What Are The Most Challenging Combinations In Astrology?

Some people have natal charts full of ease. Other charts show tremendous conflict. There are certain combinations that come up in charts which are really confounding to deal with.

As an example, people with a lot of Cancer and a lot of Aquarius have a hard time being both attached and detached. It’s hard to find a comfort zone because once you have shocked your family and/or rebelled Aquarius)… you miss your home food (Cancer).

What combinations of signs or aspects do you feel are particularly freaky to deal with and resolve.

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  1. I have many aspects that are considered bad. Basically
    Pluto/Mars/Saturn spread over my Asc/Dsc and 8th house, but these aspects are not challenging at all for me. I guess I got used to the energy.

    Personally I would view Neptune/Pluto as very challenging or Pluto/Mars conjunct. Or Mars in Cancer.

    1. I have mars in cancer 2 degrees ?
      I never thought that alone was bad it’s square Venus that’s enough for me!

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    Had an ex with a major, early Scorpio stellium conjunct Uranus in Libra. Come here, go away on steroids.

    1. My ex has venus opposite neptune. My complaint was, “I don’t feel like you actually see me! You seem to have created an image of me that isn’t really me.” He didn’t get it.

  3. My chart is turned 180 degrees. So my leo north node is in my 11th house and my Aquaruis south node is in my 5th house along with Saturn.
    AAAAAURGH! What the hell is my soul supposed to be learning in this life…????as for my 2nd Saturn return…am I suppose to be learning to have fun or the opposite?????

  4. So my Moon/Pluto (exact) in Leo is a big source of intense drama but it’s actually helped me resolve deep issues with important women in my life – and understand my instinctive responses in my work life (6th house). But the real problem following me everywhere is my Sagittarius Mars (my Scorpio Sun ruler in the 10th) exactly square (challenging!) Saturn in Virgo (7th). (Righteousness on the go-go-go; impatient; seeks the truth then advocates ‘n agitates VS. lists and schedules; patience; pour over details and check ’em again. GO. Stay. GO. Not yet… Ugh! )

    I have 6 fixed-sign planets. Interesting that the most challenging aspect I have is between planets in mutable signs: The “gift” that keeps on giving. 😉

  5. I’ve been told which I agree I have a dangerous chart I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost died it is my Pluto urine is on my ascendant in Virgo and my Moon Mars at 29 degrees in Virgo squaring my Neptune in Scorpio conjunct part of Fortune squaring my Chrion in the 7th house to say the least relationships have been death-defying and challenging..and I’m hooked up with a Scorpio, Cancer rising with Saturn in critical degree in first house.. as I’m trying to sit here and find a silver lining I don’t think there is one, again another time I just have to let the tower fall and see how I have to pick up the pieces

  6. ~ On top of my head, moon conjunct uranus/neptune. Like what do you want me to do, be domestic or not, because it’s not an either/or, I think I am too homely and domesticated but it’s not complete bliss, I crave change and my routine is always uspside down, merge with people or be overly individualistc, many questions. Capricorn stellium battling it out with my mars in aries. I hate the heat and how my mars in aries makes me say stupid things sometimes, embarassing my cap side (aries rules my 3rd) but it;s not like I can stuff my thoughts for so long or not to self censor either. So thank you all of you, for uniting to make my life interesting. ~

  7. You’re talking about my chart, of course. Neptune opposes Jupiter, and both of those square my sun and Uranus, Mars square Saturn, and so forth. What do you tell people with aspects like this?

    1. My natal chart has a strong T-square with Uranus, too. I think it has made me very independent, rebellious even, and very resilient. I’ve learned to embrace it.

  8. My niece has her moon in Aquarius and Cancer rising. She’s mid 20’s, with 2 young kids. I can see the competing desires between her moon and ascendant. Her desire for freedom/ independence is very strong but there’s also the psychological need to have a family base. It is like a tug of war.

    Although she loves them as much as she can, I must admit I am surprised about how detached she can be whilst away from them (which imo, is too often).

    Unfortunately my niece was raised by a dysfunctional/ unstable mother and sadly I can see how this has shaped her behaviour/choices today.

    Even though I don’t agree/ understand her style of parenting, considering her upbringing she does okay. She is kind to her children and others, and there is plenty to admire about her.

    1. your comment on your niece reminded me of watching the documentary on Princess Diana, Cancer sun/Aquarius moon/ jupiter aquarius. I think before she passed, when she was away doing her tours, she was able to be away often and be independent, yet her sons always had good things to say about her. Watching and reading about her life/biography she was child-like as if acting as a “best friend” to her children which they found enjoyable. It might be just different upbringings too, since Princess Diana went to boarding school, which ended her happiness as a child (distance from family). The distance thing seems to be part of uranus.

      In my experience i find watching my mother’s cardinal signs combo: (libra/capricorn/aries) really difficult. it’s as if she had a difficult time in life with that. Yet, i saw her as a powerhouse when she was strong and younger. but not warm, more cold and hot headed and mean but she doesn’t mean to be. but could be also her scorpio mercury remembering every bad slight or things she didnt like and couldnt control, and all hell break loose. Plus her taurus rising holds grudges that is detrimental, like can’t see the forest for the dense suffucation of trees. unless you point it out and she is angry that’s being corrected. but i was told when i was younger i was becoming like her, and my sisters tried hard not to follow suit. and point out if we were going to become that way.

