I’m Turning Forty – When Will My Life Start?

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Dear Elsa,

I will be turning 40 in November 2007. I am in a rut and have been for the last 6 years. My life is in limbo, everything is stagnant, and I keep running into obstacles time and time again.

When will this end. When will I start living my Life! I want 40 to be a turning point for me. The beginning of a new cycle. Will I achieve this and how?


Dear Sagittarian,

I had a hard time fathoming your question and I finally gave up. I just don’t get it. How is your life in limbo without your express consent? If you have done nothing, learned nothing, and gone nowhere in six long years… whose fault could that possibly be besides your own? What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Why are you waiting at all?

Fact is, 40 becomes 45 very quickly. 45 becomes 55, quicker still. This is assuming you make it to 55 because people drop dead all the time, don’t they? So I’ll ask you again. Why are you waiting to make yourself a life that satisfies you? And why would you wait to be 40 to make a change? Why not 39 1/3? I don’t understand this!!

You have a blessed chart compared to most. You’re a Sadge (lucky) with your Moon conjunct Jupiter (lucky) and you have a Capricorn Mars for Godsakes. That’s the best Mars in the zodiac, so why don’t you use it? Obstacles? There are obstacles in your life?

You know what? Everybody has obstacles. Everybody! And I would bet that most people have obstacles far more challenging than yours and they do not let this stop them. They find a way! So if you’re going to let your obstacles stop you, how can we feel sorry for you?

Bottom line: if you want 40 to be a turning point in your life than make it a turning point in your life! This is a personal choice. But if you are waiting for God or who knows who to take you to the promised land and it’s smooth sailing and open range between here and there… well I just don’t think this exists! But let me answer your question:

You will “achieve this” if you try! If you do not try, you will achieve nothing. And I hope this pisses you off. Because if you get mad enough you might just do something, which can only help.

Good luck.

6 thoughts on “I’m Turning Forty – When Will My Life Start?”

  1. Excellent Elsa. Even when you’re trying to piss people off you TELL them “I’m trying to piss you off” LOL

    Thanks for the refreshing-ness.

  2. Hmmmm….I think this person could have used a bit of help seeing if there are paricular things in the transit chart that might be causing blocks. For that, however, s/he might be better served with having a consultation with an astrologer rather than writing into a website for advice.

    Seems to me that with Pluto sitting on Sagittarius now for quite some time there may be good reasons this person has been struggling and suffering. Not to say there aren’t lessons to be learned and action to be taken by themselves–but it is helpful to know what you are working with astrologically.

  3. The advice given is good! ?

    …But I couldn’t help but feel that this poor Sagittarius was crying out for understanding of “why”, behind his asking of “when”?

    Sagittarius is the sign of Philosophy and Higher Thinking (expression on a wider level) and I bet this poor person was trying to understand the big picture conceptually of why he had gone through stuff the last 6 years or so, in order to better navigate through understanding his evolutionary journey in life.

    I couldn’t help but think that this poor person, like all of us sooner or later, was astrologically deep into his mid life crisis transits, BUT didn’t understand that he/she was….

    The four mid life crisis transits occur approximately between ages 36-45. They are:

    Transiting Pluto square natal Pluto
    Transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus
    Transiting Neptune  square natal Neptune
    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn

    I mean this this person has most likely completed their Pluto square Pluto transit, that not only runs over your Natal Pluto once, but potentially up to three times consider retrogrades occur! Let face it Pluto is the wrecking ball of unstoppable change, especially to the house in which it falls!

    At around age 40 onwards he would also need to be getting ready to undergo his Neptune and Uranus and then Saturn squares and oppositions that again all bring changes, finished off with the final harsh exam master Saturn, just to make sure there is no cheating or shortcuts taken.

    Finally through your 50s, Chiron return dealing with anything that you haven’t faced deeply about yourself.

    I say to him or anyone else going through these transits good luck, be kind to yourself and search deeper for understanding on the why? Especially the why, about who you really are, verses what you present to the World.

    Cheers – Shane

  4. Hah. I’m relating to this one because that time is coming.
    I kind of wonder at what point am I just going to *snap* and go wild, except I am a Taurus and way too practical to snap and quit my job and go wild and become a homeless bum. I’ve been trying to find a rational, reasonable way to transfer out of the life I’m not enjoying and just have not been able to find one, though. I’m bored of most of my life and town and am mostly sick of my job and I want to do something different. I just haven’t been able to find anything anyone wants to hire me for.

    I’m actually getting into acting these days and I hope I can make that last, but that still leaves other issues to solve that I am stumped about.

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