Today Things Are Moving

skyThat’s a chart of today’s sky.  It’s dynamic enough to get things moving, ahead of Mercury turning retrograde tomorrow. (click to enlarge).

I’ve been stuck for months, trying to settle a personal injury claim tied the gravel truck that hit me on the highway, back in January. Today, I’m meeting with an attorney who I expect will take my case.

Today seems like the start of something, not just personally, but at large.  Many are watching “finance” in every realm, on every level. Things are moving there as well.

The at-fault insurance company has been pretty happy with not paying me for all these months. We’ve been stuck like this but change is coming!

I called, Mercury, a “lynch pin”. When you pull one of those, things loosen up.  We’ll see.

What do you see out there? What’s going on in your life?

10 thoughts on “Today Things Are Moving”

  1. Moving forward indeed. My husband is supposed to sign the paperwork for a new job today. It’s temporary, but far better than what he’s been able to attain for quite a while now. I’ll take it!

  2. I pushed things forward and moved back to the city where my son lives, also close to my dad. Financial issues are definitely on my mind.

  3. Venus retrograde and Uranus on his Taurus ascendant at 25 has my friend trying to leave an unhappy marriage that he can’t seem to break away from. He feels he finally found someone that he has fallen in love with but doesn’t feel like anyone will want him to leave this unhapppy marriage to pursue his own happiness. He is about to do it tho told everyone and now Uranus is going to turn around. Away from his ascendant. Does this mean he will not take his chance..keep sacrificing himself to stay unhappy…or is Uranus retro most of the time anyway, like half the year right, maybe he can make the jump with it going backwards. It’s sad to watch .

  4. Wouldn’t you hesitate to sign on with a new attorney with Mercury going retrograde so imminent? Aren’t you supposed to wait before doing things like that? Curious.

  5. Yup. My mother’s husband was buried today (23rd) so now we can all rest and take stock of what happened (and hopefully move a little bit on now).

    He has been dealing with cancer the past 6 months, so today and from now on, we can see to our sorrow and get a little break before moving on.

    I am cautiously hopeful. It’s been so hard on his children and my mother. Now they can set him free and breathe more lightly hopefully.

  6. It us funny…kind of…I have also a legal problem since November. And today, I was able to make my neighbour’s aware. We did the same thing with our condo fees that another house syndicat did 20 years ago. They have a legal document (notarial deed) to prove it. The problems : it is not legally right! 5 mistakes! The notary (kind of lawyer) should have spotted them! Maybe a beginning of hope! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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