Interpretation Of North Node in Aries or the First House

A person with North Node in Aries, or the first house has South Node in Libra, or in the seventh house. Earlier in your life you were taught to be socially graceful. Perhaps you were from a well off family. Maybe you just had a family that taught you manners, and how to act in front of the public. Your family taught you how to treat, and greet, strangers. You made sure you used the right silverware during a fancy dinner, ‘And oh, please don’t slurp that soup!’ They also might have taught you how to speak in measured tones, as to not offend people. Or, you were just born that way.

One theory is that you might have learned people skills from past lives. In one past life, you could have been a negotiator that helped soothe a criminal into not detonating a bomb. Or you helped negotiated a robber from not shooting any people. You tried to limit the number of people the robber shot if you could. And you might have helped defused fights just by your social skills alone.

Earlier in your life you could have been more about socializing, and worrying about your social image, rather than following your own instincts. You may have been popular at school and you built a solid reputation among your peers. You’ve built your life, especially in your younger years, around ‘the other’. You were charming and the masses and people in general, loved you. You were the quintessential ‘good girl’, or ‘good guy’. Doing all that is fine and good, that is until you feel like you’re dimming your own sense of self in order to please everyone else. You might have come to a point where you feel smothered by too much social niceties, or that your own inner compass is being pushed down.

One way to get out of this feeling of being dimmed is to learn to make decisions based on what you feel is best for yourself, rather than for someone else. This does not mean that you have to disregard other people completely. In fact, you’re not supposed to destroy your South Node; you’re supposed to integrate your North Node together with your South Node.

The North Node in Aries may manifest in different ways. Situations such as these may pop up in your life. For example, friends want you to hang out with them one weekend, but you feel like you need a few days off to recharge. A South Node in Libra may decide to hang out with their friends anyway, even if it depletes their energy. Instead, you could explain to your friends why you need time to yourself. Saying yes could result in you resenting yourself, or them, later. You can do all this while acting in a way that doesn’t antagonize other people.

You may suffer if you keep pushing your own needs down. Taking out your anger on other people when it was you who made your own decisions, is not the best way to handle your North Node in Aries. In this lifetime, you must learn to stand up for yourself, and not let other people use steamrolling tactics, over you. Honor and respect your own opinions. Do not let people bully you, or use force, to get you to agree with them, or move your stance. This is a lifelong lesson about being, and taking care, of you.

The North Node in Aries may also affect your decision making skills. Like you may be in a career for fifteen years, and you’re now extremely unhappy with it. You have also found a new passion that is more in line with who you are. But the people in your circle of friends may look down upon this new path that you want to go on. There is nothing wrong with sharing your thoughts and feelings with friends, but this path you have been on for years no longer satisfies you. You may still use your Libra South node to charm people to your team, but it’s likely that you will come to an impasse, and learn the hard lesson that you can’t please everyone. Not everyone is going to be on the same page as you, and you will have to choose between pleasing others, versus pleasing yourself. You may even lose friends because of your decision.

This is a hard lesson for Libra South Nodes, as you people can see many sides of an argument. You are born people-pleasers. But you must learn that there is a limit to pleasing and winning over everyone.

Partnerships in the past

In past lives, or earlier in this one, you may have worked with a partner. You may have decided you wanted a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, also. In your career, you may have partnered up with someone to deliver amazing results in your work.

The universe may push you into situations where you have to work alone, be independent, or just learn to live without a spouse. This is not to punish you. It may be you have been depending on other people for too long. It’s possible you have depended on a significant other to make you happy for a while, and it’s time to be by yourself.

Independence is a huge word for this North Node. I once knew a woman who decided that she just wasn’t going to ever marry. She has this placement, and goes on to live a very fulfilling and happy life. She also has a career as a police officer. How Aries is that?

Overall, this North Node teaches one to depend on themselves rather than other people. It’s a lesson in self-assertion and living true to one’s path.

Do you have North Node in Aries, or the first house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Aries, and/or the first house?

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57 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Aries or the First House”

  1. I have NN in Scorpio, 1h, conjunct Ac and moon. Most of what is written here is true for me. I was a people pleaser, but not anymore. I’m also known as the “nice one, with fine manners” . I was born that way, just comes to me naturaly and I’m not aware of it most of the time. Being independent is very important to me. And by being single for 15 years and living alone I learned I can do fine by myself.
    Now that I found love and have a partner for life, I realize how much I’ve grown and how I can be myself in a relationship, not trying to please the other person, always adjusting. I’m completely relaxed in my own skin, and happy knowing someone loves me just as I am.

