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    I use to but I don’t bother any more. I say what needs be (thoughts, feelings, opinions) at the end of the relationship and go on my way. If they end it with me, I allow them to go on their way. Destroying them, destroys yourself. Its that simple. I’d rather play the vindictive game in my head, it’s safer and better.

    1. not really true universally. Your truth is not the universal one. I got some really sweet revenge on an ex who got married behind my back. It was therapeutic. Now when I reminisce with friends about the past and bad exes…I smile and we laugh instead of remembering how bad he did me. We remember how bad he got caught up!! Totally worth it.

  2. Yeah, I play vindictive game in my head too! Sometimes, it’s very cruel revenge! And… I never do anything. Time goes by, everything becomes past and not important in the present. There is an old Japanese proverb I like and follow: “If you sit by a river long enough, you’ll see the body of your enemy float by.”

  3. Caroline, the inability to get at someone forces the person to transcend. It winds up benefiting them. πŸ™‚

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      10,000 Daydreams

      What a lovely sentiment, Elsa. Transcend. My ex wanted me to suffer. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t angry about him dumping me. But I was like *shrug* you can’t be mad at someone for not liking/loving you.

      But he was a Scorpio. So he pushed and said as many cruel things as he could. Hurt me somewhat, but still not enough to please him. LoL

      Transcend the one who wants to see you wounded.

  4. I’m loving your videos Elsa!

    This one offers such excellent advice. I’ve been a big believer in “the best revenge is living a happy life”. Move on… revenge is nothing more than dead weight.

    @Just Libra- I love that Japanese proverb! πŸ˜‰

  5. I am very vendictive (Pluto in Scorpio conjunct ascendant)……..but not for myself. I need to stop this and trancend asap. Another day another game changing lesson from Elsa. Thank you very much.:)

  6. I don’t think so.

    Because my feelings can get hurt seemingly without a second thought from the other, I imagine I can do the same unintentionally. That I can cause ill feelings or hurt just by being me and not meeting someone else’s needs is one thing, but to do intentional harm just to beat someone up, well, personally I am not comfortable with that. I know how it feels to be beat up like that, just for fun, by others.

    When I feel slighted I brood, get it out where I can see it, and then decide how to continue. Go or stay, in that light, is usually a no brainer. It’s getting through the brooding sometimes, but hey I’m getting better at that. Just don’t go there. Revenge, for me personally, would just lengthen that brooding time.

  7. This video has come at the perfect time for me. Thank you Elsa! It’s not an ex but a person we do business with. Through business papers I came across his birthday and found out that jupiter and venus will be conjuct his sun during the earth trine next week. For me it’s been upsetting to see someone who has caused so much pain be the recipient of such a nice transit. I just need to let it go for myself and hope that karma takes over.

  8. I have vindictive thoughts, but I do not, or I haven’t had the chance yet to put them into action. If there is someone who hurt me deeply, or someone who crossed me but still needs to learn a lesson or two on manners and consideration, I am very much inclined to opt for revenge.The thing is I have a balance of air and Scorpio. I can get the shit done, and detach.
    If whatever I do doesn’t touch them, then yeah, I’ll have no choice but to get over it…

  9. Very right on.
    When I was conned out of a huge amount of money by “friends”, my theme was that I was not going to fall into vindictivenessand anger, because if I did, then not only would they have stolen my money, they would have stolen my soul I could not, would not, allow that to happen. All I really care about is my progress, my well being, and any time spent on them, would only deplete time and energy available to spend on me.

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    Anna in Cananda

    Yes, I know someone like this (a person who gets away with everything at the expense of others) and it made me furious when I realized that karma was never going to get her. Initially, I seethed with anger over this but I was able to move on once I realized that my revenge feelings were more about what I sacrificed (due to her actions)rather than the fact that she was blithely scooting through life and screwing everyone over. The sacrifices I made these last few years have made me a stronger person and I can now move on knowing that I have a great husband, a happy family and loyal friends–three things this other woman does not have and may never have.

