Timing Of Suffering

suffering old manWhen will my suffering stop? When will theirs begin? Astrology has it’s limits. But there are some things that are highly predicable, a lot of the time. Timing of suffering is one of them!

You may want to know when your hard time will stop or when an ex or your enemy might get what’s comin’.  These are normal things.

But you may also want to know how long your child’s hot streak is going to last. You may want to know when your depressed child can expect relief or at least some period of grace.

I’ve had a lot of clients with these type questions lately.  I can usually answer them.  I know there are exceptions but frankly, they’re few and far between.

If you want someone to “go down” and I look at the transits to their chart and their solar return, and there is nothing there of any magnitude, I’m going to tell you in plain language, “It’s going to be at least a year.”  Sometimes it’s several years.

I do think things come around! I’ve written about “comeuppance” for years. But we don’t control the timetable on this.

Let’s take another example. Your child or your friend or your spouse or whoever, might be in a really good period.  How long will it last?

This can also be told, with great accuracy, so long as I don’t too far out there. I’m comfortable to say that a person has a year or two or even three, before they run into a significant problem, if this is what the charts suggest.

To have knowledge like this is a great fortune. It’s spares you waiting for the (next) shoe to drop, which is such a waste of time.  It also spares people who tend to worry. It’s entirely possible to be in “high tide” for years and still spend every single day, biting your fingernails.

This is different but related:

I Want My Ex To Suffer!

Have you ever seen time chunk up like this?  Do you know that pain provides powerful motivation to evolve and change your life?


5 thoughts on “Timing Of Suffering”

  1. I’m in an upswing right now and I’m working to not waste it. Progressed moon in Sagittarius combined with a lot of planets hitting my 10th house cusp. Things are just accelerating a bit and I feel like I’ve hit my stride. But I don’t want to get too comfortable.

  2. Have you ever seen time chunk up like this?

    Yes. It’s like the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot. What goes up, must come down and vice versa. That is why I am a little bit disheartened about my recent gains at work. Currently, transit Uranus is conjunct my MC. And Uranus is a strong benefic in my chart — natally, I have it tightly conjunct Jupiter, and both are in Sagittarius. It’s not that I think I didn’t work hard enough or don’t deserve them. It’s that I know that career is not a strong focus in my chart. I don’t think my destiny has a whole lot to do with career. At least as far as I know. I have nothing aspecting my MC natally. And I have never really had a strong desire to be a ladder climber so to speak. Once Uranus leaves my 10th, I may lose my luck in career. However, I don’t worry about this, because I realize everything happens for a reason. Which leads to the next question…

    Do you know that pain provides powerful motivation to evolve and change your life?

    Yes. However, I think it’s good to never let yourself get too attached to anything in your life. The less attachment, the less pain. This is obviously a Buddhist philosophy. Attachment leads to suffering. But attachment to desire is also why we are here. The attachment to desire sort of keeps us spinning on the Wheel of Fortune that is life.

  3. I am experiencing both at the same time. One thing is painful and the other is pleasurable. Guess which one is being dismissed from my life. I am getting better at not getting into suffering to begin with, so I don’t have to wait for it to be over.

    I don’t want anyone else to suffer, just stay away from me. I can help them not suffer, by not condoning their insufferable actions to start with. Let someone else evil eye them.

    I would think your ability to predict the time frames on this would save your clients from wasting time waiting. And on the downside, it is good to know that comeuppance does happen. How else do people learn and grow.

  4. I can with certainty say that I am very much looking forward to Saturn leaving his square with natal Pluto and himself in Libra/8th house and cross my Ascendant!

    But at the same time, all that anxiety propelled me into this period where I am now, healing life long difficulties,which I wouldn’t have had if not for Saturn squaring himself. I am on the road for healing, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

    As you do the right thing, you are led on the right path. I believe that this gives pain a purpose.

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