      1. Well, yes I did. After dating in my twenties, I was single in my thirties, and partnered just recently . I’m 42 now. I also have Venus / Saturn opposition.

  2. My NN is in sag 1st house. Venus and moon. Not sure I can relate,but then I have a sun in scorpio 12th house.
    I had to learn about manners outside of my family as they were not taught to me.
    I have been known as a rebel.Never have had a lot of friends because I am not good at going along with the crowd just to be part of one.

  3. I have NN in Aries but in 4th house and SN in Libra 10th house. I have been raising my 5 kids by myself for 14 years and don’t feel I need a partner anymore. It does get tiring to do everything myself but I like not having to ask permission to do things my way. I am a people pleaser in that I like people to feel good and I like harmony and balance.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Libra South Node with a 10th house. That’s a very image driven South Node. Nothing wrong with that, you probably worked in the public in a past life.

    2. I have this exact placement too. I’m in my 30’s and have never had a partner, even though I’m always seeking. I tend to get “lost” in my general relationships with people and friends, so I certainly feel I’m here to learn to be more independent, assertive, and Arian. The lessons I’m learning are tough, but also freeing and empowering.

  4. I see o.o This describes me to a T.

    I have North Node Aries in house 11, with the South Node being in Libra in House 5.

    I also have Mercury in House 11 and Pluto in House 5.

    It’s been really hard for me to stand up on my own and not let myself be pushed around or bullied by others.

    To top it off, I have the natal Venus – Uranus opposition.

  5. I have NN in Libra, 1st House, SN in Aries, 7th House. I have had to learn to listen to others and take others’ situations/needs into account before taking action.

    I have a feeling that in one or more past lives I was one of those Total Jerks who barged through life knowing what was right for everybody.

    I still have that *sense* of what’s right, but I let others’ input shape my decisions and plans. Not that I’m always successful! 😀

    1. anonymoushermit

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks with ‘just opinions’ in this world! I remember I got fat once, and got snobby looks from people in school. I was severely depressed. I find judgey people annoying.

  6. I have N.node in Aries., in 8th house conjunct Venus. And NO I’m not a people pleaser, infact I always say no to friends when I feel like I have to recharge, (which is very often) and study or just relax at home. I’m an introvert and also an extrovert when I feel like it! I never ever say yes to please someone other then my mother, bc she is my mother and needs me to be there for her lol.

    If friends asks if I wanna hang out and I don’t feel ike it I just say it as it is. I have always been selfish in a healthy way! I also don’t like giving people false hopes. When I say yes its a real yes. When I say no its no.

    Therefore I really dislike people pleasng libra people, I have never been like that and never will be. I can be diplomatic but my well being and comfort comes firts.

    Of course I talk about hang outs and socialization in general. If I friend in is in need of me for for ex moving out, or a ride to the airport etc I will never say no to a friend in need!

    Also I really really dislike this whole “past life” mumbo jumbo when astrologers try to integrate it into astrology. Like do we really have to?

    Astrology is something, new age and buddhism is something else. Why do some astrologers feel the need to mix thise up? Sigh..

    1. I think it’s the nodes that seem to have got inextricably linked with reincarnation. I have Aries north node/ libra south mode and was told by an astrology teacher that I had been beautiful and rich in a past life. I hope I made the most of it ?

      1. No they use it for other planets aswell, like saturn contacts in synatsry “this is a karmic relationship blabla”.
        They always talk about “fated and karmic” relationships. Like, as if not every encounter we make in this world is not fated?!

        Or not even synastry, they often use terms like, “You have mars-plut contacts, your mission in life is to overcome this and that. And you probably died by a horrible event in your past life!”…

        I don’t care about if one believes in reincarnation or not, its not my bussiness. Just don’t try to mix it into astrology, just because astrology is about energies and you can not fathom it if you don’t use pastlife mumbo jumbo… Or atleast ad a sentence like “for those of you who believe in pastlife” or something lol.

        1. And strangely this suits my libra south node, I want balance, add things with a balance! I just don’t state it with libra diplomacy, thats what my aries is for lol

    2. anonymoushermit

      Hinduism came first, actually. I’ll admit one thing, that the new age movement can come off victim-blamey. Grrrrr.

      It’s also a great place for sneaky sociopaths, and psychopaths, to express their mental sickness.

  7. NN in Scorpio in the first house conjunct my Scorpio ascendant (3 degrees conjunction.)

    I agree with your post completely, anonymoushermit.

    Partnered late in my thirties when I met the right man for me (took some time to believe the relationship would meet many of my relationship needs yet allow me to be independent in my own way.)