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    Anna in Cananda

    Oh, I just wanted to add that this woman is not my ex but my husband’s ex. I was never vindictive towards my own ex even though he never paid child support and rarely saw them.

  12. Great video, and a great topic ( I also like the lighting, LOL).

    I am not vindictive. I mean, sure I have my moments of ‘oooooh! That jerk, I want to clock them!’ but I’m no bunny boiler. I was more worried about my ex after her left me than I was, myself!! How crazy is that?

    I agree that to ponder what one expects to get out of revenge is a good course of action to take.

  13. So very interesting–I’ve been talking with my mom lately about karma; we’ve gone back and forth on this subject…I never thought to equate it with someones chart πŸ™‚

    Also–just read an article on Richard Branson today, about his home on his private island burning down but everyone making it out unscathed (including his elderly mother who, apparently, was rescued by none other than Kate Winslet herself! Haha). Im sure old Richard had full insurance on the vacation property and was sipping cocktails in space shortly thereafter.

    Sidebar: I also pay that guy WAY too much for my Virgin cell phone every month.

  14. Great video and great topic!

    Nope, I’m not vindictive. I have way too much going on myself with my own activities and projects that I’m not particularly interested in trying to force another human being to feel a particular way – ie to feel badly about some perceived action I might feel they’ve done to me. I just don’t get the point of it.

    To me, it’s a waste of my own energy to pursue those feelings. I’ve learned over time to direct my energy into feeding my own interests, activities and pursuits.

  15. LOL, Lola. I just don’t know why the bastard keeps trying to launch his balloon to fly around the world, when Mercury is Rx. Stuff like this baffles me. In all his world travels has he never met an astrologer who could tip him off?

  16. Success is the best revenge. I can wait for Karma to take care of him. The first ex is already deceased. The problem I have with the second ex is that he won’t go away – and I prefer to totally amputate exes. Still, we have no contact during the week, so that give me a break. I just keep working on my life so I become so happy that he’ll never be able to match it.

  17. I don’t know what to think of Karma. Sometimes I believe in it, sometimes I don’t. I guess I’d say I overall believe it it, but there’s a sprinkle of doubt in the back of my mind like “Who am I kidding? That a$$hole is going to get away with it!”. πŸ™‚

  18. So fascinating and TRUE! I’m not generally vindictive, but there were moments when I wanted my ex to suffer. My attempts to be cruel were all in vain. He would come bouncing back up. It drove me crazy. I realized the solution was to simply break up and be friends πŸ™‚ He was there for me and my son last week when I had a health problem. We will still bicker but we have a good bond. I am glad he’s doing well for himself.

  19. There are a few people who I feel deserve a swift kick from Karma. Two of them called CPS and put my family at risk. A few of us were stuck mopping up a mess that one shirked responsibility for. These are things I don’t easily forget. And they seemed to get away with it…they retreated behind their “friends” and enablers wile I was screaming and ranting and raving.

    For my own peace of mind, I left it in God’s/Karma’s hands and got on with my life, for the simple reason that they didn’t care what they did, so why waste any more time letting their crap eat away at me?

    Years passed, people woke up, and I heard that the jerks “got” theirs. I smiled and got back to what I was busy with. πŸ™‚

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    I wouldn’t do anything myself, but I always enjoy finding out that an ex who treated me badly has received the same treatment from someone else.

  21. Well said; right? When x,y,z is done over history.Hey hey there still a lot of alphabet .
    I can guess we all miss over youth which is our past which for many could remind one of a them ,but hey today is gonna be great and it’s good to drop the penny in the well.
    I think ,what’s released in the pain,
    Is seeming like a poison to the ex but truly is a way to poison oneself.

  22. I figure that if someone has screwed me, they’ll do it to someone else. They’ll get it one way or the other. It may take years & they may not know why, but it will happen. Sling shit & it will come back to you. Although it would be satisfying to see or hear I about it.

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