrograde or turn retrograde before it’s ingress into the next sign..

      Most people are born with Uranus NOT at 29 or 0 degrees so this change does not occur for the broad majority of people.

      And it may occur when a person is a baby, or very old. For example when someone goes into a nursing home, that might signify something.

      But when I said, “rare”, I really meant that both Jupiter and Uranus flipped for me within a month or so. And they’re in aspect by sign.

      1. Thanks for the explanation!
        I understand much better how the word rare applies to the situation, with 2 planets flipping at once!
        I hadn’t included that option in my ponderings.
        I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time!!!

  5. PS, I think this is pretty funny and also Saturn Neptune (see the tag). Because people attempt to cut me and I am so far, far, far away from where they think I am.

    Do X to Elsa and she’ll do Y.

    But really, X does not even exist anymore, if you’re standing where I am.

    This old Simon and Garfunkel song played in my head as I wrote this. 🙂

    My mother played this album a million times when I was growing up. We used to dance crazy to this… like Gray’s Anatomy. 🙂

    I feel *that* good. And so very surprised.

    My husband was listening intently. He’s not easy to shock, that’s for sure. And what I told him is undeniable. It’s like obvious truth that I could not have conceived of ten years ago.

  6. Super cool. Trauma is funny though, sometimes our brains can react to it with endorphins I would imagine. It can be spiritual and euphoric, especially if it comes with an epiphany that there is a higher purpose for it.

  7. Yes, but not outer planet change in progressed chart, but transiting Pluto leaving 8th house for ninth. This has been hell, can’t believe I’m still here – tsunami of the soul! Now I have to help others! (Pluto in ninth)Padre Pio had pluto natally in the 8th, he received the Stigmata.

  8. I did have an experience like that. I went to sleep one night, a totally normal night, and for the first time dreamed about an angel. I don’t know the astrology of it but it changed *everything*.

  9. One night in October of 1993 I went to bed in my normal mindset. I awoke in the morning feeling as if my whole world had tilted (now I believe it had been tilted for many years and had finally righted itself). It was as if someone flipped a switch to activate something in me in the middle of the night. It’s been a crazy up and down journey of non-stop healing and spiritual growth since then that I could never have imagined. If I’d had any idea I would have run as far away as possible-it would have completely terrified the woman I was then. I’ve always wanted an explanation of the energy beneath that. I did consult an astrologer back then but I don’t remember her catching on to what you’ve said, or at the time I just knew too little to grasp it. That said, I don’t know if it applies. (In case, here’s my birth info: 12/9/54 2:58am, Worcester, MA)

  10. Unpredictable is the story of my life. Uranus opposite Mars. My 11th house Aquarian moon aspects most of chart. My husband has known me for almost 20 years and says he can never predict how I’ll react to things. ?

  11. When I read (years ago) the Jean Auel Earth’s Children novels, I adopted a notion from her writing: a strong woman needs to (must) partner – when she partners – with a strong man. Ironically for me, she has a Finnish heritage (I can’t go to the far north, unless I want Neptune on my MC… alas). Since first reading that, I’ve noticed it’s true. I can’t respect a man who sees himself as mediocre, as his definition of himself (different from passing moods, “I’m such a (whatever),” e.g.).

    Thanks to reading your blog, Elsa, I’ve been noticing when I’m feeling optimistic, despite anyone’s predictions. I chalk (or maybe chock – I like that word) it up to my second house Jupiter, which rules my 3rd house, where Saturn (what matters to us, extremely) lives… aaand Saturn aspects my 9th house (Jupiterian) Venus (in Cancer), looping the loop.

    PS Thank you, so very much, for keeping the fires burning here all these years. My Vesta-Uranus conjunction really appreciates what it takes to do so. Very much, to you, and Satori, and everyone on your team, thank you, very very much.

  12. I would say I can be “spontaneous”. I get a kick out of saying yes to new things…but only when I am in the mood. So if this is being “unpredicatble”..than I guess I can be. Also my ex SO says I can go from being all kind and sweet to super angry in a flash. But it IS a flash and then I come to my senses and try to work out what the issue is. As far as progressed planets, I just looked at my progressed chart and it shows Jupiter at “0” degrees about to at some point go from Libra to Scorpio- calm to chaos? From nice to “stab me in the back”? It’s on the line between my 9th and 10th houses but have no idea how long it will take to cross of that line.

  13. On the other hand, my sun sign is in Scorpio and Elsa gave me a great reading that I just now reflected on. It’s all good! I tend to see the darker side of things (Saturn in the 1st House) and forget the brighter. So this may mean lots of chances to be unpredicatble but without an agenda or holding on to the outcome and just going with the flow. There are lots of things to coming into my life that are “unpredicatible” so I am hoping to be supported by Jupiter this year!

  14. Let the roar be heard who says any day can be compared with another has put her exponential wand down
    Pick up that wand let your magic fly

  15. I am going to go check my progressed chart now, but there has been progressed chart action with Sun going into Cancer into the 12th house, and a big change when Mercury went from retrograde in the progressed chart to direct two years ago (that was a long progression retrograde and a good change going direct) – so yeah I get it. What you said makes sense to me.

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