5 thoughts on “Transits Bad – Solar Return Good – Now What?”

  1. Good morning Elsa!

    Great suggestion you have there!

    I also do read SR charts as standalone for the year, but I also like to see where my stellium falls into the SR. It gives me an added layer of knowing.

    Anyway, I’ve been using my Secondary progressions and transits to see if they corroborate my SR. Eg. I currently have P Venus approaching N Pluto in about 1/2 a degree. Venus rules my 7th and 12th natally.

    In my SR I have Cancer rising at about 28 degrees – which sort of tells me the event would be in place well before my birthday. Chart ruler SR Moon is in Libra in 3rd, in an air trine with Venus in Gemini in 11th, and Saturn RX in Uranus in 7th. SR Pluto is on the DC. SR Uranus, 7th ruler, is Conjunct NN and MC. 0 orb.

    From all this, I see there’s a lot of Venus or 7th house emphasis, both in SR and by Secondary Progressions. I see that I will have contractual obligations and situations that will shake me up publicly and in terms of 1-1.

    I also have the transiting Uranus and Saturn in 7th and 4th in hard aspect to my stellium in the 10th.

    1. Thanks. I know it’s weird but this question comes up a lot. So I started trying this… lunar returns too! I thought, this is my SR… I should be able to live it and I found it possible. You can align with it. Pluto is still conjunct my ascendant or whatever… but for some amount of time, I’m in character. 🙂

  2. Solar returns relate to our light based spiritual unfolding for the upcoming year. Fire (and Air).
    It is useful to balance them against the progressed chart which carries Moon Saturn / Water and Earth information in the progressed Moon and Progressed chart angles.

    1. It took me a long time to see that the Secondary Progressions and the SR were connected. I mean, I have applying conjunctions in one (P Venus to N Pluto, chart ruler, and P Sun to N Saturn in my 10th) in under 1/2 degree now; of course it’s going to manifest in my SR for the year!

      I’d be sweating buckets if Tr Jupiter, going through my 5th, were not also trine my N Sun Jupiter conjunction in 9th, trine N Uranus RX on AC, opposite Mars in 11th, square N Neptune in 2nd (in Sag), quincunx N Moon in 10th. When this happens P Moon will be in my 2nd, Conjunct N Neptune.

      I feel like am an on a countdown to some major event.

  3. How to interpret Uranus conj MC in SR, conj Saturn(r) in the 2nd house of natal?
    Secondly, out of 12 months in SR, exactly which month the promised event takes place? e.g Job


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