    He’s a Taurus sun moon mercury and mars so I do my SN in Taurus with him a lot, plus he has helped me learn how to really partner (7th house connections with his Taurus) He’s Sag Rising so he also needs lots of space 🙂

    I was very much about pleasing others for a long time (pisces sun and neptune aspecting moon and sun via opposition and square didn’t help, LOL) yet in 2009 I reached a crises point when I couldn’t carry on pleasing others and not pleasing myself.

    Checked the transits in 2009 when ‘enough was enough’ – transiting saturn was in opposition to my sun and had squared my moon months before. Lots of lessons about becoming more responsible (saturn) about my needs (moon) and core wants/purpose/creativity (sun). Becoming my own parent/s in a way (saturn), doing what I thought was best for me rather than pleasing others (natural strong venus plus what my parents and extended family taught me.)

    Transiting nodes where getting closer to squaring my Ascendant at that time, and months after would square my nodes. It was a painful year, 2009, the worst I have had in my life emotionally yet it was the best year with regards to putting myself first.

    I am now self-employed since 2017 and cannot imagine myself being an employee ever again. In my case I do see North Node on the ascendant as doing my own thing. I also have uranus rising from the 12th. In scorpio too. Need to be my own compass and boss!

    Great post and writing! Thank you for your thoughts.

    Will you write more, anonymoushermit?

    1. anonymoushermit

      “I agree with your post completely, anonymoushermit.”

      That’s great. I’m sure no one can agree with anything 100%, with anybody, all the time! Oh, but my Libra would love for that to be true!

      “Will you write more, anonymoushermit?”

      Yes, in fact, this is 1/12 of a 12 part series.

  8. I have this placement. People pleaser, yes, but leant the hard way how this backfires. I’m married (24 years!) to an Aries (he has sun, mercury and venus in Aries)I’m cautious in teaming up in all relationships especially work projects. My south node at 4 degrees Libra is conjunct uranus at 3 degrees Libra and Jupiter at 5 degrees Libra. I wonder how that complicates everything? (as well as square capricorn sun at 5 degrees)??!!

  9. I have an 8H Libra NN and 2H Aries SN. I tend to advice my friends on financial matters and divorce proceedings – all 8H stuff.

    1. anonymoushermit

      I prefer the word ‘presentation’ rather than ‘advice.’ I’m not a psychologist. But, thank you!

  10. I wanted to revisit this post since I saw the writer is new to the site as a writer? Anonymoushermit?

    If its so, I apologize since my comments may not have seem warm and welcoming, I’m sorry for that!

    Unwelcoming climate is not something one wanna see when beginning as a writer on a site!

    Even if its not your first time here, I’m sorry. I’m merely just frustrated about the reincarnation stuff being connected with astrology.

    So sorry for that and I see forward to your next writings/posts! 🙂

    1. anonymoushermit

      The nodes are pretty strongly related to reincarnation. As for other planets, I don’t see them as related to reincarnation, maybe hardship and lessons.

      As for your apology, I accept. I guess you’re already two steps ahead of some people in my real life, who haven’t apologized to me yet. Hehe.

  11. anonymoushermit

    I guess by the time I get to the Gemini North Node, I should be used to writing on here, enough, that I feel more of a smoothness to the process.

    The process isn’t bad, or anything, as of now. But it does take some getting used to!

  12. Totally on target here. I have north node in Pisces in the first house. I love manners and social niceties. I have a partner who is gone working out of town for 26 weeks of the year. I have sacrificed a career for myself to be a stay at home mom for 17 years and now Im planning to start over by taking commercial photography and getting a degree so when my 16 year old goes to college in 2 years I will start my own career. Mars in the first has been plagued for long enough by its opposition to Pluto in my 7th. And Saturn squares my sun in the 11th from the 3rd so it has taken me so long to find my way of communicating to the world. The eclipse season has shown me that I need to get on with it to be happy and I have never felt more convinced that my path will finally be fulfilling because it is completely MY choice for a change.

  13. Avatar
    Stars in her eyes

    I have NN at 00° Aries in the 8th. SN Libra in the 2nd. I was taught by my Libra mother to uphold a pleasant image. I’ve observed within myself as I’ve grown how important it’s been to have people like me. As I’ve matured I’ve realized how regardless of how or who you are, there will always be someone, somewhere in disagreement with it. And too, I’ve found how being pleasant doesn’t allow people to know me in my totality. So now at 30 years old I’m learning to be okay with being more raw and passionate. I’ve always been authentic. It isnt that I’ve been fake or superficial, just harmony seeking.
    NN Aries in the 8th, I’m looking forward to moving toward this more and more. My sense of “I AM” is not as strong as a lot of my peers. “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything..” – this phrase has been coming up for me lately.

