Weekly Forecast: May 20-24, 2024 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

stallion landscapeThe full moon takes place Thursday morning, just shy of 3 degrees Sagittarius. It takes place with the Moon sextile Pluto and the Gemini Sun in an out of sign conjunction with the Taurus Venus-Jupiter conjunction that tightly sextiles a 29 degree Pisces Neptune.

Previous to all this (a day ahead on Wednesday), the Gemini Sun trines Pluto. Before that? Well the Sun moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini on Monday morning. So the first part of the week we’ve got whispers of big change. Flex your fingers, throw back your head and turn those whispers into a chorus of exuberant song for turning the tide: for bringing people over to the bright side (your side). We’ve got the power, the charisma to weave our desires into miracles and cover the blank spaces in supportive webbing (no falls, only saves). How? We’ll have help.

Check in on your social networks; is everyone okay? Some are doing well, so celebrate everyone. Many will see an end to a cycle of austerity.

As for the Moon…

Monday morning, the Libra Moon quincunxes Taurus Venus then the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini. The mood is mixed, laced with the desire to both feel good and be good, and it can work. Balance is achieved in splitting the difference between “more” and “better quality”, as the Moon sweeps through a yod to Jupiter and Neptune, the pause between heaven and hearth.

Focus on quality is not over, but now we add in the importance of the senses and the effect of attitude on tastes. Taurus Mercury heads into trine with Juno in Virgo (exact Tuesday night). Passion finds its way into the narrative. Clues!

Monday afternoon, the Moon moves to Scorpio and a square to Pluto (as well as a wide t-square with an opposition to Mercury, exact Tuesday morning). It’s a threatening feeling intellectualized, fear of loss, abandonment, shame. Even in theory, there’s a shock to the gut. But, one way to counteract the poison is to get curious about it, to disarm its sting with knowledge – to air it out and pin it down.

Throughout the run-up to the full moon, the Venus-Jupiter sextile to Neptune is tight. We’re refining what we desire, and shaping the meaning of longing. It’s like a fairy wish at a christening: how do we turn what we have into what we need? The solution is baked into the problem; we only have to embody it, to have faith, to allow it. Mars inches closer to Chiron in Aries, and we can find the simplest way through direct trial and error.

Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon finishes its opposition to Mercury then heads toward a nighttime trine to Saturn in Pisces (exact Wednesday morning). By now, more information is on its way and we’re getting into a groove, folding it into the larger part of the whole. Knowledge is power. If you can, make it into a back and forth exchange. The value is already earned, so stay on track to collect.

Wednesday morning, the Scorpio Moon finishes its trine to Saturn and the Gemini Sun perfects its trine to Pluto. Allow yourself to be fortified with the knowledge. What knowledge? Whatever comes through with the ring of truth will be reiterated somehow. Take a deep breath and let it all in. Take another deep breath and let it all out. We use it, not keep it. Breathing keeps it all alive and fresh.

The Scorpio Moon then goes on to oppose Uranus; it then opposes Venus-Jupiter and trines Neptune overnight. Anxious? Or excited… make a twinkling wish. Make it bigger. Have you ever considered that your wishes and your faith may be too small? Let the divine connection be bigger than your human dreams.

Thursday morning, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and a trine to Pluto. It then opposes the Sun: the full moon. It’s a culmination of a cycle and something must end, something erupts in flames. But it’s the dross that burns away… to reveal… your true love, your true desire, your grandest dream. For some knowing what they want – that’s the dream. For some it’s finding meaning, something to pursue.

It’s the end of something but the beginning of something else.

Maybe your revelation is a thing or a person or relationship. Maybe it’s an idea. Maybe it’s a value or ideal. It could be literal or metaphor. It’s on you to figure out, but you’ll have help (if you trust in help).

Thursday afternoon, Venus moves from its own rulership in Taurus to join the Sun in Gemini. It moves from sextile to Neptune to applying trine to Pluto. The intensity of desire builds in consideration and discussion. Words become currency. The Sadge Moon squares Juno; don’t let jealousy spoil the pursuit of knowledge.

Friday’s Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn and trines Mars. It’s a mood to go, to run and expand – and it’s met with invisible obstacles. However, there are MANY ways to find joy in movement. If you can’t run, then dance in bounds. Make it a game. The evening takes the Moon into trine with Chiron. Once we get the hang of it, it’s FIRE.

Thursday morning’s full moon takes place at 2 degrees Sagittarius on the heels of the exact the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and sextile to Neptune. Where does this take place in your chart? Are you wanting and wishing for more? What would your miracle be?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: May 20-24, 2024 – Full Moon in Sagittarius”

  1. This full moon will be in my 11th house. My natal Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in that same 11th house. Transiting Jupiter and Venus conjunct in my 5th house closely conjunct my North Node. 5th House is the residence of creativity/children. 11th House is about hopes and dreams and the ripple effects of those dreams on the whole.

    My hope, wish and miracle would be to finally believe my unique version of my gifts used for the greatest good ripples backwards and forwards; satisfying ancestors backwards and forwards with the present being the vessel for it all.

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