Mars Conjunct Mercury In Libra – Choosing Between Bombastic & Veneer

Libra scales wirh symbol gold vintageAble to see both sides of an argument, Libra often struggles to make a decision. With Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra, I struggle between being forthright, which can come across as bombastic…or just saying nice, superficial things.

The nice, superficial things are ultimately controlling. It’s hard to be mean to me when I am so freakin’ nice to you, even if it’s fake as a three dollar bill!

On the other hand (says Libra), I am often seen as challenging, aggressive, provocative, argumentative.  This can also be seen as controlling since some people are terrified.

I don’t know that this will ever be resolved.  Balance right? Except Libra doesn’t balance all that well, for long.

Libra can definitely get sick of being nice to you, especially with Mars involved. But it can also get sick from strife and play nice as a tactic.

Clearly, I remain on the fence on this issue.

You?  Do you prefer “bombastic” or veneer?

10 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Mercury In Libra – Choosing Between Bombastic & Veneer”

  1. I understand what you mean. I have libra rising with venus squaring pluto. Sometimes I struggle between expressing a ‘nice face’ and just wanting to be an asshole cause thats how I feel.

    Perhaps the struggle for Libra is not to always strive for balance but to make decisions more carefully, or at least decide on what choice has more weight.

  2. I don’t even need the Mercury there to feel this oh so much with Mars in Libra (loose Mercury square)
    I love peace but often accused of being challenging, aggressive, confrontational etc I guess I can be.. I will fight for peace, I don’t think a veneer is true peace and although I can do it I dislike fakery a lot…the older I get the less tolerable being fake is.. i feel the need to get it all out in the table to dig down and clear the air (Merc 8th)not many are comfortable doing this and I can force it which I get is aggressive.

    It feels like an ironic imbalance in me. I get this so much!

  3. I have Mars in Aries opposing Libra Moon. I LOVE being nice to people, but I can as well easily lash out and/or cut them off if I feel I’m being taken for granted, or taken advantage off. Yep, “balance” is something I will most likely have to work on forever, but at least age made the whole thing easier.

  4. He he I know what you mean. My 3rd house is in libra with pluto there in libra, opposite my mars ruled venus (rules libra) so we have a similar signature. I always have loved to blurt stuff. But see, i also have mercury square uranus and jupiter, so i have double foot-in- mouth syndrome. I think like the niceness more in myself. I feel preposterous when I act bombastic. But there are times when its fun. Sometimes you just have to blurt things. 🙂

  5. True! Saturn is exalted in Libra. Big help to you there. I tend to swing back and forth. Nice, until I just can’t stand it anymore…at which point I get out my hatchet.

    It’s pretty common, people have no clue how they push and tax others, who smile at them. Ask anyone in the service industry. 🙂

  6. I have Moon in Libra, in the 11th house. I have always tried to be nice, avoid disagreement and do whatever it takes to stop the friction. I have been deeply uncomfortable when others are not getting along even when I had nothing to do with this. This has been in my nature but later in life I have suffered the negative side of this behavior which has set me up for people to take adventage of me because I was willing to keep others happy. I always felt it was my duty but I now know that there was no balance. The scales were set completely full for others . I thought this was creating a balance. I now know that there has to be something on my side to create harmony. Harmony is not just for others, it has to be for me too. I know, it sounds stupid but it took me soooo many years to figure this out. It is still hard, I have to be mindful and work hard to not give to much and save something for me. There have been a some times where I could not help myself and have said things that cut to the core and were very abrupt and perhaps insensitive. It is sometimes a real struggle to keep my voice under raps. I do have Mercury on the MC so I guess that explains alot. The worst cases have been after letting people walk over me for a long time and then, suddenly I have been offended severely after letting it slide for too long. I struggle a great deal with veneering and vesuviusing. I do not think either is wrong or a problem. I think that the problems I have had with them have been due to my having felt too obligated to others ,sometimes inappropriately.

  7. Not very veneer, but developing my bombasticity or wordiness. It helps that I must be social for a living. But with my signs progressing into Gemini Moon, and Aries Sun, talking , and talking with a forceful opinion is beginning to come very naturally for me. Patience is far too thin though, to be allowing sluggish thinkers to work things out at a pace 4 times slower than it took me. Learn the fast way, do it right, and don’t doubt yourself.

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    Bar in the Sky

    Libra ruling* ugh! Do I resonate…. Newly engaged – mother in law moving in due to health reasons… Playing nice to old lady-turned 5 year old tantrums, stubbornness, stick in the mud. Play nice, or act out on the envelope being pushed through a pea sized slot?…

    Take the high road and keep the playing field on an even surface. – finding spring cleaning to be a magnificent outlet

  9. Aquarius moon loves veneer, but then again… It does not give in easily when it comes to matters of the Heart (=stubborn, argumentative, etc.). I know passive-aggressive people who use a cruel kind of veneer and I hate it. When I meet it, I want to be all bombastic in it’s face. But from experience I have learned that detaching might be the best solution. Or a bombastic laugh 🙂

  10. Four Libra planets in the natal second house – Mars, Saturn, Neptune Venus – I play nice, I share but when I’ve had enough of nothing in return I can be nasty. And then sorry and the same thing starts again. I actually started therapy about 5 weeks ago to learn what ‘normal’ boundaries are. I want to know how to speak up and what I have a right to expect but I don’t want the stress of being bombastic.

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