  14. Avatar

    I have this too. . I was/sometimes still am a people pleaser…I many times in the past said yes when I wanted to say NO and then hated myself for putting myself in that position..

    But as I grew older… it became easier to assert myself..but I still can’t fully practice… not putting people ahead of myself in relationships…I catch myself and have to consciously change the course, which usually gets resetting to default mode! I also find myself going to the other extreme and being ruthless at times, when my Pluto gets involved… it is like a see-saw at the moment!

    I achieved some level of independence and was very happy with it… but after sometime, I am not sure how to keep my Sun in Libra placement happy!

    A big factor is that my Sun is conjunct my SN! That (I think) makes it one of those, cant get away with it, lessons in this lifetime! …. In fact, experientially this is the one I am constantly aware of..

    Great writing again, Anonymoushermit!! 🙂 … look forward to more from you! 🙂

    <3 <3 <3!

  15. My NN is in 1st House in Aries (I am a pisces rising).
    I admit my relationships, especially the romantic ones are complicated.

    I currently work on my own self development to fix it.

  16. This is awsome to see other people experiences wit the same placement…i too am north node 1st conjunct my scorpio ascendant by 2 degrees…the thing is i was always ware of my over pleasing others…this then made me depress and sad in why i couldnt be strong…iv been in more relationships than anyone theyre always a torture for me its alwayd someone with problems..for example i was in relationships with this girl who didn’t tell me she was pregnant before we met and it wasnt obvious too…so all this complication…i jst take it as time to move on when something like this happen…i think north node 1st house create someone thts ambitious but wont get those ideas and goal started until proper self assertive and self reliant are learnt

  17. Thank you for the article!
    I have the north node in the first house on Aries, so spot on 😉
    I definitely have alwsys known that I didn’t want to marry and I still don’t, now that I’m 32 years old. Never wanted a boyfriend until I met the right one which first happebed at age 25 and even then I did everything I could to have my own space, just a tiny bit that we don’t shate that I could breathe. I’m happy that my partner accepts this about me. We’ve been together many years, but I still have my own bank account (besides our shared one) where I keep just enough for a ticket a a months rent, just in case everything in life goes sour and I get fed up. Then I have enough to start again. This kind of back-up makes me feel independent and it’s actually the thing that makes me stay where I, with the people I am with 😉 having a ticket out, means I can stay and still breathe.
    I’ve definitely been a people pleaser my entire life. I got in an accident that left me very much in pain for years and that’s the first time I was really forced to learn to say NO, back off, not today, never again, without feeling guilty immediately because I wasn’t doing what others wanted me to. A lot of the time it’s myself that’s creating this unpleasant feeling of guilt because I think that people will feel let down or dissapointed in me if I say no.
    It sounds ridiculous but I really is very hard to say no, not to be liked, to do something for oneself first. It has felt wrong and as if I am selfish and a bad person. There’s definitely some conditioning that needs to go right down the bin here.
    I have made progress but also feel that this is probabæy something that will challenge me for some time still. A hard lesson learned this is.

    I’ve found that I always have people around me, even when I don’t choose to. When I want to be alone, lo nand behold, comes along someone to keep me company uninvited. The challenge to day no, to have boundaries pops up all the time, it’s as if one doesn’t get a break.

    I’ve also observed that opportunities and daily happenings are more positive when I go out on my own. Example, if I go to town on my own, to shop or to take a class in Tai chi for example. It all runs more smoothly and I have good relations with the people I meet. It’s quite interesting to observe.
    Just wanted to share a bit of experience with this node in the first Aries 🙂

    1. This is my last reply to any comments on the North Node series.

      Hi anjul, it’s nice to meet someone with NN in Aries AND in the 1st house!

      “It sounds ridiculous but I really is very hard to say no, not to be liked, to do something for oneself first. It has felt wrong and as if I am selfish and a bad person. There’s definitely some conditioning that needs to go right down the bin here.
      I have made progress but also feel that this is probabæy something that will challenge me for some time still. A hard lesson learned this is.”

      No one said that the North Node was easy, but I do sympathize with you. I have North Node in Cancer, it’s extremely hard for me to stay at home and just relax. I always have to be doing something related to my career and will get me more success in the future, as if I’m building a step towards the top of the career mountain!

      “I’ve found that I always have people around me, even when I don’t choose to. When I want to be alone, lo nand behold, comes along someone to keep me company uninvited. The challenge to day no, to have boundaries pops up all the time, it’s as if one doesn’t get a break.”

      It’s so your soul will get many opportunities to learn the North Node lesson, or any lesson that is!

