Tricks And Petty Thievery

petty thiefHave you ever known someone who doesn’t feel right or happy unless they cheat you a little?  What is up with this?

It strikes me as anti-Jupiter. If you believe in BIG-GOOD, you probably don’t mess with tricks and petty thievery.

This relates to this – Are you made to pay for everything you steal?

It seems a good percentage of people think a person is made to pay for whatever they steal…unless it’s them doing the stealing. Unless the theft is small or if the person they stole from “deserved” it…etc.with the justifications.

I have someone wanting to steal from me at this time. I wonder if I should let them – “Give it to to God” as they say.  Or should I get in a fight over it?

The person wants to steal about one hundred dollars. What would you do?  Would you let them think you stupid?  Or have the fight that may get ugly?

What astrological signatures would you expect to see in the chart of someone constantly, compulsively wants to cheat others, at least a little?

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    Bar in the Sky

    Oooooo! [hand waiving] boy do I ever know a person of this description. Always looking for a way to cheat person/system/life. To the depths of hell to the person who tries to reciprocate to them.
    Literally boggles me mind. And sets the tone to a whole new level of captivation of the mind. I can’t fathom what their coincident of signs would be, but bet my bottom dollar (the one perhaps they wont steal) they’ll be back another lifetime for some good karmic salvation…

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      Bar in the Sky

      They’re pretty much a lost cause and wont get the memo that your reaction is indeed you fighting back…

    2. Yeah, that’s the kind of person I’m talking about. It’s almost like and OCD-flavored habit.

      I think a good number of people do opt to just forget it. It’s like you can sense that if you challenge the person, they’ll come unglued.

      It’s a bit like addiction, come to think of it. Telling someone they drink too much rarely goes well. 🙂

  2. One hundred dollars!? That’s crazy.
    In this case I’d go for the fight that might get ugly.
    Come to think of the Astro markers, I’m thinking 8th House, NOT because I think everyone who has 8th House does that but because this kind of “secretive” energy can be used for very low purposes if someone has no sense of morals. Thievery happens when you occult your actual actions and motivation and act undercover to get what you want, probably?

    1. See, I can’t decide. I am unhappy about it for sure. But I wonder if going after this $100 will cost me more in the long run. Maybe I am to transcend?

      1. Whoops, sorry Elsa. I somehow confused “hundreds” and “thousands”. I would be undecided too, for all the Libra I have… but what this person is doing, is NOT fair for sure, and with Saturn retrograding back to Scorpio he or she will probably suffer the consequences of his/her malicious deeds.

  3. I can’t think of the astrological signatures for this type of behavior (haven’t learned enough astro yet), but I know someone like this.
    This person is arrogant, very self confident and considers everyone an idiot. He has no doubts about succeeding at pulling tricks.
    This really makes me wish he could get his nose pushed into his own sh*t because I hate injustice and abuse of power.
    I’m in a same conundrum : attack the guy face on, or let it p*ss until the problem evolves. I’m afraid that attacking would upset ME more than anything else, and I don’t need that right now (or ever). And it might even make this guy happy. I hate that idea.
    Anyway, his main trait is arrogance, and he doesn’t mind lying straight to your face. Sounds like too much Jupiter, but badly used? Also a bit of provocation – Uranus?
    I have Mars in Libra. Would like to existentially kick this guy’s balls, but I want peace too. I’m not tough enough to stand up against someone who has at leat 80 years’ experinece in that field! His skin is tough, mine isn’t.
    Elsa I think you have enough going as it is. Maybe give it up to God and he will fix something for your thief & you don’t have to get your hands dirty.
    Too bad this guy will never know what hit him, though.
    I like to see basturds hit the dirt.

  4. What’s sickening to me, about me, is I am likely to respond somewhere in the middle. A minor attempt to not get cheated…not fully committed to either outcome. ie Libra wishy-washy! 🙂

  5. It won’t make a difference if you call the person out or not. There is no way to address the real source of the issue because you don’t know it. Better avoid the person if you can.
    I work with someone like that every day and I’ve done both: I called her out and I kept my mouth shut. There is no alteration in the core behavior.
    Of course, if you’re curious to see the reaction go for it. Some take it in silence, other retaliate, but they don’t stop. My suspicion is that it’s part education (they saw a parent doing it – like the woman I know), part fear (they feel conned themselves if they don’t do it), stupidity and part self-destruction.
    My suspicion is the behavior is a mistaken approach of an energy. In my case the woman has Saturn cnj Jupiter in Libra second house, Venus sq Pluto and Scorpio Lilith. I think she manages this somewhat possessive and hungry energy badly and petty.

    1. I totally agree with you, elisei. A person with this core behavior will not change. The person I know with this trait has venus square pluto and neptune square saturn. She has no close friends and her family merely tolerates her. Her child has been telling people that she wants to go far away for college, which is less than a year away.

  6. Now I had a big problem with this when I was younger, and I still do from time to time, but I also realize how this ruins your karma as you get older.