  9. Moon in cancer conjunct ascendant square (exact) pluto in the 4th had been difficult but I am starting to enjoy the benefits of the depth it is also offering

    Sun in Gemini in the 12th square (exact) saturn in the 3rd as well…

    It took me 44 years to understand /feel the positive side of these aspects. But now that I get to that point, I am happy of my path and improvements…

  10. My Mother. Cancer Stellium. Aqua Moon and Rising.
    Very painful being her child. She loves me, she loves me not. The detachment was brutal and cold and very painful and when she wasn’t watching my younger sisters were abused. She was selfish and self-centered. Everything was about her, then out of nowhere she would love us, but it didn’t last. Most of the time I just wished she didn’t bother at all because she would come in with comfort food and act like a protector only to disappear into her weird world that didn’t include us. Now, I loved my mother, but she was not a good one. Thank God for grandparents. Also, when she was detached, the things that came out of her mouth that she could never take back were the worst a child should never hear. Like she told my little sister if abortions had been legal when she was carrying her, she would have been one. She said it, I heard her. My sister never got over that …. My sisters did not cry one tear when she passed. (2 Virgos, a Cancer and a Gemini)

      1. She has been deeply hurt by that comment for years. My mother would have hurt her less if she had physically struck her. It’s my youngest Virgo sister. The brilliant one. The CPA. She’ll carry that comment in her head and heart forever. 💔 what my mother didn’t realize is that we loved each other so when she said it to her, she said it to all of us.

    1. My mom was an Aries with an aqua moon. She told me she could have legally aborted me. I guess it was her way of saying I should be grateful. My mom was an angry person who lacked giving affection. As an adult I can look back at seeing the dynamics and understand more. I have a friend who is a cancer sun, aqua. A nurse , a domestic goddess but was never able to truly relate to her only child. Appearances have always been important. Her daughter who was extremely intelligent and creative rebelled and has been a drug addict for 25 years. She is now raising her daughters 2 children. I think she lacks the ability to connect on an emotional level.

  11. Hey, I have that Cancer-Aquarius mashup! In 1st and 8th. It’s just a peach. Shoutout to anyone else with this who may be reading, it makes for a great medic, as you’ll automatically and naturally be balancing your nurturing and detachment in work.

    I think squares in the chart are hard, but I also think the friction makes them easier to resolve than inconjunctions. There’s something to grip. So when I think of bad combos, they’re the first thing that comes to mind.

    Piles of Scorpio with Aries or Gemini are difficult. More than any other combo, this person very much has a foot on the gas and one on the brake at the same time. With Sun in Aries or Gemini and Scorpio Moon or rising, you may find someone who wants to be the wild dancer at a party but got bullied too badly to be so uninhibited. With this one or other combinations, you may find someone who’s a zesty and charming neighbor, but if your kid so much as sets foot on their lawn, they whip out a gun. Flashes of underlying extreme tension.

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    victoria gale

    Mars in Virgo 12th house exactly square Saturn in Sagittarius 3rd house is a booger. 11th house 28 degree Leo Sun conjunct 0 degree Virgo Pluto is another one. The way my chart is, if I get a trine, I also get a square at the same time…. Push Me/Pull You.

  13. I know this is more synastry inclined, but I would argue that the LACK of aspects, specifically between a parent and child (or any relative) can be challenging. For example, a parent and child who do not share a lot of personal planet connections. I speak from experience and know how tough and painful it is. After leaving my daughter’s father when she was 16, I am now estranged from her. During the back and forth custody, she made the decision to no longer speak or see me when she turned 18, and now at almost 21, lives with her father. Our charts speak to the lack of personal connection; very much in contrast to her younger sister, where we have many aspects together. As much as I have been trying unsuccessfully over the past 3 years through texts and pleas, she messages me politely once or a twice a year to respond to my “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday” messages. There is some parental alienation at play with this too, but, our lack of natural connections exacerbates this.

  14. I don’t have the Cancer/Aquarius combo, but I have Pluto in Virgo opposing my stellium of Sun, Chiron, and Jupiter in Pisces. My Venus is at 29 degrees of Capricorn conjunct the south node in my intercepted 2nd house, quincunx my Cancer moon and opposite my Mars which is in my intercepted 8th house. As I’ve aged and understand myself better I’ve gotten used to my difficult placements, but in my younger years I chased unavailable people in a desperate attempt to find a partner. It took a lot of hard knocks to grow up and out of that behavior, and it hasn’t been an easy life.

  15. Natal moon square saturn
    natal venus conjunct neptune
    Hard to live in reality but it helps me cope with lifelong melancholy

  16. Cancer rising with my chart ruler being an Aquarius moon conjunct Saturn – I FEEEEEEL this tension you describe so profoundly. Oof. This Aqua conjunction also opposing my Leo sun. Working on it…

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