    2. “I’ve also observed that opportunities and daily happenings are more positive when I go out on my own. Example, if I go to town on my own, to shop or to take a class in Tai chi for example. It all runs more smoothly and I have good relations with the people I meet. It’s quite interesting to observe.
      Just wanted to share a bit of experience with this node in the first Aries.”

      The North Node lesson learned usually brings good luck or ‘karma’! And thank you for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the blog! 🙂

  18. Lessee now, North Node in Aries 25 minutes applying to a conj. with Sun in Aries, both 9 degrees from the ascendant in Aries and first house…add a combust Venus and relationships get mighty dicey…yet the pull towards them is off the chart…I’ve crucified myself for the sake of others since I first drew breath…I was an adopted commodity to accessorize and model for a rich couple, one bi-polar, the other an emotional abuser of epic proportions…I’ve got stories whew!,…but I’m now 70 and I just threw out the last bum in my life and am utterly alone…and I LIKE it…I suppose I should just go write my manifest and shut up…thanks for listening

    1. anonymoushermit

      It’s great to have compassion for others, but if you hit an emotional limit, it’s time for them to say ‘bye bye’!

      I love the humorous side to your writing, it’s very passionate and animated!

      Glad you mastered your North Node at least somewhat. Or perhaps you have mastered it more than somewhat.

      I do noticed that a person, in general, has more good luck when they follow their North Node!

      1. Errm, you are so kind to suggest I possess the virtue of compassion…but it’s not so nice as that…ya see, I’m a disconnect (one lacking the original reconciliation with the mother) and my compassion is more for the ones who exemplify my own gut wrenching abandonment issues…I’ve a huge hole in my psyche and drag a trail of blood in the ether that draws flies, vampires and sharks…I had to first recognize my vulnerabilities before putting a plan into place for my salvation…which is the function of my NN – to be ME. So it’s no virtue but circumstance the seems to have freed me. About Luck, which is Fate, and I have had a ton of it…it was Good Luck only because I had collected all the Bad Luck before., I won the lottery in relative terms.

  19. From time to time I need to summate my analysis and as long as I’m spewing into the void, lessee now, I should mention that Mars is conj. the ascendant in Aries and Mercury 2 degrees beyond the Sun also in Aries so we have this tight stellium crunching up against the Ascendant. Then I’ve got 3 Yod that interestingly form a star over the chart…go

  20. figure…2 squares and 3 sextiles does it…and Uranus is topmost point…and I just had Uranus transit that stellium…lemmee assure you it will flip your life complete upside down…and now I am completely free to live my entire (what’s left of it)life on MY terms…the Hand of God has been my protector so often, He’s got a sense of brinksmanship…oh, and Angels have NO sense of humor…

  21. Please help me I have north node in aries 10th house and jupiter moon in 10th house mars in 11th house sun mercury in 9th house my South node libra in 4th house My father does not want to let me leave the house he tells me that I have to support him, however I do not work my mother on the other hand wants me to settle in another country I am 33 years old. My father’s situation tires me I feel that I will find my happiness if I am far from him

  22. Avatar
    Natalie J Johnson

    Hello anonymoushermit,
    My NN is in the first house in the sign Libra conjunct with Pluto also in Libra. My question is how can you approach the mutual reception/switch of the signs and NN in the opposite house? A little more info: Sun sagittarius 3rd house, Moon 12th house in Virgo and finally ascendent in Virgo. Final thing my Venus in the 3rd house is in Scorpio which is mutually received with my Pluto in Libra, the same Pluto that is conjunct with my NN. Sad but when it comes to myself I find it hard to interpret. What’s going on with the opposite house/sign NN?

  23. My NN is at 8* Cancer in the 1st house. I married at the age of 35 and only had a few boyfriends or lovers before that for shorter periods in my life and none of them would have been right for me to marry.

    I’ve been disabled with chronic illness and pain since I married as well and I’m almost completely housebound and mostly bedridden.

    I suffer a great deal but my husband has helped me learn how to keep my spirits up in spite of all my suffering. My astro chart tells me not to listen to other people, but it does say to listen to my husband as he sees where I should be headed better than I can and that has been true.

    My astro chart also tells me that after the age of 33 I needed to follow my NN and stay home and stay away from other people, so at least I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It feels wrong in some ways but right in others.

    Up until I was 35 I was teaching full time and extremely social and very physically active. I also prided myself on being able to fit in with practically anyone which coincides with my SN in the 7th house which is in Capricorn – and actually, a boyfriend back then mentioned that I was married to my job and he was right.

    I just got into astrology last year at the age of 55 and I can’t believe how accurate so much of it is!

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