    I associate this with a Mercury Mars aspect, especially the sextile. Mercury is the God of merchants and thieves, and with Mars he gets all agitated and aggressive, and tips over, and just had to SHOPLIFT SOMETHING.

    I would use the 100.00 to embarrass the person and let them know you know exactly what is going on. Wait until after the Saturn station, and use the energy of the upcoming Jupiter station to show generosity of spirt and also teach a lesson.

  7. I think this must destroy all their relationships over time. Because if you see someone, always shaving a point off the top, you know they’ll do it to you too, if they aren’t already. It’s got to be draining.

    I wonder how conscious a person is of doing this. I suspect they are conscious of it, but deluded around how it affects their relationships and I don’t know what else.

  8. I hate this, but I am most likely going to try (mildly) not to be robbed…and accept it if it happens. I have been robbed of so much more…I can’t really get crazy about something like this. I’ve been robbed of tens of thousands.

    Venus square Neptune. I do notice your hand in my pocket, I just pretend I don’t.

    I do think the universe straightens this stuff out.

  9. negative ppl with:
    Venus/Sun/Moon – Neptune aspects… ofc it can have other ways of manifestation… but…
    2nd house Neptune…

    1. I wonder if it’s Mercury Neptune. Lying to yourself about lying to others – hall of mirrors.

      I say “Mercury” because they believe (Neptune) they are tricking (Mercury) you. And you may pretend (Neptune) you don’t know! 🙂

      1. makes sense.. one thing is sure, there is Neptune involved… I’d say Venus likes that, Sun its a EGO thing, Moon needs… but Neptune negative side has that thing, if it aint a victim/savior, among other things, it sure can be the deceiver.

      2. Yes! this is exactly what this guy is doing (believing he is tricking me) & I’m acting stupid, as if I beleived him. (Trying to gain time, I gues, to see where this is going).
        I’ve got Venus square Neptune too, been money-screwed a lot, and I mean, A LOT. Never connected it to that aspect though.
        This type of situation is hard for people with a bit of ego (Leo, me) and smacks of mini-humiliation. But sometimes not worth the effort, too much stress, too much adrenaline, bad for the health.
        I hope you work out some serene solution.

  10. I see this in the same vein as bullying and the ready people constantly get away with this type of behaviour is usually others are too shocked at the audacity or don’t want to seem confrontational …that’s why they continue to get away with it, depending where I am and what I have on I can walk away washing my hands forever but I’m more likely to have it out bold and clear regardless of whether it was $10 or $1000 if it’s truly cheating then I can’t stand that.

    1. This person is moving through my life. They won’t be in it in the future, so it’s like a (transparent) sting operation.
      Here’s another angle, what if you’re married to someone like this? I’d would die if my husband did this to people. I don’t think I could stand it over time.

  11. Your comment about Mercury Neptune hit me.I have a relative with Neptune conj Moon conj Neptune conj Saturn (between 25 degrees of Libra to 7 degrees of Scorpio)in the 5th house. She says she wants a steady, reliable relationship but is manipulative, controlling, guilt producing and NEVER successful. Venus is at 19 degrees of Scorpio squaring Pluto. I can’t see her being a thief but she believes so strongly in the righteousness of her actions she can’t see she is taking advantage. Make sense?

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    Wow this is right on time. I just had my lunch stolen out of the fridge at work. Had my name on it and everything. I don’t understand people who do this. I just don’t even think that way. Unfortunately I’m not sure anything can even be done about it.

  13. I think letting it go would be better unless you really need that 100$. Too much stress. Maybe send them a note saying something sarcastic and camouflaged so they wonder for the rest of their life if you really knew and also to give them an example of a good human being. As far as astrology. Definitely 12th house with mercury/pluto or sun/pluto.

    1. btw, you mentioned the God aspect and I fully believe letting things like this go causes more to come to us. Its also karma. In fact, just last night I was thinking I need to put money in the tip jar. It could be a jupiter lesson for you especially if jupiter is hitting something in your chart.

  14. That sucks, Elsa. I think an initial reaction would be to put up a fight. But upon thinking about it, I see how you could just give it up to God and the universe. I can see someone who does that and gets called out, turning the tables on you, making it your fault. Clueless justification.

    1. I can see this turning out bad if I confront. But I acknowledge my own avoidance / escapism…and I don’t like it.

      I would not keep quite because I am high-minded, see? It would be tactical / self protective. The whole thing makes me sick.

      1. I see all that, the possibilities….at least they’re passing out of your life. If it were me and they stuck around, I’d have my eye on them and a cold shoulder. I don’t know what to say. I wish it wasn’t happening…like you really need this, too on top of everything. I wish you the best.

  15. My husband is a good person with money and values, generally, but every once in a while he’ll do something so damned bull headed. He saw a shirt on sale so we went to look at them. He picked one and when he got to the cashier, he was told it wasn’t on sale. He brought up the webpage on his iPad and showed the cashier. Turns out, the sale shirt was selected colors only, not his. It said so right on the web page. He turned into arrogant, pissed off customer and they finally let him have the sale price. BTW, it was $5. I wanted to give him the damned $5. It was so embarrassing. I think he got himself so far that he wasn’t going to back down. It’s like, whatever his mood is, depends on if he’s going to pull that crap.

