1 Minute Astrology: Surviving A 12th House Pluto Transit

It’s been about ten years since I made a video.  I’m showing signs of life!

Is Pluto transiting your 12th house? How’s it going?

59 thoughts on “1 Minute Astrology: Surviving A 12th House Pluto Transit”

  1. Elsa,
    You have a very special gift of extending yourself in
    a very grounded, natural way. You are very tuned
    in which I find is very supportive bringing one out
    of themselves a bit to a higher understanding and
    knowledge of knowing things are the way they are
    not solely because of us and our ego but because of
    the whole universe we are attached to.You have a
    pure quality of connecting to the spirit which is healing
    in itself. I understand what you are going through.
    I believe you are being separated from the past in
    order for you to use yourself at a different level, in a
    different light. Keep the faith. Linda

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