The Cold War In Your Marriage Or Relationship

sourdough starterMy husband and I met as teenagers during the cold war.  He worked in a missile at the time so I was particularly aware of the tension in the world.

I spot trends by my nature and I’ve been an astrologer for decades. At this point in time, people tend to want to save their marriages or other relationships. Most have no earthly idea how to do this.

I don’t say that in a disrespectful way. It just hit me that people behave like warring nations in their relationship. The war is a cold one.  Seriously, the feeling is the same!

You did this so I did that. Now you did this so I did that. And now this was done so I’ll just to this and that and at the end of the day, at the end of every day, nothing has been resolved. There is no peace. Now wake up tomorrow and do it again!

And again.

And again.

What kills me is more often that not, the issues in a partnership could quickly be resolved with a fairly minor effort on the part of either person. Instead, pride takes over. The union either runs straight into an electric fence and dies or the people hobble along, feeding their discontentment, daily, as if it were sourdough starter!

My online astrology business was launched in 2000, when I saved a stranger’s marriage, via email. I was doing this for free; emailing this gal who was in a lot of pain.  In the end, it worked out. She decided to pay me for my work. Beyond that, we became friends and remain friends to this day.

Point being, if your relationship has devolved into a cold war, but you know you’d be best off to repair, it’s very likely I can help you.  And it won’t kill you, either. On the contrary, it will spare you.

Are you in a cold war with your partner? Have you ever had this experience? 

8 thoughts on “The Cold War In Your Marriage Or Relationship”

  1. Sounds just like us and they keep saying “if you could just adjust your dial the slightest bit, it’s not that hard but you refuse to do it”. When you’re a frozen water sign it takes too long for this person and then the Cold War starts. I have been asked “why do you always have to be the once to change?”. We have Mars square Uranus.

  2. How many times have you watched a movie or TV show, and thought, “This could have all been resolved in one five-minute conversation”? But then there would have been no show.

    We’re all on this Earth to have experiences. Maybe dragging out a conflict, cold-war style, is a way of squeezing every drop of experience out of this that we can get … until we arrive at exhaustion. Then, as we finally have that five-minute conversation (assuming we haven’t died of old age yet) the stupidity of that time becomes clear. And maybe the gifts as well.

    1. At least twice in my life I saw movies that mirrored my situation at the moment, and showed what would resolve it.
      In one case I saw and grasped it for a few tearful minutes, then somehow it slipped away. In another, I didn’t recognize it at all until Years later. So much grief could’ve been avoided. “You can lead a horse to water…”

  3. this post definitely subtly hints of libra mars talking…. [it seems so obvious & common sense to us!!] …. i have learned it is not the case for others.
    it took a long time to accept, & then live accordingly… & i believe this is the main reason astrology was given to me, was because i assumed everybody had the same brain & was just choosing to be a*holes… neglectful, impractical, hurtful, habits… without care efforts to improve.
    its been one of my hardest lessons i still inwardly shake my head & gulp
    >’there is no want on their behalf – people truly are rarely interested in growth &/or getting along'<
    it dumbfounds me…

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