  16. One of my sister’s exes was a con artist type. I had lent them some money once and it appeared I wasn’t going to get it back. While not acceptable to many I finally told him that if I didn’t get the $ back (I needed it myself) the cops would find out something about his car (don’t remember what it was – something not in specs, driving w/out insurance – it was minor that it didn’t matter to me if it got reported or not, but it was a bigger deal for him) – I got the money and I think he learned not to mess with me.

  17. My Boss, definitely. 🙂 He isn’t exactly taking money out of the cash register, but there have been situations in which he has denied people under him benefits belonging to them, just because he can. Or has axed a proposition that would have increased productivity, in a way or another, just because he can. For him, it’s all about that. He does it, because he can.

    He has a Virgo Saturn Rx – Pisces Mercury/Moon- Sadgittarius Neptune T-Square. Jupiter Rx/Mars Rx also in Virgo inconjunct Venus in Aries (there is also something that would have ended his career right here, right now, if the girl would have talked.. she chose not). Saturn Rx inconjunct Aquarius Sun.

    1. Mars Jupiter tries to push its luck, huh? Risky business. And I wonder if Mars Rx misfires all over the place.

  18. My BIL is a con artist. Going way back. He was only around at our holidays when their dad was alive because he seemed like the prodigal son. The other siblings have since cut him off, after he refused to help with the funeral. He bought my old dead car from me. As a favor for me, I just wanted to get rid of it. He fixed it up and less than a month later almost got into an accident. A month later he did get into an accident, messed up his arm. Yeah, right. But hey, they got Harleys, a boat, and cars with the insurance money so….I pegged him for a sleaze the second I met him. I should have kept the car and let it rot in my own yard.

  19. What about a poorly functioning Saturn? Saturn is morals, after all. Someone with an integrated Saturn would never act like this. Maybe a 12th House Saturn (disappearing integrity) or something alike?

  20. Yep, I know of a couple of Gemini’s that are like that. One is my own brother and the other is his best friend, those two get into trouble a lot.

  21. I have a thing happening, where it’s 38 years of being cheated and kicking over the traces. But no more. I am not going to actively challenge the person in my family, but I’m going to stop ‘transcending’, because we don’t really transcend do we? We just try different tactics hoping the person might see sense, or gain a modicum of empathy. But they don’t, do they?
    So. I would say, it’s not about them, it’s about you. How do you feel not going after them, even in a token way. The main issue is your energy, having enough, you need to conserve. But – avoiding confrontation sometimes only leads to greater problems in the end, whether they are passing through or not. The fact you are even asking the question, it’s just whether you would rather die inside a little than fight a little.

  22. I would expect to see quite a lot of Neptune, Pisces, with a splash of Leo, possibly Scorpio, and I agree re Gemini, although I defend all Geminis in my life bar one, who I wouldn’t trust to leave in the same room as my mother’s jewellery.

  23. One of the people I know who’s like this has sun and venus in 12. And merc in leo in 1 sq pluto in 4. I think merc sq pluto because merc is the trickster and pluto is calculating. 12 for deception. I cant see neptune alone pulling something like this, but a neptune sig, especially 12th strong will hide it and possibly get away with it.

  24. I would let them have the money but call them out in their game, and let them know that $100is a small price to pay to relieve myself and my life of someone whom would steal money from me, and make it clear I wanted no further dealings with this person. Good ridence

  25. It could be that this is a test pushing you to further distance yourself from that duality between doing something about it and letting it be. I am also in this place between. What ever you do, I do not think that you should feel that you are being wishy-washy about anything. You will move in the direction that your evolution is prompting you to move towards. It is probably another test of being at the crossroads of a change. One thing is for sure, you will not be the instrument of change for this person. What this person has done is extremely low but you will be stronger in some important way after you decide how you will act. This person is not nearly as evolved as you are . I think that the signiture of the perpetrator is perhaps Jupiter conj.either Venus or Pluto.

  26. I am thinking Gemini/Mercury. Kind of the opposite of Jupiter/Sag and “the big good” With Gemini/Mercury, they like to think that they are quicker, smarter, more intelligent than others, so it’s not just about the money but their ego and living by their wits. The fact that they tricked you, to them, gives them entitlement.
    I guess it depends if you really need the $100…
    Do you fight for the money out of principle or necessity?
    Would it be worth it to?
    People play power games in many different ways. Do they really need the money? My friend’s uncle is a Gemini with a gambling problem that not many know about, and he earns good money in his job so people wonder why he cheats people of even small amounts of money when he can.

    1. In this case, the person shaves something off the top or side of anything and everything they come across.

      It strikes me a penny-wise, pound-foolish, but I can’t say for sure.

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